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The rapid development of the network today, car audio and car navigation with the increase in consumer word of mouth is also undergoing rapid change. Last week, after HC Automotive Network on car navigation and car audio era of reform to make the depth trend analysis, in addition to bringing users the whole car GPS obscenity ads revealed inside story. Of course, more timely and fresh delivery business consulting and industry, For automotive electronics market trends, see if the industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Of smoke machine industry how to do a good vehicle internal management?

Abstract: The biennial Beijing auto show has come to an end, this year's auto show to the industry a clear signal to the rise of national brand car, signaling the start of vehicle AVN vicious competition. Out of stock in the market conditions, anyone can share and take the opportunity to send a small fortune, in this case, the vehicle computer industry how to do a good internal management is particularly important. Detailed

Vehicle network era of fear of the rapid development of car navigation end

Abstract: car audio equipment is first used in automotive electronics, despite no effect on operating performance car, but as indicators of people enjoying an increasingly high demand, car manufacturers on the application of car audio equipment is also increasing attention. With the rapid development of vehicle networks, it has been from the initial of the car radio turned into a set of audio-visual entertainment, communications and navigation, driver assistance and other functions in an integrated multi-media vehicle electronic systems, and become an essential vehicle components and as a basis for evaluation of vehicle comfort. Detailed

Line probe city: gradually rising wave of car stereo modification

Abstract: As more and more young people like pop music to become the owner, together with the purchase of new car owners are not personalized audio programs are available, car audio conversion market began to entry-level player level under the shift. This will be the majority of users Quest surging market car audio conversion. Detailed

Topic this week:

VS brand licensing office who shop channel innovation superior?

Abstract: In recent years, automotive after-market channel sink trend is clear that the strength of manufacturers are trying to bypass the distributor and agent links directly to the product to invest in 23 markets. Channels to sink after the one hand, the automobile market, increased competition, market prices have transparency, and the other reason is that consumer spending consciousness. In response to channel sink, various forms of channel innovation have emerged, the factory offices, supermarkets, automotive supplies, products museum and brand licensing shop and other forms of direct marketing model butt end consumer. Detailed Car GPS

what impact there, something which the final price?

Abstract: Today, GPS navigation device itself, the difference was not significant, especially in hardware, are basically designed and manufactured in accordance with the program, so the basic cost of bare metal will not be much different. But why do we see in the market, car GPS navigation there such a big difference between the price of it? Then the author from the components, materials and select the three links for everyone .