How to Spray Paint Your Car & Restore Its Paint Job - Automotive Paint Spray

You could do certain things to restore the paint on your car like washing your car thoroughly on a regular basis, polishing (will remove haze, fills in the surface and maintains a glossy surface), the top layer of oxidized paint should also be cleared as it can damage more area.

Facts about Spray texture

Spray texture also called as "popcorn finish" is a paint-like coating used for painting cars. The texture comes from Styrofoam or polystyrene mixed into a sticky liquid base. The product is purchased dry and is available in various textures. Amount of water used is important as too little water and you have a paint that will not spray smoothly, too much water and it tends to show small cracks as it dries. Paint's hiding ability and adhesion will decrease with the level of water in the mix, so it is critical to have a right amount of water in the mix for sound, long lasting finish.

To assure strong adhesion of the texture, cleaning and priming the surface is very important, the purpose of cleaning is clear from the fact that paint will stick to the dust instead of the surface.

You can go for one or multiple coats, though thick single coat is not advisable.

If you are thinking of having a second coat it should be allowed to dry overnight also be sure to thoroughly cover thing's you don't want the texture on or in.

If your surface has a lot of scratches and dents a less than perfectly smooth paint texture is actually desired otherwise if the paint is smooth and shiny- you'll see every scratch and dent in the surface, so in the cases of cars with lots of scratches, it is best to mist the paint slightly by putting on lighter coats that don't self-level so much.

Don't spray the paint on too heavy, it will be smooth & runny which means you'll have drips on vertical surfaces.

If you done it correctly, the paint will "SELF-LEVEL"-- the surface will "run together" and will look wet and create a smooth surface, which will require no or little sanding if you are going for a glassy smooth surface look.

If you put your best effort into it, you should be able to see a brilliant, different and shiny car.

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