About Automotive Mailing Lists

You are so easy to be discouraged while searching for quality automotive mailing lists because there are too many providers offering re-hashed and resold lists that are not up to date or accurate. They don't know that accurate information is very important to most dealers and parts retailers.


Sometimes a warranty company may purchase bulk lists that were mostly inaccurate only to find it costs them more to have a bad list than the extra cost of an accurate and solid list. Finding this balance is critical for any direct marketing effort and is imperative for a successful campaign.


Some of the better automotive mailing lists include 'up to date' (weekly updated) year make and model data. To find out how accurate a vendor is, you should be asking questions like "when was the file last updated?" and "how many new records come into the system on a typical update?" You should see a consistency in the answers and the ability to test small and grow is critical instead of throwing all of your eggs into one basket so to speak.

In addition to the year, make and model data, credit data offers two great products.


For subprime buyers, credit scored data along with current loan information such as how many months are remaining and the size of the loan and monthly payments are useful for direct marketing. Some dealers that will target those that have marginal credit that have less than 3 months remaining on their current car. This audience is great because though they look forward to not having a car payment, many are already ready to get a new car. Your ability to target repeatedly this audience will pay-off as they start to consider buying their next vehicle.

Another variation of the credit score automotive mailing list is the credit triggered list which should come out daily.


These daily triggers are the most potent form of automotive mailing lists that currently exists. One of the biggest issues that dealers have is that these trigger leads exist. Their controversy can be your edge if you embrace the idea that people like to shop. Some of the best deals are closed after a customer has looked around first and that is why triggers have been a staple of the credit bureau database for so long. There is no better way to find interested and qualified buyers period. The biggest drawback is that they have already gone to a funding source for a quote but that does not mean you can't come in with a better offer (better car and better financing package).


The challenge in general with automotive mailing lists is to find the one that is reasonably priced but that is highly targeted. Generating a massive qualified response and selling cars is what the name of the game is so make sure you have a vendor that gets it and a mailing list that is both targeted and accurate otherwise you are just throwing money down the tube.


Diesel Car Boom in The Indian Auto Industry

In Indian automobile industry it has been seen that there has been an immense growth in the sales of diesel cars. Car buyers buy diesel cars due to the widening gap between the price of diesel and petrol. In the recent years it has been seen that there has been 40% increase in sales of diesel cars as compared to petrol cars and it is expected that the  sales percentage will increase further in the near future.

If you want to buy a car and you are in fix whether to go for a diesel or a petrol car, then we have mentioned some points below which will help you.

Diesel cars vs petrol cars

Diesel cars and petrol cars both have certain advantages and disadvantages

If you want speed then you must go for a petrol car, as compared to diesel cars, petrol cars are faster on roads. But, if you are bothered about fuel consumption then a diesel car will satisfy you more as they have a better fuel consumption compared to petrol models and you do not have to change gear frequently.
Diesel cars will definitely give you a higher mileage compared to a petrol car. It will not only be pocket friendly but also be environmental friendly. This is because diesel cars consume 30 to 40% less fuel compared to any petrol model, so consequently it will produce less carbon dioxide. Also petrol engine emits hydrocarbons which contain  the harmful chemical called benzene which is bad for humans as well as the environment.

  However considering the health factor of humans, diesel engines emit higher quantity of PM 10 particles.

These invisible particles if enter human lungs can cause life threatening health issues.
Diesel is no doubt cheaper than petrol but diesel model is expensive than a petrol model. The price of Tata Indigo petrol model is Rs 4,54,286 while the price of its diesel model is Rs 4,65,293. But when it comes to fuel economy the diesel car will win the race. Any diesel car uses a fraction of fuel as compared to a petrol car. This is why in India auto buyers prefer the diesel model compared to a petrol one.

If you want to buy a diesel car in India then there are various options before you. Tata Indigo Diesel and Tata Indica Diesel rank top among all the other models of auto India, so you can choose either of the two. These two brands of car India rank top based on customer review.

Automotive Industry News Courier A Week (may 10-14) - Car Gps, Europe And China, Auto - Automotive

The rapid development of the network today, car audio and car navigation with the increase in consumer word of mouth is also undergoing rapid change. Last week, after HC Automotive Network on car navigation and car audio era of reform to make the depth trend analysis, in addition to bringing users the whole car GPS obscenity ads revealed inside story. Of course, more timely and fresh delivery business consulting and industry, For automotive electronics market trends, see if the industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Of smoke machine industry how to do a good vehicle internal management?

Abstract: The biennial Beijing auto show has come to an end, this year's auto show to the industry a clear signal to the rise of national brand car, signaling the start of vehicle AVN vicious competition. Out of stock in the market conditions, anyone can share and take the opportunity to send a small fortune, in this case, the vehicle computer industry how to do a good internal management is particularly important. Detailed

Vehicle network era of fear of the rapid development of car navigation end

Abstract: car audio equipment is first used in automotive electronics, despite no effect on operating performance car, but as indicators of people enjoying an increasingly high demand, car manufacturers on the application of car audio equipment is also increasing attention. With the rapid development of vehicle networks, it has been from the initial of the car radio turned into a set of audio-visual entertainment, communications and navigation, driver assistance and other functions in an integrated multi-media vehicle electronic systems, and become an essential vehicle components and as a basis for evaluation of vehicle comfort. Detailed

Line probe city: gradually rising wave of car stereo modification

Abstract: As more and more young people like pop music to become the owner, together with the purchase of new car owners are not personalized audio programs are available, car audio conversion market began to entry-level player level under the shift. This will be the majority of users Quest surging market car audio conversion. Detailed

Topic this week:

VS brand licensing office who shop channel innovation superior?

Abstract: In recent years, automotive after-market channel sink trend is clear that the strength of manufacturers are trying to bypass the distributor and agent links directly to the product to invest in 23 markets. Channels to sink after the one hand, the automobile market, increased competition, market prices have transparency, and the other reason is that consumer spending consciousness. In response to channel sink, various forms of channel innovation have emerged, the factory offices, supermarkets, automotive supplies, products museum and brand licensing shop and other forms of direct marketing model butt end consumer. Detailed Car GPS

what impact there, something which the final price?

Abstract: Today, GPS navigation device itself, the difference was not significant, especially in hardware, are basically designed and manufactured in accordance with the program, so the basic cost of bare metal will not be much different. But why do we see in the market, car GPS navigation there such a big difference between the price of it? Then the author from the components, materials and select the three links for everyone .

Biogas Digester Technology

Anaerobic digestion refers to the consumption of biomass by the nature's micro-organisms when exposed in an environment where oxygen is unavailable. This process leads to production of biogas energy that can be used in heating and lighting. The waste digestate can be used in the production of fertilizer for farming. This technology has been in use for some time but the current global environmental challenges have emphasized its importance in the modern times. This use of renewable energy has been seen as the most effective way of managing household wastes and is an appropriate technology for maintaining green house gases in the atmosphere. Different countries continue to give appropriate incentives to individuals and institutions to build this kind of alternative energy sources. Most of the biogas digester in developed economies are large and consumes huge amounts of capital to construct. However such facilities enjoy the economies of scale in the operating costs on the basis of their large output. Small scale biogas digesters that are simple to construct are gaining popularity in the developing world.

This paper focuses on a small scale project of biogas digester designed for electricity and heating purposes among the indigenous communities across the Latin America. The project is analyzed in a simple language and in a manner that it can be adopted for use in another region around the world. However, the complex analysis and calculation for the system are included in the appendix (Forst, 2002).

The design process

During the energy production carbon locked up in the system undergoes two transitional stages. In the first stage carbon is extracted from the biomass materials that are fed in the system and is converted to acids, this stage is commonly referred to as acidogenisis. In the second stage the acids are converted to gas in a process referred to as methanogenisis. In some common designs a lid or any other membrane is used to hold biogas generated and secure it to a plug constructed in a way that allows it to separate from water and the sludge. The substrate is usually pasteurized to reduce chances of hampering harmful pathogens. The biogas extracted this way contains about 60% of methane and 39% carbon dioxide. It can be used in this form or purified to eliminate carbon dioxide and achieve up to 99% methane. This gas can then be directed as appropriate depending on the use that is, to generate heat or light (Forst, 2002).

An inclined type of biogas digester is described here because it is easier to construct and cheap because it can utilize locally available materials. The actual size of the digester would depend on the energy requirement and the available capital. For general guidance a digester with 1M3 of gas can provide cooking heat for a household of 4 to 6 members per day (3 meals). The biomass required for such a digester can be supplied by 2 cows. The actual set up of the digester has a container in which the slurry is put and a scrubber to minimize the levels of carbon dioxide in the biogas.

