Diesel Car Boom in The Indian Auto Industry

In Indian automobile industry it has been seen that there has been an immense growth in the sales of diesel cars. Car buyers buy diesel cars due to the widening gap between the price of diesel and petrol. In the recent years it has been seen that there has been 40% increase in sales of diesel cars as compared to petrol cars and it is expected that the  sales percentage will increase further in the near future.

If you want to buy a car and you are in fix whether to go for a diesel or a petrol car, then we have mentioned some points below which will help you.

Diesel cars vs petrol cars

Diesel cars and petrol cars both have certain advantages and disadvantages

If you want speed then you must go for a petrol car, as compared to diesel cars, petrol cars are faster on roads. But, if you are bothered about fuel consumption then a diesel car will satisfy you more as they have a better fuel consumption compared to petrol models and you do not have to change gear frequently.
Diesel cars will definitely give you a higher mileage compared to a petrol car. It will not only be pocket friendly but also be environmental friendly. This is because diesel cars consume 30 to 40% less fuel compared to any petrol model, so consequently it will produce less carbon dioxide. Also petrol engine emits hydrocarbons which contain  the harmful chemical called benzene which is bad for humans as well as the environment.

  However considering the health factor of humans, diesel engines emit higher quantity of PM 10 particles.

These invisible particles if enter human lungs can cause life threatening health issues.
Diesel is no doubt cheaper than petrol but diesel model is expensive than a petrol model. The price of Tata Indigo petrol model is Rs 4,54,286 while the price of its diesel model is Rs 4,65,293. But when it comes to fuel economy the diesel car will win the race. Any diesel car uses a fraction of fuel as compared to a petrol car. This is why in India auto buyers prefer the diesel model compared to a petrol one.

If you want to buy a diesel car in India then there are various options before you. Tata Indigo Diesel and Tata Indica Diesel rank top among all the other models of auto India, so you can choose either of the two. These two brands of car India rank top based on customer review.