About Automotive Mailing Lists

You are so easy to be discouraged while searching for quality automotive mailing lists because there are too many providers offering re-hashed and resold lists that are not up to date or accurate. They don't know that accurate information is very important to most dealers and parts retailers.


Sometimes a warranty company may purchase bulk lists that were mostly inaccurate only to find it costs them more to have a bad list than the extra cost of an accurate and solid list. Finding this balance is critical for any direct marketing effort and is imperative for a successful campaign.


Some of the better automotive mailing lists include 'up to date' (weekly updated) year make and model data. To find out how accurate a vendor is, you should be asking questions like "when was the file last updated?" and "how many new records come into the system on a typical update?" You should see a consistency in the answers and the ability to test small and grow is critical instead of throwing all of your eggs into one basket so to speak.

In addition to the year, make and model data, credit data offers two great products.


For subprime buyers, credit scored data along with current loan information such as how many months are remaining and the size of the loan and monthly payments are useful for direct marketing. Some dealers that will target those that have marginal credit that have less than 3 months remaining on their current car. This audience is great because though they look forward to not having a car payment, many are already ready to get a new car. Your ability to target repeatedly this audience will pay-off as they start to consider buying their next vehicle.

Another variation of the credit score automotive mailing list is the credit triggered list which should come out daily.


These daily triggers are the most potent form of automotive mailing lists that currently exists. One of the biggest issues that dealers have is that these trigger leads exist. Their controversy can be your edge if you embrace the idea that people like to shop. Some of the best deals are closed after a customer has looked around first and that is why triggers have been a staple of the credit bureau database for so long. There is no better way to find interested and qualified buyers period. The biggest drawback is that they have already gone to a funding source for a quote but that does not mean you can't come in with a better offer (better car and better financing package).


The challenge in general with automotive mailing lists is to find the one that is reasonably priced but that is highly targeted. Generating a massive qualified response and selling cars is what the name of the game is so make sure you have a vendor that gets it and a mailing list that is both targeted and accurate otherwise you are just throwing money down the tube.