The gas scrubber as shown above is made of an 80 liter drum having about 60 liters of water. The biogas generated from the digester system is connected to the scrubber through the lower pipe and is allowed to bubble through the water and get out through the upper pipe. The biogas is passed through water to minimize the content of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide that could be trapped in the biogas. The gas being getting out of the scrubber is then directed to a storage facility (Forst, 2002).

Digester Details

The biomass entered at the top end of the system gets through to the bottom. For instance when 2% of the total capacity is fed per day, it would take around 50 days for the biomass fed to pass through to the bottom. During the 50 days 50% of the carbon in the biomass is converted to acid and eventually to gas mainly methane and carbon dioxide at a temperature of about 800F. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen should be stabilized at about 30:1. The ratio from the cow dung is about 25:1 and addition of water at a ratio of 2:1 (Dung: Water) would make a good slurry mixer having around 20% solids that is ideal for charging the system. This system has the potential of producing about 27 cubic feet each day with slurry of five gallons (Forst, 2002).

2 cows can produce the daily requirements for slurry to be fed in the system daily. However this should vary depending on the size of the digester and the energy requirements. This kind of digester is mainly used for providing heat for cooking and the system is able to offer up to 33% efficiency. Other than cow dung any other organic biomass can be used successfully with the system. The cow dung is however essentially advantageous because of its average carbon to nitrate ratio. Other wastes especially from monogastric animals usually contain great under graded fiber which takes long to be digested. Crop based biomass is usable though it produces large potions of carbon dioxide in the expense of methane (Forst, 2002).

For a new digester it is advisable to put aside about five gallons of slurry and leave it to ferment before adding it to the digester. This will speed up the digestion process. If the digestion process slows down after using the digester for some time, some effluent can be ejected from the slurry exit re-entered at the charging tap. This action would effectively buffer the slurry operation and the process would soon be optimally restored. However if appropriate carbon nitrate ratios are maintained with the required viscosity of the slurry then the system should be able to operate indefinitely with regular charging.

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The Use of Automotive Online Marketing for Used Car Dealers

Sales and marketing in the automotive industry has undergone an overhaul. Brand retailers and dealers have various showroom branches in different states. Showrooms display a variety of a company's car products – SUVs, sedans, coupes, wagons, and sports cars. Years ago, buyers had to visit showrooms and car exhibits to check on the latest car models. Modern automotive marketing now provides a more convenient car display to prospective buyers. Now, buyers can check on brand offerings through online automotive marketing.

Car dealers use the internet as a primary communication tool for online automotive marketing. Websites of automotive marketers have tabs for advertisements, sales, car purchase tips, dealership links, and available car products. Buyers can browse on latest car models through these tabs. They can purchase cars through online sales option.

Unlike conventional marketing, online automotive marketing provides a convenient avenue for selling and buying vehicles.

In Orange County, dealers use this to expand their target market. Websites enable them to reach out to prospective buyers in other regions. Dealers indicate contact details in websites for customer inquiry. Buyers can inquire about available vehicle products regardless of their location. Online automotive marketing enable buyers to do intensive research on their chosen car brand and model. In the same way, they can compare and contrast price offerings. Dealers specify price quotations through manufacturer suggested retail price.

Furthermore, online automotive marketing enables buyers to select finance options for car purchase. A used car dealer Orange County presents financing options in websites.

Finance options include credit cards, cash advance loans, and cash payments. Some dealers accept payment through Paypal. Credit card and cash advance payments have a higher cost for car purchase. Credit companies add a measly amount for the use of card and loan payments.

A used car dealer Orange County incorporates warranty service options in their websites. Warranty services are useful for subsequent repair and renovation of used cars. Dysfunctional engines, car batteries, and spare parts can be brought back to car dealers. Car dealers provide free services for restoration of normal vehicle condition. A warranty guarantees automotive technical support and service after purchase.

Recently, there is an increasing number of used car dealer Orange County who use online automotive marketing. The internet is an effective tool for car sales and purchases.

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What Jobs Within The Auto Industry Are Struggling Right Now and What Ones Are Thriving

This current recession has been an interesting occurrence where many jobs that were once very stable and even thriving like car dealerships are now struggling horribly and even closing up for the first time in several decades. Even Northern Kentucky auto insurance work and insurance companies are struggling a bit from the lower number of new cars being purchased. Other car related businesses, however, are doing better during this recession due to the fact that people are holding on to their vehicles for a longer period of time such as auto shops and mechanics, Northern Kentucky auto painting, and quick lube and oil change shops.

So many large car companies have had to declare bankruptcy for the first time to try to save their dealerships from completely going under. Large names such as General Motors and Chrysler have been in the news a lot recently on their financial woes and how Americans can no longer afford to buy new cars or even used cars at the moment.

Many people in the Detroit area that worked for automotive plants have lost their jobs and it has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

On the other spectrum, businesses that also deal with fixing , restoring or improving cars are now doing better by the simple fact that people are not purchasing new vehicles but need to maintain or want to improve the ones that they already own. The better you maintain your current vehicle, the longer it will run smoothly and right now during this recession, that is what people want since they can not afford to buy a car.

Because of this huge problem in the auto industry, the government has stepped in to try to help some of these auto dealerships.

They are currently running a program that will help the auto industry but will also help improve the environment. That program is called the Cash for Clunkers program where you can bring in any old car of yours that is a gas guzzler and get back up to 00 for it to use towards a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. The government is hoping this will help give the auto industry a jump start in getting financially stable. Many dealerships have seen improved business for this program and some have even run out of the money to be used for the cash for clunkers program because it has been so popular.

If you have a car that you already own but can not afford a new one and choose to not do the program stated above, then you may decide to change up things on your current vehicle to make it seem new. One way to do this is to change the color of the car by having it professionally painted by an auto painting shop. Other things that people are doing their existing cars are adding tinting to their windows or are installing a sun roof to make it seem like a new vehicle. These are the businesses that are doing well now.

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Focus: Domestic Industry Trend Analysis Instrumentation

Domestic technology level and development trend of the current

Instrumentation industry as a whole integrated technical level up to international level in the mid 80's, micro- Electronic Technology and computer technology in instrumentation products commonly used, about 15% of product to achieve an intelligent, 90 years to meet international standards; 30% of products realized Digital , Late 80s to meet international standards. Significant increase of integrated service capabilities: you can undertake 300 000 -60 million kilowatts thermal power plants, nuclear power plant, 30 tons of synthetic ammonia, 120 tons of converter, Nissan 300 thousand cubic meters of city gas station project, complete sets of large-scale furnaces and other large engineering controls.

Categories of products to meet the needs Level: middle-grade science Tester Devices to meet the domestic market was 30%, middle and low rates of scientific instruments to meet the 65%; production process measurement control devices and systems products in the large-scale engineering projects to meet the rate of 50% of the species, 70% of small and medium projects. Imported products is often the research, production required a major, key equipment, technology and great content, high added value.

Industry from scratch, from small to large, formed a relatively complete instrument categories of production, scientific research, Marketing System. Built a number of research and development institutions (including the mechanical system instrumentation 20 professional research institutes, National Engineering Research Center, 3, 5 enterprise technical centers, national product quality testing center 9); trained a team of professional management, administration, technology Talent . Particularly, some middle and low product formed their own advantages and characteristics of various digital multimeter, power meter, water meter, gas meter, water level, middle and low optical Microscope , Output of the telescope in the world, to meet the basic domestic needs of the large number of export.

Through science and technology research, joint development, joint ventures Cooperation And absorption of imported technology localization, and other means, so that part of China instrument industry leading products in high-grade narrowing the gap with international advanced level, and the formation of productive capacity. Independent development of major products include medium and small DCS, field bus intelligent instruments, bus test system, auto testing equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, microwave plasma spectroscopy, a new proliferation-sensitive components such as silicon, the introduction of technology's main products are recorded Miriam, a small fine control valve, the new transmitter, spectroscopy, chromatography, scanning electron microscopy, water quality analyzers, special composite materials; joint venture's main products are large-scale DCS, EJA, flow meters, electronic theodolite, dynamic balancing testing machine, high and low temperature test instruments.

A number of state-owned, collective, private, foreign-invested enterprises and research institutions through market competition, stand out in the industry, and showed a good momentum and staying power, has become dominant, the core strength.

