An Expert Guide to Finding Automotive Employment

Most owners find it hard and close to impossible to perform maintenance on their cars if the damage is caused by the weather, accident or from an act of vandalism. With the increased production of vehicles year after year and with the repair as well as maintenance needed by owners and other companies, the demand for automotive employment also increased.

Automotive services have varied classifications:

? Automotive Motorcycle Technician
? Auto Mechanical Technician
? Auto Repair Technician
? Auto Body/Repair Technician
? Air Conditioning Technician
? Air Conditioning Mechanic
? Alignment Installer
? Audio Installer
? Automotive Glass Installer and Repair
? Automotive Master Mechanic
? Automotive Specialty Technician

Listed here are some job descriptions of automotive services:

? Auto Body Technician - one who works with cars and small trucks to restore vehicles to their original shape or even color. He or she must possess capabilities in replacing dented auto parts, painting over or covering nasty scratches.

? Auto Service Technician - one who inspects, maintains and repairs cars and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity or alternative fuels. They even do the oil changing and tire replacement.

? Automotive and Commercial Truck Mechanic - one who diagnoses and repairs vehicles using precision diagnostic equipments. They must be licensed before being employed.

? Auto Mechanics - one who inspects, services and repair the engines, breaks and other parts of cars, buses and trucks. He or she is also responsible in straightening out car problems, in periodical servicing and in maintaining work condition of cars.

? Automotive Engineer - develops and improves or produces new designs for automotive structural engines, transmissions as well as associated automotive equipment through the use of computerized work aids.

? Automotive Technician - works on engines, exhaust systems, fuel lines, change oil and other fluid. He or she also replaces belts, hoses as well as fans; and lubricates bolts.

? Auto Spray Painter - works on painting automobiles, machines and other products through the use of color paint materials.

? Automotive Electrician - manufactures, installs and repairs electrical systems and equipment for motor vehicles, lights, widescreen wipers, hooters and indicators.

? Automotive Body Repair - works on body repairs, panel-beaters and realignment of damaged as well as dented panels of vehicles.

Among the job opportunities in Australia and Canada:

? Car Audio Installer
? Commercial Sales Manager
? Diesel Technician and others

In the U.S.:

? Marketing Specialists
? Automotive Instructors
? Mechanics
? Store Managers
? Service Representatives