China's Auto Gear Industry Should Be Formed Army

The face of fierce international competition, domestic automobile companies gear the best way of defense is a good offense, we should enter the international market, not price competition, do not use this advantage of cheap Chinese labor to attract foreign clients. "China Automobile Gear enterprises must unite to strengthen their confidence, the overall effort to form a group army, to build China brand, rather than solely one or a few enterprises in their efforts. Li Kai, said:" In this regard, China's toy industry doing a good Yes. In the United States toy market, it is very easy to find 'made in china'. "Overseas customers demand that China's products will have low price and high quality, state-owned enterprises to the requirements of the product can be used on the line. Therefore, the small problems constraining the development of state-owned enterprises. At that time, Shaanxi Fast Auto companies have a Gear products in the export to the United States was rejected three times. The reason is: the surface roughness does not meet the standards. This does not meet the standard of gear in use is not affected. "Later, we again and again to find a cause, time and time again and the foreign standard, compared to make it reach international standards. Therefore, the Americans can do, we can do. "Lee has opened seemed very confident. Name" Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive, "the name, Li Kai looked very proud very happy. He said:" This name is the date of my own. It means in English is a fast, reliable and solid. This is our company's development direction, but also what we do. English meaning: 'law' that the internal and external to the law, 'disability' that is, to learn the soldiers to fight tough battles, winning wars, 'special' or unique products, unique corporate culture and unique management. "Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise reform and restructuring of the success story. Their experience: to adhere to the concept of mechanism innovation, and innovation, and take stock of, privatization of the road; and adhere to self, do not just repeating continuously improve the comprehensive strength, and constantly improve the return on the community capacity to continuously improve employee income; relying on scientific and technological progress, and continuously improve work efficiency, without human sea tactics; to go professional road, not to engage in "large", "small and complete." Li Kai, said: " the reform of our company reflects our company name implies. "He called:" China automobile gear industry should seize the current rapid development of the automotive market an excellent opportunity to form a group army, to the international automotive market, supporting attack. "

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