The current level of foreign technology and development trends

Digital Intelligence As microelectronics technology, further and microprocessor instrumentation products, PC technology integration, digital instrumentation and intelligence continue to be improved. Texas Instruments proposed by the United States "DSPS" concept, for example, to DSP chip as the core, with advanced mixed-signal circuits, ASIC circuits, devices and development tools to provide solutions for the entire application.

Instruments used in a large number of ultra-large scale integration (VLSI) of new devices, surface mount technology (SMT), multi-layer printed circuit boards, wafer-scale integration (WSI) and multi-chip module (MCM) and other new technology, CAD, CAM, CAPP, CAT and other computer-aided tools to multimedia, human computer interaction, fuzzy control, artificial neural networks and other new technology in the modern instrument has been widely applied.

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Profiting From the Failing Auto Industry

I've been following the economic gyrations of our auto industry with some interest.  Fifty years ago, the US auto industry was the pinnacle of success.  Now, the remnants of a once mighty industry are being torn apart... like vultures ripping up a dead animal carcass.

So who wins in all this?

Of course the lawyers do... (feel free to insert your canned lawyer joke here).

Aside from the lawyers, there's a small group of companies benefiting from the automotive industry turmoil.  I'll tell you who they are in a moment.

First, let's take a look at our favorite Dow Jones Industrial Average component... General Motors (GM).

With typical automotive flair, GM is keeping the world on a see-saw of news.  One moment they're threatening bankruptcy.  The next they're reaching agreements with debt holders.  Today, it looks like bankruptcy's a certainty.  The stock chart looks like the scribbles of a two year old with an indelible marker.

Up one moment, down the next.

One of GM's biggest competitors - Chrysler - is already in bankruptcy.

Ford, the lone survivor of the big three, seems to have sidestepped the turmoil.  You already know how highly I think of Ford.  You can find my most recent article on them here, "Time To Buy Ford... Are You Crazy?" 

To understand what's truly happening, we need to look at recent news on car dealerships.

Chrysler's cutting around 800 dealerships.  GM's in the process of slashing almost 2,000 dealers.  Ford's already done the dirty work.  In the last few years, they've cut more than 600 dealers.  Rumors are they've got another 100 or so in their sights.

Dealerships are being closed across the country.

But the dealership woes aren't limited to the big name brands.

Other smaller car dealers are struggling and closing as well.  Just take a quick drive through a few of the older automotive areas in your city.  The sight is frightening.  It's like a ghost town.  Empty lots, boarded up buildings...


Why are the smaller dealers closing?

For the smaller dealers, it's all about credit.  Due to the credit crisis, getting a car loan is near impossible.  If nobody can get a loan, nobody can buy a car.  Add to that concerns over housing, foreclosures, and job losses and you have a perfect storm pounding the smaller dealers.

So, who's the winner in all this?

It's the automotive service companies.

Take a look at Monro Muffler Brake (MNRO).  The company runs 720 stores focused on providing services for automobiles.  They do a whole litany of things.  Everything from break repair to air conditioning services.

Many car owners used to have their vehicles services by their dealer...

In the next few months, as thousands of dealers close up shop, customers will be looking for new places to take their car.  And Monro is certain to pick up a number of them.

Trust me, it's not going to happen all at once.  The closings will take time.  But eventually the migration will happen.  Customers will slowly find their way over to service companies.  And those companies will see improving revenue growth and, of course, higher margins.

Monro's been on quite a run lately. The stock's nearing its 52-week high of .40.  I take it as a great sign the stock's showing strength in an otherwise weak economic environment.  All of the key moving averages are pointing toward a continued move higher.  Consider Monro for your portfolio.  Pick it up on pullbacks... but don't wait too long.  I think this stock trades over in no time.

Maintaining Good Digestive Health

The digestive system extends from the lips and oral cavity to the rectum and anus. The food is taken in by the digestive system and broken down into protein, fat and carbohydrates. Through this metabolic process, the body converts food into energy and the building blocks of life for growth and repair. After absorbing these nutrients, the digestive system then eliminates the waste.

Your digestive health determines whether you will have a vibrant and active life or one of discomfort and disease. When the digestive system is malfunctioning, it sends a distress signal. The most common signal is bloating. If your digestive system is sending you an SOS, here are some things that you can do to help it.

Modify Your Diet
When you heat foods above 48°C, you destroy valuable enzymes. Adding raw and cultured vegetables to your meals gives you the enzymes you need to eliminate bloating.

These vegetables contain enzymes that make them, and the rest of your meal, easier to digest. Menu ideas include a fresh garden salad or a side dish of kimchi, sauerkraut or pickles.

Fresh pineapple is a delicious way to rescue your beleaguered digestive system. Pineapple is oftentimes used as a meat tenderizer because it contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein. If meat is on your menu, you might want to include some pineapple on the side or in a fruit salad.

A common reason for bloating is irregular elimination. Adding fibre-rich foods keeps your digestive tract healthy and makes the system more efficient. Look for ways to add more fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals to your regimen. When you add fibre to your diet, you need to go slowly to give your intestines time to adjust. A fibre-rich diet is a good way to maintain healthy digestion.

Change Your Table Manners
Digestion begins in the mouth. You should chew thoroughly to mix your food with the enzymes in your saliva. The salivary enzymes begin the digestion of fat and starches. Slow and thorough chewing also reduces bloating by reducing the amount of air you swallow when you eat.

Large meals are also a common reason for feeling bloated. If you feel uncomfortable after eating, you can try eating six small meals instead of three large ones.

Another way to reduce bloating is to reduce the amount of liquids you have with your meals. Drinking too much water dilutes your digestive enzymes and stomach acids.

Supplemental Enzymes
Some people may benefit from the use of supplemental enzymes. The following list provides some selected enzymes and the food proteins that they digest:
• amylase carbohydrates, starches, sugars
• invertase sucrose
• lactase lactose
• lipase fat
• sucrose complex sugars and starches

Dietary supplements contain several different enzymes for coverage of the proteins typically eaten during a meal. Supplemental enzymes can also be packaged as single ingredients to address lactose intolerance or excess gas from beans and cruciferous vegetables.

Hippocrates once said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Making informed decisions about what you eat can help you achieve optimal digestive health and eliminate bloating.

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200 Million Motorcycles and a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Provides: Some Motorcycle Facts

The very concept of riding a motorcycle conjures images of a carefree and wild ride. From the time the first motorcycle was developed, many people have been intrigued by these revolutionary machines. The concept is so simple, yet it opens a great number of options for those planning to travel - an engine mounted in between two wheels. This offers a person with the mobility and range of an automobile, and yet is only a fraction of the size and cost of the usual car. It is able to squeeze through the narrowest of streets while getting you areas cars can't. If not for motorcycle crashes and the necessity for a motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles offers, this would be the ideal mode of transportation.


Many motorcycle experts, along with perhaps a typical motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles offers, regard the Petroleum Reitwagen as the world's first authentic motorcycle.

According to an article in Wired magazine by Tony Long entitled "Daimler Gives World First True Motorcycle," the first true motorcycle was the Reitwagen. It was designed and constructed by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Germany in 1885. This became the direct ancestor of the motorcycle we have today. It had an internal combustion engine that ran on petroleum, counting on two outrigger wheels to be upright while turning.

Motorcycles Now

Today, anybody can see that the whole world has adapted the motorbike wholeheartedly. According to the Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, there are now more than 200 million motorcycles being driven worldwide. That is about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people. Most of the motorcycles in the world are being driven in the developing countries of Asia - around 58%.  

With so many bikes turning out to be the vehicle preferred by many around the world, potential motorcycle-owners are urged to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, safety should be of paramount concern. In a study carried out by the United States Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2006, results indicated that 13.10 cars out of 100,000 ended up being involved in fatal crashes. With motorcycles on the other hand, that number is at 72.34. With those probabilities, one would be wise to have the number of a good motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles offers.

Alarming Statistics

Listed here is a sad statistic any motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles offers will tell you: according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80% of all motorbike crashes end in injury or death. For cars, that figure is only at 20%. Why the big difference? A motorcycle gives hardly any crash protection for the driver, not like the car.

With that in mind, it is important for anyone to keep in mind to put safety first above everything when driving or riding your motorbike. Don't forget to wear helmet. It doesn't make a difference if you're going on a long trip or to the corner store: use it. Below are a handful of tips to keep safe:

- Attend riding and safety courses.

- Get all the required safety gear.

- Drive defensively by anticipating the other vehicles and drivers around you will do.

- Get the number of a good motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles can offer for when you meet an accident.

Shipping Cars By Rail Helps Build Early Auto Industry

Since the automotive industry's earliest beginnings, railroads have been its strongest ally. America's unabashed love affair with the automobile can be, in large part, directly attributed to the railroad's ability to efficiently and economically transport new cars and trucks from manufacturing plants to eager buyers across the United States. From wooden boxcars to circus-style flat cars, the railroads continue to innovate to create more value for the auto industry and, ultimately, the consumer.

Auto Transport by Rail Fuels Car Industry's Early Growth

Reliable and affordable transport by rail was essential to the growth of the early automotive industry. Rail offered a number of important advantages over truck transport such as better access to markets and more efficient delivery.

In 1910, there were less than 15,000 miles of paved roads throughout the United States and only 10,000 commercial trucks on the road nationwide. Trucks could operate only during daylight hours, until 1912 when they were equipped with electric running lights.

Transcontinental rail transport, on the other hand, was possible over 40 years earlier in 1869 when the Union Pacific track from the East met that of the Central Pacific from the West at Promontory, Utah. Across the nation, miles of railroad track increased from just over 35,000 in 1865 to almost 167,000 in 1890. Michigan, the home of the fledgling auto industry, had nearly 7,000 miles of main track in addition to about 2,000 miles of spurs and side tracks. By the turn of the century, three railroads had already spanned Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

Early auto industry pioneers such as David Dunbar Buick, Ransom Olds and Henry Ford easily chose rail transport over trucking as the quickest and most cost effective way to transport their new horseless carriages to market.

Wooden Boxes on Open Rail Cars

Early Ford models were often shipped partially assembled, encased in large wooden boxes and loaded on open rail cars directly outside the Detroit Mack Avenue plant and later from the Highland Park, Michigan factory. The boxed vehicles were then shuttled to the Michigan Central, Grand Trunk or Soo Line terminals and rushed to waiting buyers. When they arrived at their final destination, a Ford mechanic would complete the final assembly of the vehicle often using pieces of the wooden box for the new car's floor and running boards.

The 1909 Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog advertised the Sears Motor Buggy for 5, or 0 without fenders or top, plus shipping to the nearest train station.

To give some idea of how fast the auto industry grew: in 1902 there was one car for every 1.5 million people in the United States; two years later the ratio shrunk to one for every 65,000 people; and by 1909, after the introduction of the Model T, there was one car for every 800 people.

Throughout the early 1900s, shipping cars by rail continued to fuel the success of the auto industry. In 1920, Ford opened the River Rouge Manufacturing Complex. It included 90 different buildings and 93 miles of railroad track to bring in materials essential to manufacturing automobiles, as well as to transport the newly manufactured cars to market. Ford also acquired the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton (DT&I) Railroad with 454 miles of main track. The DT&I brought coal into the plant from Ford's privately owned mines in Kentucky and shipped automobiles from Detroit to Ironton, Ohio.

From Boxcars to Double-Deckers

Boxcars soon became the preferred method of auto transport because they offered increased protection from the elements. The loading process, however, was laborious and time consuming.

New automobiles were either manually or mechanically lifted. Two to three vehicles could be successfully loaded into one 28-foot long boxcar. Railroads soon extended boxcars to 36 feet in length to accommodate even more automobiles. To make loading easier, some railcars were modified with larger sliding double doors. Other railcars had doors added at one or both ends.

In 1923, railroads experimented by modifying a group of 61-foot long wood-frame flat cars. Collapsible frames were added to allow double-deck operation. Through the 1940s and 1950s other railroads also experimented with double-deckers, as well as loading assemblies, which would lift one car above the other.

The Circus Comes To Town

As America's fascination with new cars and trucks continued to grow, the railroad industry also continued to search for more efficient methods to load and unload new vehicles onto rail cars. The answer would come from another iconic American institution - the traveling circus.

Circuses, which were major haulers of wheeled vehicles from the late 1800s through the early 1900s, developed a simple and efficient process to load vehicles on rail cars. Rather than lift vehicles, they cleverly strung a number of flat cars together, set temporary bridge plates in place to span the gaps between each car, and simply drove or towed wheeled circus vehicles down the length of the train.

Railroads quickly adopted this method of loading new cars and trucks. The addition of foldaway bridges to the ends of the flat cars would soon lead to other innovations that would make transporting new cars and trucks by rail even more efficient.

Today, railroads account for 43 percent of intercity freight volume and a significant portion of rail intercity shipments involve finished automobiles. It is the most efficient and cost-effective transportation system, saving consumers billions of dollars according to the Association of American Railroads. Railroads still load vehicles using a version of the ramps first used by the traveling circus, but now automobiles move to market on auto trains that use specially designed, fully enclosed rail cars made just for shipping automobiles. Odds are high, if you are driving a brand new automobile, it was delivered to your dealer on our nation's rail network.

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Motorcycle Wheel Chock - A Gift to the Automotive Industry

With the various upcoming transport accessories in the market, Motorcycle Wheel Chock is the finest accessory. Used for holding motorbike in upright position, this chock is very beneficial. Latest models of wheel chock have captured the market, which includes LA Trailer Chock, Sport Chock, SBX Fold up Trailer, Trike Trailer, etc.

These wheel chocks are designed to meet the needs of every two wheelers or three wheelers in probable way. Of immense facilities, these chocks are helpful in mounting bikes for service or storage with safe measure. Integrated with great features and functions, Motorcycle Wheel Chock is vital for maintenance of bike.

Among varieties of wheel chocks, it is important to opt for the one that suits your bike need. Best in quality and perfectly structured, these chocks give flexibility and durability in use.

Ready for use, these chocks are user friendly and ensure safety to the bikes. Among different chocks and lifts, Motorcycle Lift has become one of the most popular items.

Used for servicing and cleaning purpose, this lift is of great help to motorcycles. Built in retractable casters with hydraulic lifting cylinder or airlift, Motorcycle Lift is either manually or automatically operated. Known for durability and portability, Motorcycle Wheel Chock claims appreciation.

Motorcycle Jacks are the best means for maintenance of bikes at your end. In order to save money and maintain bikes in terms of repairing a flat tire, changing fuels, installing shock, maintenance of chains or painting, these jacks are profitable.

With a unique cradle design and 1000 of lb of capacity, jacks fix bikes to be serviced. These jacks work with compressed air, hydraulic foot pedals, or a combination of both which makes them unique in features. Quality Motorcycle Stands are the choice of every biker. Ensuring stability and safety to bikes these designed stands maintain bike in all aspects with lifetime guarantee.

Well built Motorcycle Stands, Motorcycle Lift and Motorcycle Jacks help your bike to work effectively in long run. Light in weight and easy to operate these jacks and stands come in various upgraded version that meets the immediate demand of the market. Accompanied by strong strap, wheel chock entirely furnish all the needs of bike in terms of support. Simple to use and secure these chocks rank as the first choice among the enthusiasts biker. Fully adjustable wheel locking facility and low to floor design Motorcycle Wheel Chock win recognition.

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Automotive Paint Maintenance

Regardless of the type of finish, the exteriors of all vehicles are subject to environmental wear and tear. With just a few years on the road, a car loses its original colour and showroom shine due to various environmental factors. If you don’t do your part to maintain your car’s paint, it will pretty soon look old.

Ironically, this component of the car that affects how it looks is also bombarded most by the elements. Ultraviolet rays, heat and contaminants like sulfur and nitric acids in the air combine to oxidize the paint and clear coat, dulling the finish and producing the swirls that you see after a while. And in countries where winter is a seasonal reality, road salts trigger chemical reactions that accelerate the pitting and rusting of the car’s paint and undercarriage. Washing you car regularly is a best practice to maintain your car’s paint.

With regular washing, contaminants and debris which are harmful not only to the paint but also to other components like the suspension are not allowed to build up. Washing your car on the driveway doesn’t allow one to reach a lot of components under the car, so take it to a gas station or detailing shop with a lifter for a pressure wash from time to time.

When it comes to waxes and polishes, everyone will recommend something different to maintain your car’s paint. And each individual swears by a particular product. For every product that is someone’s favorite, there is some other guy who hates it. There are even arguments about using liquid waxes or paste because of the residue they supposedly leave behind. In the end, it’s a question of what is good enough for a particular car owner. Most commuter type car owners will not bother with the two-bucket wash method or go through the clay bar routine to maintain their car’s finish. A simple wax job would be enough every 2-3 months. But if you’re talking about a luxury car, a sports car or a classic restoration project, then maintaining a car show finish is justified. The array of products used to detail cars like these can fill a whole cabinet and their types and use is beyond the scope of this article. There are entire forums devoted on how to maintain your car’s paint and that is where you need to spend time if spending a day cleaning and polishing your car is your type of thing.

Be Up to Date by Finding the Fashion Trend News

You will be astonished of knowing the truth that the fashion trend changes faster then the weather, and therefore make a lot of people feel so inquisitive about the hottest fashion on the market. Some claim that the new trend of fashion comes at the time when they even haven't tried the former trend yet.

Should you wear the long or short skirt? Should you wear the pencil or bootcut style for jeans? And of course, everyone will wanna recognize about what should they wear from up to toe. The very fast changes and the people curiosity raise a trend of fashion dilemma.

Problem with the fashion trend can be simply solved by the presence of fashion news, whether they are online or in print versions. Then, there is no reason you can claim that you do not understand about the latest fashion trend, right?


As one of the great references of the hottest trend in fashion, print magazines are claimed as the out of date one by a lot of people, because the electronic source is much more practical, therefore they are preferable.

The Internet

The next great source of fashion trend is internet, because it is the unlimited source you can get. Many websites of fashion latest trends will be greatly obtainable for you. To ensure that you are really looking at a latest trend online, look at the website for a current date for the posting.

The Television

Television is the next great resource of trend of fashion. You don't wanna look like a desperate housewife, right? You may think that being knowledgeable about trend of fashion will require your time to find them, but you can easily get it by coming to several places that provide much fashion news.

Overall, your great willingness will lead you to the greatest sources of fashion trend you need so much.

Automotive Industry News Courier Week (may 3

In this age of information explosion, busy all day if you have time to focus on industry, big or small place? It can make good use industry market trends? HC Automotive net for the majority of users send the most professional, most authoritative, most industry highlights the depth of the weekly review for you in a timely manner, a comprehensive understanding of automotive electronics industry dynamics provide the most convenient channels.

Understand the automotive electronics market dynamics, see if the industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Low-carbon "Expo" big brothers to feel the pulse of the domestic auto electronics industry

Abstract: When the Shanghai World Expo will be a high-profile singing "green travel" when the moment into a low carbon economy, people's lives, all with the "low carbon", "Expo", "green" is also linked to these keywords gradually heated up.

For the automotive industry, energy-saving products have become the dominant force, car entertainment navigation products are a great stimulus to the development of the industry, and to bring new vehicles Product Development. More>>

Hot market is a chain reaction behind the rear

Abstract: In the "Expo", "Beijing Auto Show," "Fair" and other series of hot spots is concern, the car may also occur after the market surging chain reaction. On the one hand, the rapid development of automobile market to stimulate rapid economic growth; the other hand, vehicle information terminal, to provide content services for consumers, for consumers to enjoy the expansion of space from the car parking spaces for a full range of services perspective, after the car development of the market brought about by the warmth. More>>

Car to catch the express train-vehicle information services burgeoned 3G

Abstract: 3G era is an era of change, when the 3G technology into the car, the auto industry will look very different, and especially in-vehicle information services. On the one hand, vehicle information is conducive to driving directions, so that the second car into the consumer space for office and home entertainment; the other vehicle information due to its inexpensive nature, it is possible to eliminate the traditional GPS. More>>

Week Topics: Car GPS

false in the end how much business relationship with the hardware?

Abstract: In the face of false positives in life situations Car GPS, many people mistakenly thought that GPS manufacturers produce errors, but by understanding the working principle of GPS is not difficult to find that it has a custom save location, which with the use of develop a search process to confirm the destination is correct, after completion of a good habit. Thus, with the further development of the map industry, car navigation systems GPS navigation software would be more accurate, but we live in so-called false positives and car GPS navigation hardware itself is not related. More>>

Automotive Electronics Boutique into the 4S shop climate mature?

Abstract: With the car's lower net profit Car sales, 4S shop more and more value automobile market, the bulk of the automotive products are still based on non-automotive products began to enter car showrooms. Although to some extent limited by the manufacturers, but because the market 4S shop repairs depression, such as GPS systems, car carpet, chassis armor, car leather, car audio and video electronics boutique modified products is likely to become a hot product. More>>

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China's Auto Gear Industry Should Be Formed Army

The face of fierce international competition, domestic automobile companies gear the best way of defense is a good offense, we should enter the international market, not price competition, do not use this advantage of cheap Chinese labor to attract foreign clients. "China Automobile Gear enterprises must unite to strengthen their confidence, the overall effort to form a group army, to build China brand, rather than solely one or a few enterprises in their efforts. Li Kai, said:" In this regard, China's toy industry doing a good Yes. In the United States toy market, it is very easy to find 'made in china'. "Overseas customers demand that China's products will have low price and high quality, state-owned enterprises to the requirements of the product can be used on the line. Therefore, the small problems constraining the development of state-owned enterprises. At that time, Shaanxi Fast Auto companies have a Gear products in the export to the United States was rejected three times. The reason is: the surface roughness does not meet the standards. This does not meet the standard of gear in use is not affected. "Later, we again and again to find a cause, time and time again and the foreign standard, compared to make it reach international standards. Therefore, the Americans can do, we can do. "Lee has opened seemed very confident. Name" Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive, "the name, Li Kai looked very proud very happy. He said:" This name is the date of my own. It means in English is a fast, reliable and solid. This is our company's development direction, but also what we do. English meaning: 'law' that the internal and external to the law, 'disability' that is, to learn the soldiers to fight tough battles, winning wars, 'special' or unique products, unique corporate culture and unique management. "Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise reform and restructuring of the success story. Their experience: to adhere to the concept of mechanism innovation, and innovation, and take stock of, privatization of the road; and adhere to self, do not just repeating continuously improve the comprehensive strength, and constantly improve the return on the community capacity to continuously improve employee income; relying on scientific and technological progress, and continuously improve work efficiency, without human sea tactics; to go professional road, not to engage in "large", "small and complete." Li Kai, said: " the reform of our company reflects our company name implies. "He called:" China automobile gear industry should seize the current rapid development of the automotive market an excellent opportunity to form a group army, to the international automotive market, supporting attack. "

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Automotive Engineering: A Way To A Successful Career

One of the best courses nowadays is automotive engineering. It involves examining the operating standards of vehicles. It may also comprise of proficiency management, mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical processes. Since the industry of automotive is quickly growing, there are several people who want to have a degree program in automotive courses.

Some of the degree programs of automotive engineering offer lots of courses in mechanical engineering and automotive design engineering. The colleges that offer this kind of course give direct application and hands-on training for an array of careers in the industry. This course specializes in the field of vehicle engineering and it can be divided into three main fields of study. The three main fields of this course are manufacturing, development and production.

Manufacturing engineers are those involved in making and building different automobiles, while development engineers are those who were involved on the different attributes of a sedan that includes speed, durability and performance. On the other hand, production engineers focus more on the design systems and components of a vehicle. It also involves designing and testing of the vehicles parts and includes coordinating tests to make sure that all automobiles meet the national standards set by the government.

Automotive engineers have several responsibilities and job description that they need to comply with after completing all their trainings. As they finished the degree program of this course, engineers can now design the cars systems and components. They also need to determine the best attributes for a specific sedan or for a future vehicle.

They also need to develop codes and standards for a well-organized manufacturing. Automotive engineers must determine the costs and implement the procedures to lessen the production costs. They are also expected to introduce and develop new strategies and systems for the production of automotives. In addition, they also need to make sure that they follow the government regulations during the process of the making a vehicle.

Aside from developing and designing, they also need to determine the drive ability of the each vehicle. They also need to implement quality procedures and control strategies. When there is a problem, they also need to solve all the troubles in automotive engineering. Lastly, they must conduct statistical analysis as required. All the graduates from this course can have several career options like vehicle manufacturing engineer, operations research, systems engineer, vehicle dynamics controller, performance engineer, noise, vibration and harshness engineer (NVH), emissions controller or research and safety engineering.

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Beware Of Car Maintenance, "trap" - Auto Repair And Maintenance Industry

With the growing car ownership, car purchase, maintenance and purchasing auto parts as well as consumer "trap" is also emerging in recent days, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Council consumer complaints, to remind the consumer in the car and maintenance, repair, should keep their eyes open, wary consumer "trap."

Car should think twice City Council official said, today's cars Sell Market , Brand names, model rich, get rid of quickly, and some consumers in a car shop in a fancy car, pay the deposit, but also in the other car shop to see more suitable for their own cars, they should surrender, which occurred deposit disputes. Based "security law", the consumer defaults, the operator may confiscate the deposit. Advised consumers to shop around before the car repeatedly to work out again when the final decision to pay the deposit. At the same time to establish a buyer's market for the automotive consumer confidence, should not rely on the new car car dealer that sold out and the car tight argument.

The same time, consumers should pay attention to select the brands and models, to view the National Development and Reform, "car manufacturers and products directory", directory, if not published, you can not buy, because there was no guarantee the safety and quality and Vehicle Administration departments not on the cards.

Some new car in the transport process, the shell was a collision deformation Paint Falling off, even in the handling process Jizhui accident occurred, causing serious damaged, but some unscrupulous car dealer and manufacturers, in order to save costs, and deliberately concealed the true circumstances, even "perpetrating a fraud." Consumers were advised to look at cars and a contract, try to write the engine number, provide vehicles, such as unusual circumstances, can the ground of fraud complaints to the operator, or to claim double the return of the deposit car dealer. Some car dealers

promised promotion gift leather seats leather, explosion-proof window film, reversing radar, navigation systems, vehicle anti-rust paint, cordless telephones, Travel Walkie-talkies, etc., because the agreement is not clear, the results raise car in some bad faith on the concept car dealer playing a word game, such as the so-called leather leather seats, only one seat, window film can only send a window The rest have to buy expensive consumer. Encourages consumers to enter into a contract with the car business, as detailed agreement in writing, to avoid mentioning car again in the understanding of the contract dispute.

"High Engine oil "Not suitable for

"100 km Fuel consumption Only 6 liters, "Even though the product description on the right sounding in fact never even got to. It is understood that the market automobile fuel consumption per hundred kilometers identity of" theory of oil consumption, "" condition fuel consumption, "" the actual fuel consumption "" combined consumption, "" urban fuel consumption, "and so on, all the data vary widely, so that consumers at a loss, while individual companies are still under-reporting of data, is suspected of misleading the consumer. advised consumers to pay attention to recognize, and can visit Ministry of Industry and Information website (http / / www.miit.gov.cn) access to the appropriate brand and model fuel consumption data, should not rely on car dealer salesman boasted of one-sided.

Some consumers believe that oil more expensive the better the quality of the highest level possible, using pure synthetic oil Semi synthetic oil more than good. In fact, oil is also targeted, different cars need different oil, different regions, seasons, geography, use, lubricants were different, caused by improper use of motor vehicles will be the "heart"?? Serious engine failure, even scrapped. Recommends that consumers under the guidance of professional maintenance staff, with appropriate levels of quality and viscosity oil or special maintenance station to buy maintenance.

"Defective vehicle" shall not be opened

Recently, Toyota " Brake Door event "wake-up call for us, but also caused more consumers to the" defective vehicle "attention. October 1, 2004, China began to implement" the provisions of defective automotive product recalls, "to require automobile manufacturing defects providers, including importers must follow the statutory procedures, choose repair, replacement, recovery, etc. to eliminate the product may cause personal injury, property damage defects. The Council suggested that consumers find car defects, quality supervision departments should be promptly reflect directly to the State Administration of Quality Supervision and reporting to ensure road safety.

In addition, second-hand car market, often many of the vehicle itself is a car accident, by some second-hand car broker to conceal a low price to attract consumers. Car in the acquisition of these incidents, some of the used car brokers claim that it has been, so deliberately turning off the original insurance, other re-insurance, insurance for consumers in the existing record whether there is difficult to see vehicles had an accident. In fact, car accessories, such as engines, beams, chassis structure, in the event of a major accident there will be signs of renovation, consumers find the best on Vehicle Maintenance Professionals in the line, accompanied by careful inspection test.

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Automotive service manual for car owners

New cars are in the showrooms and the market is abuzz with stories about the newly launched car models. Automobile market has become highly competitive and this is evident from the car manufacturers launching new models every six months. The new cars are more attractive than their previous versions but the buyers can get confused after seeing a massive array of car models in the market. Every car manufacturer claims to make the best vehicles but it is the user to decide which is best. If you are planning to buy a new car but are not sure which one to buy then read some great users’ reviews on automotive service manual and decide which model suits to your needs best.

Automotive service manual provides a platform to the car owners to write their own stories and experiences about their vehicles.

The users can review a new model car or contradict a review posted by another user. There are luxury cars, SUVs, utility vehicles, motorcycles and trucks that rule the open highways. You can pick any car but it’s better to first know the vehicle you are going to buy. The convenient way to draw valuable information on any vehicle is to read user’s reviews of that vehicle.

The automotive service manual will not only help you choose the best car for you but it will also give you advice and tips on how to keep your car in good condition. Car owners face much trouble in winter season when the temperature reaches below freezing point. They also make a mistake when they don’t service their vehicles on time. Drive your car between 40 to 60 kmph speed and avoid changing gears frequently to get maximum mileage.

From the users’ reviews, you can come to know how car owners maintain their vehicles at no extra cost.

After buying a new car, the first thing you would do is to decorate your vehicle with matching accessories and gear like steering wheel cover, headlights, stickers, rear-view mirrors and stylish wheel covers. These accessories are easily available in the market but it is no intelligence to browse the web pages just to buy a pair of steering wheel covers. Automotive service manual can help you select the right accessory for your vehicle at no extra cost. The accessory you are going to purchase should be perfectly matching with your vehicle otherwise it is not going to fulfill your objective.


Automotive Led Lights

The automotive led lights are those lights which are now very popular all aver the world these light are mostly you will find most of the electronic items but few years ago few people are familiar about them, automotive led lights become more popular among the people when these lights are being used in the cars .

Automotive led lights are integrated to the front of the cars, sides and some times these are installed at top of the vehicles. In many countries the vehicles should be equipped with the side automotive led lights to make the turn indication.

Automotive led lights cover your money

The growing popularity of automotive led lights based on three reasons first these lights have longer lifespan second uses considerably less power and the third one is cost a lot less to implement usefully. Automotive led lights are cost effective because it covers all the money which you have spend on it because the life span is very long.

In the market there are lots of automotive led lights at different price at different features but all have the benefit of cost effectiveness but first you should search on internet about it.

Automotive led lights and life style

In this modern world every person all over the world want to have some fun and enjoyment in the life with some style, they want to be proud about their choice these desires changes the way of living and gives some style to a person. If you are that kind of person who want some style and proud about your choice automotive led lights are the best choice. These are the best lights which are more stylish and make your life luxury.

Our recommendation about Automotive led lights

If you are looking for a great lights Automotive led lights are the best choice for you it has a great demand among the people you can check it on the web site that people are giving excellent views about this. You can purchase it easily because that style will fit comfortably into your budget. These Automotive led lights are full of quality and durable for many years and they will never failed to impress you. We would definitely recommend that you choose these Automotive led lights if you are a person who want style and durability so you should go for it

An Expert Guide to Finding Automotive Employment

Most owners find it hard and close to impossible to perform maintenance on their cars if the damage is caused by the weather, accident or from an act of vandalism. With the increased production of vehicles year after year and with the repair as well as maintenance needed by owners and other companies, the demand for automotive employment also increased.

Automotive services have varied classifications:

? Automotive Motorcycle Technician
? Auto Mechanical Technician
? Auto Repair Technician
? Auto Body/Repair Technician
? Air Conditioning Technician
? Air Conditioning Mechanic
? Alignment Installer
? Audio Installer
? Automotive Glass Installer and Repair
? Automotive Master Mechanic
? Automotive Specialty Technician

Listed here are some job descriptions of automotive services:

? Auto Body Technician - one who works with cars and small trucks to restore vehicles to their original shape or even color. He or she must possess capabilities in replacing dented auto parts, painting over or covering nasty scratches.

? Auto Service Technician - one who inspects, maintains and repairs cars and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity or alternative fuels. They even do the oil changing and tire replacement.

? Automotive and Commercial Truck Mechanic - one who diagnoses and repairs vehicles using precision diagnostic equipments. They must be licensed before being employed.

? Auto Mechanics - one who inspects, services and repair the engines, breaks and other parts of cars, buses and trucks. He or she is also responsible in straightening out car problems, in periodical servicing and in maintaining work condition of cars.

? Automotive Engineer - develops and improves or produces new designs for automotive structural engines, transmissions as well as associated automotive equipment through the use of computerized work aids.

? Automotive Technician - works on engines, exhaust systems, fuel lines, change oil and other fluid. He or she also replaces belts, hoses as well as fans; and lubricates bolts.

? Auto Spray Painter - works on painting automobiles, machines and other products through the use of color paint materials.

? Automotive Electrician - manufactures, installs and repairs electrical systems and equipment for motor vehicles, lights, widescreen wipers, hooters and indicators.

? Automotive Body Repair - works on body repairs, panel-beaters and realignment of damaged as well as dented panels of vehicles.

Among the job opportunities in Australia and Canada:

? Car Audio Installer
? Commercial Sales Manager
? Diesel Technician and others

In the U.S.:

? Marketing Specialists
? Automotive Instructors
? Mechanics
? Store Managers
? Service Representatives

The LOUISIANA Auto Industry

In Louisiana, persons wishing to engage in the buying and selling of auto related items will inevitably interface with the Louisiana auto industry. There are two significant organizations affiliated with this industry - the Louisiana OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) and LADA (Louisiana Auto Dealers Association).

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

The existence of the OMV in Louisiana is hinged on the need to monitor the operations of the auto industry in that state. This body stipulates the required standards of operations for dealers in the Louisiana auto industry. It also monitors the activities of drivers within the state.

The OMV is in charge of the various activities related to motor vehicle usage in the state of Louisiana. These activities include establishing and enforcing eligibility requirements for aspiring car dealers or management of documentation.

The Lemon Law of Louisiana

When a consumer receives a 'raw deal' or is considered to have been sold a lemon, it means that this vehicle will have problems related to its value, use or safety. This vehicle may also undergo four or more failed repair attempts within the warranty period. Typically though, a vehicle is also called a lemon if it is put of service for 90 days or more.

The legislature of the state of Louisiana has enacted a lemon law intended to protect auto consumers from poor deals. Through this legislation, customers may access redress for a purchase.

The lemon law of Louisiana caters to vehicles that fall in the following categories:

· Motor vehicles sold in Louisiana which fall under the groups passenger and commercial vehicles

· Personal watercrafts that were either sold in Louisiana or are still under warranty after April 15, 1999

· Vehicles known as All Terrain vehicles that are either sold in Louisiana or are still under warranty on or after April 15, 2011

The lemon law does not cater to issues related to newly-leased vehicles, RVs, mobile homes, demonstrator vehicles and motorcycles

Redhibition Law

This law operates in a similar fashion as the lemon law. It however it is not limited to new vehicles only as it extends its coverage to used vehicles as well.


Louisiana Auto Dealers Association provides consumers, dealers and prospective dealers with valuable information about the dos and don'ts of the Louisiana auto industry. They provide a list of certified dealers and also provide additional data about the most recent issues surrounding the industry.

The Louisiana auto industry has potentially lucrative rewards for dealers and consumers alike. Persons however need to equip themselves with the relevant information in order to ensure maximum benefits.

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How to Spray Paint Your Car & Restore Its Paint Job - Automotive Paint Spray

You could do certain things to restore the paint on your car like washing your car thoroughly on a regular basis, polishing (will remove haze, fills in the surface and maintains a glossy surface), the top layer of oxidized paint should also be cleared as it can damage more area.

Facts about Spray texture

Spray texture also called as "popcorn finish" is a paint-like coating used for painting cars. The texture comes from Styrofoam or polystyrene mixed into a sticky liquid base. The product is purchased dry and is available in various textures. Amount of water used is important as too little water and you have a paint that will not spray smoothly, too much water and it tends to show small cracks as it dries. Paint's hiding ability and adhesion will decrease with the level of water in the mix, so it is critical to have a right amount of water in the mix for sound, long lasting finish.

To assure strong adhesion of the texture, cleaning and priming the surface is very important, the purpose of cleaning is clear from the fact that paint will stick to the dust instead of the surface.

You can go for one or multiple coats, though thick single coat is not advisable.

If you are thinking of having a second coat it should be allowed to dry overnight also be sure to thoroughly cover thing's you don't want the texture on or in.

If your surface has a lot of scratches and dents a less than perfectly smooth paint texture is actually desired otherwise if the paint is smooth and shiny- you'll see every scratch and dent in the surface, so in the cases of cars with lots of scratches, it is best to mist the paint slightly by putting on lighter coats that don't self-level so much.

Don't spray the paint on too heavy, it will be smooth & runny which means you'll have drips on vertical surfaces.

If you done it correctly, the paint will "SELF-LEVEL"-- the surface will "run together" and will look wet and create a smooth surface, which will require no or little sanding if you are going for a glassy smooth surface look.

If you put your best effort into it, you should be able to see a brilliant, different and shiny car.

Do you want to learn cars spray paint techniques in 2 hours or less?

Visit SprayPaintSecrets below:

- http://www.SprayPaintSecrets.com

Visit the site now and get FREE videos on car spray painting and paint repair techniques...


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Automotive Locksmiths And Ethics

When you have to call a locksmith, you're putting that person in a position of trust. After all, the locksmith has the means and the training to get you back into your house or car when you've lost your keys or locked yourself out. Unfortunately, there are some locksmiths that don't practice good ethics and who abuse their position and skills to gouge prices or otherwise take advantage of people in vulnerable situations.

Think about the problem of lost car keys when you're out somewhere, especially if you're tired and it's cold out. Most cars today use transponder keys, and your car dealer may have told you that they are who you should call if you lose your car keys. While they can and do make replacement car keys, they usually charge a premium for it, and there's no guarantee they can get to you right away.

But a properly trained car locksmith can do the same job usually much quicker and for a much lower price. Getting a Chicago local locksmith to replace your lost car keys is easy, and good Chicago area locksmiths have no trouble duplicating transponder keys with the hardware and software they carry in their service vans.

Honest locksmiths abide by a strict code of ethics, since they know they are sometimes in a position where they could take advantage of people in difficult situations. But a good locksmith is devoted to non-deceptive practices and will never use his skills and training to compromise a person's safety or security.

Just like you should always have the number of a trusted mechanic and a trusted plumber before you need it, you should have the number of a trusted locksmith on hand. In fact, it's a good idea to have a set of duplicate car keys made even if you've never lost your car keys. You can leave them with your spouse, parent, or another trusted party who is easy to get in touch with if you find yourself without keys. Plus, having replacement car keys made before you need them will let you scope out the professionalism and service offered by the locksmith you choose.

You have no doubt heart horror stories of people losing their car keys and locksmiths taking advantage of their desperation to overcharge them. Locksmiths that do such things infuriate honest locksmiths. It's not easy to make an informed, wise decision on a service provider at the spur of the moment, with limited information, when you're desperate. Which is why you should ask around and get personal recommendations if possible about reliable, trustworthy locksmiths in your area. Once you find one, program the phone number into your phone (and your spouse's phone, children's phones, etc.) so you can reach them easily.

The best time to find a good locksmith is before you need one. Most locksmiths work hard to earn customers' trust, so don't let reports of dishonest ones turn you against the whole profession. A good locksmith can really save the day when it's cold or dark out and you've lost your car keys.

Industry Predicts Manifold Growth For Indian Auto Components Industry

With another five marquee names in the automobile world gearing up to enter India, the second-fastest growing market globally, industry stalwarts are of the opinion that this could be the best time for auto component manufacturers to do brisk business. It may be mentioned here that Chrysler, Kia, Peugeot, Triumph and Scania are finalizing their India blueprint. And the reason is obvious.

According to a report by Ernst & Young, India will beat China, North America and Europe to become the fastest growing automobile market.

Meanwhile according to a report from McKinsey & Co, the Indian automotive aftermarket for parts is expected to reach around Rs 39,000 - 44,000 crore by 2015 from the current Rs 24,000 crore, while the industry would require around 1.3 million skilled people.

The industry representatives meanwhile have asked for 'industry' status for the auto parts sector on the basis of number of jobs the industry created and the volume of revenue it generated for the exchequer.

According to a CII Report prepared by McKinsey & Company, the automotive aftermarket in India is growing 11 percent per year, and is at an inflection point with the increase in vehicle parts, more complex parts, price sensitive customers, and expansion of global suppliers in terms of sourcing and distribution presence in India.

The report estimated that the market demand for parts and services was set to double over the next five years. It said that companies across the value chain will require significant additional investments in capital to double their capacity, as well as to enhance their capabilities to produce parts for and service a wider variety and complexity of vehicles.

The production of parts is split between OEM, original equipment suppliers (OES) and generic manufacturers. Commercial vehicles, which include multi-axle vehicles, light commercial vehicles, buses and trailers account for roughly 22 per cent of this market (Rs 4,500-5,500 crore), with Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Kerala accounting for over 40 per cent.

The car market is estimated at Rs 6,000-7,000 crore (34 percent of the market) with Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Tamil Nadu cumulatively accounting for about 40 per cent of the share.

Meanwhile, industry experts are of the opinion that despite the huge potential that automobile industry offers, both the manufacturers and buyers are unable to connect with each other freely. Here, Internet can play a vital role. Business to business (B2b) websites like automobileindustryindia.com can be a solution to overcome this problem.

To be a part of the growth story of Indian automobile sector and encash the huge potential that the sector offers, manufacturers and suppliers from India can get themselves registered on automobileindustryindia.com, a web portal solely dedicated to Indian automobile industry.

The main aim of the portal is to provide maximum exposure to Indian suppliers and bridge the gap that exists between sellers and buyers in Indian and abroad. It also carries comprehensive information on global automobile trade shows and latest news and updates from the automobile industry.

Restoring Digestive Function

More than 60 million Americans experience acid indigestion, or heartburn, and spend literally billions of dollars on pharmaceuticals in an attempt to ease their burning pain.

Over 8 billion dollars is spent annually on drugs to relieve indigestion, with additional billions spent annually advertising those drugs.  In fact, in 1999, Prilosec, a powerful acid suppressing drug, surpassed Prozac and Premarin as the top selling prescription medication in the United States.

Clearly America is experiencing an epidemic of gastrointestinal disorders.

So why does it seem necessary to spend billions of dollars taking countless medications to coax our gastrointestinal system into doing what it's supposed to do.  Digestion is a complex process that is both mechanical and chemical.  It involves and relies upon the proper functioning of the mechanical processes of grinding, churning, pumping, squeezing, valves and gates opening and closing, as well as the chemical processes of the secretion of enzymes and the breakdown of nutrients to be absorbed and utilized.

When any part of this process malfunctions, indigestion of some sort may occur.  Factors such as the foods we eat, how much we eat, drinking too much with our meals and smoking all can contribute to the disruption of proper digestion.

Indigestion refers to any number of gastrointestinal complaints, which can include anything from gas, belching, bloating, and flatulence, to heartburn, which is the pain caused by the backing up of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus, the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.  The hydrochloric acid in stomach fluid helps to breakdown and digest the food we eat as well as prevent the growth of bacteria in our stomach and intestines. Hydrochloric acid is very strong and corrosive, and while the stomach has a special lining to protect it, the esophagus does not. When this potent stomach acid accidentally backs up into the esophagus, the result is burning pain.

This accidental backing up of hydrochloric acid into the esophagus is caused when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the muscle at the end of the esophagus, doesn't function properly.  The LES is the stomach's gatekeeper and uses pressure to open and close.  When food travels from the mouth down through the esophagus the LES opens allowing food to enter the stomach then closes keeping it from going back up the esophagus.  When the LES opens at the wrong time hydrochloric acid and other stomach fluids back up into the esophagus.  The result - heartburn.  Persistent heartburn may be a more serious problem known as GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease which can, over time, erode the delicate lining of the esophagus and increase the risk of developing esophageal cancer as well as cancer of the larynx and throat.

So how do we eliminate these worrisome and potentially hazardous digestive disorders and live symptom free without harsh drugs or extraordinary medical intervention?  Simple changes in habits and diet, such as making better food choices, considering portion size, quitting smoking and limiting coffee and alcohol can have a profound effect on relieving simple digestive disorders.  And while taking antacids and heartburn medications may seem easier and provide temporary relief, they do not cure the problem and come with many severe side effects. Inhibiting or shutting down the production of hydrochloric acid can actually cause serious long-term problems such as interference with the absorption of important nutrients, such as calcium, increased vulnerability to bacteria in the stomach and food poisoning, and even acid rebound, where the stomach tries to produce even more acid to do its job.  Too little stomach acid actually creates an environment where food cannot be completely digested, and further down the digestive tract, cause symptoms such as gas, belching and bloating, which in turn brings on the repeated use of antacids thus the cycle of antacid addiction.

What we choose to eat can play the most fundamental role in breaking this cycle and restoring digestive health. A balanced diet, complete with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids is critical not only to digestive health, but processes and functions in our bodies, as well as our overall vitality and sense of well being.  A simple approach to a balanced diet is choosing foods proportionately from three categories of foods - Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.  The Primary group is the one that comprises the majority of your dietary choices.  These are whole grain foods and proteins. The best choice of proteins are from lean animal sources, soy protein foods, such as tofu, tempeh, soy burgers and dogs and the growing number of tasty soy food products on the market today, as well as beans, but to a much lesser extent. Next, are the Secondary foods, which consists of seasonal fresh vegetables.  Finally, there are the tertiary foods, such as dairy, eggs, and fruits, as well as unsaturated fats.  Unfortunately, the typical American diet bears little resemblance to such balanced nutrition, with over processed, over refined carbohydrates, consisting of little more than sugar, completely lacking in fiber and important minerals, and saturated, or worse trans-saturated fats, occupying staple positions.  And, the availability of these nutritionally empty and potentially harmful foods is far more abundant than their healthful counter parts. This, coupled with the lack of critical nutrients without supplementation, contributes significantly to America's disordered digestive situation.

Not only what we eat, but how we eat it plays a role in relieving indigestion. Portion control is also important, as large portions of any foods can overfill the stomach and force stomach acid past the LES, causing heartburn.

Even something as simple as practicing the lost art of chewing is an important first step on the road to recovering digestive health.  By skimping on this first, most important step in digestion, we fail to adequately start the digestive process not only mechanically by the lack of grinding our food, but chemically by limiting the exposure of our food to the digestive enzyme amylase which is contained in saliva.  By the time our food hits our stomach it then requires additional digestive enzymes to further break it down.  This, combined with the fact that as we age the amount of digestive enzymes we produce decreases, creates a prime environment for indigestion.  Supplementing with digestive enzymes can significantly improve the breakdown and absorption of our foods and nutrients. Look for full spectrum vegetarian enzyme, such as in nZymax, which works in all Ph ranges to break down all food groups - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy, and even fibrous vegetables, seeds, sprouts, and beans. The mere addition of a digestive enzyme such as this often eliminates many digestive disorders.

Herbs are also a useful way to supplement our diet, providing not only important and often deficient nutrients, but also improved assimilation of those vital nutrients.  One simple (and tasty) method of doing this is by way of common kitchen spices and culinary herbs.  Most herbal spices are carminatives, herbs that stimulate and aid in the digestive process and subsequently relieve gas and bloating.  Basil, ginger, bay, garlic, dill, oregano, sage, thyme, cloves, cumin, fennel, cardamom and caraway are all tasty spices that can help with digestion.  Parsley, dandelion, alfalfa, yellow dock and seaweeds are all important for adding important vitamins and nutrients to your foods.

While cooking with herbs provides an easy means of including these digestive and nutritive aids to your diet, additional herbal support may be necessary to repair or restore digestive function.  There are numerous useful herbs for digestion.  Papaya, ginger root, peppermint, fennel seed, goldenseal, licorice, and gentian are but a few.  These are often commercially packaged as single herbs or herbal formulas, sold as either capsules or tinctures.  While this is certainly the mostconvenient method of supplementation, it can be the most disappointing.  It is important to understand that many companies package herbal products with little to none of their active ingredients present in them, and frequently the dosage is significantly less than an efficacious amount.  Where and from whom your purchase your herbs is also of utmost concern.  Whether commercially prepared or in bulk, the standardization is important if you expect results. Combining several of these herbs, such as peppermint and papaya leaves with ginger root, catnip, fennel seed and saw palmetto berries in some type of infusion device to make an herbal tea is fairly simple and proves quite beneficial as a digestive aid when sipped prior to and after a meal.

Additionally, FOS (fructooligosaccharides), and acidophilus may prove beneficial to improving digestion.  Including cultured friendly flora containing foods, such as yogurt or kefir have also been helpful in improving digestive function.  Compounds like DGL, the deglycyrrhized form of licorice, and d-limonene, from orange peel extract, can actually repair damage causes by chronic digestive disorders and help you maintain a symptom free lifestyle.

By incorporating these herbal, supplemental and nutritional therapies in our fight against heartburn and indigestion, we are providing our bodies the best treatment possible - one that restores the body to its normal function, rather than one that interferes with it.

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