A-class Looks To Shake Up The Auto Industry

Mercedes-Benz plans to dive into the 2012 years by trying something completely new to them. With the unveiling of its new compact A-Class concept, Mercedes is inspired to take on the automobile industry by taking on its competitors in the younger target markets. With the hope that a new design model mixed with flashy interior features, the A-Class looks to break the Mercedes mold.

The A-Class exterior will be composed of a more pronounced nose section, lower roofline and an abundance of sleek detailing. This radical appearance combined with a new interior style and mechanical layout is hoping to catch attention of the young, urban professional market of 30-something singles with a small family.

The image of Mercedes is imbedded into the minds of consumers so this image change will not come easily. The hope that this introduction of the A-Class will serve as an initial step towards meeting the change in consumer needs. Never before has Mercedes targeted young professionals as these people would normally have to wait until they achieved a certain financial stability before being able to purchase a Mercedes. The new A-Class will certainly change that perception.

This new concept of the A-Class provides the consumer with a new compact class era at Mercedes-Benz. This front-wheel drive model is powered by a four-cylinder gasoline engine from the new M270 series. It was designed for transverse installation and thanks to direct injection and turbo charging, offers high performance together with minimal emissions and fuel consumption. The Concept A-Class is equipped with the two liter variant of the new engine, developing 210 hp. This blue efficiency engine is mated to the new Mercedes-Benz dual clutch transmission.

Included in this major shift in design, the A-Class has also adopted the heavily sculptured surfacing treatment and other elements seen on a batch of recent Mercedes concepts, including last year's well-received F800 Style.
These new major features include a so called soft-nose treatment with an oval shaped grille like that of the range-topping SLS AMG. The look is topped off with an oversized version of Mercedes' three-pointed star, distinctively shaped headlamps with complex LED internal graphics, deep lines running down the flanks, a high waistline, shallow side glass, horizontal tail lamps and an angled tailgate.

Besides its flashy new look and elegant interior, the A-Class is jammed packed with new technologies. Mercedes will be the first in the compact series to off a radar-based collision avoidance system and adaptive brake technology. This system will audibly and visually warn drivers about possible collisions while preparing the brakes for a sudden stop.

Mercedes plans to base up to five models off its new MFA platform. Included are three- and five-door hatchbacks as previewed by the Concept A; a five door multipurpose vehicle to replace the current B class; a four-door sedan to rival the Volkswagen Jetta and set to replace the discontinued CLC, and a five-door station wagon.

Inspired with its new A-Class concept, Mercedes-Benz looks to go head to head with Audis A3 as the premiere automobile for the young, urban professional. The A-Class will certainly change the perception of Mercedes-Benz and take the automobile market by storm.

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Trends Of Jewelry

Jewelry has its trends and its stages of fashion. What are the current trends in America?
Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to depend on what age group you are watching. Overall, almost all ages, brooches or pins have almost completely disappeared in the world of accessories. Although women still have many bones in their collections, they are rarely seen as a function of frequency of watching earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. For some reason, they have apparently fallen into disfavor with the current trends in fashion, and many women do not wear pins they inherited from their grandmothers. It's also worth mentioning that women do not throw them away, like all fashion trends, the pins are sure to return at some point, the only question is when. Like the earrings, the earrings seem to have seen the biggest change in jewelry in recent years. Small pins, small wheels and the occasional small pendants are be replaced by wave oversized earrings. These earrings keep the old wheels so large, the current fashion is swinging a large, length is not excessive, but wide. Earrings are now quite long, but their length is not significant, the width is quite shocking. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the slopes of hair from the earrings, because they almost fill the entire area of the face. Despite their size, these earrings are pretty, feminine and elegant. They are not the equivalents of 21st century, the large rings are used as a kind of rebellious style jewelry. These pendants are fashion and they are beautiful, despite their size. Everyday use rings have not changed significantly in recent years, at least in style. The styles are similar, although a significant change is the frequency of platinum, which is now being used. Traditionally, platinum is often used as a wedding or engagement rings, it is still used in both different rings, but there are many simple gemstone rings which are platinum. Another current trend of jewelry, only in wedding rings, must have a solid band of diamonds, instead of solid band gold or platinum. More and more women choose this type of wedding ring, you can see it on the fingers of many recent American brides. Changes in necklaces and bracelets are also minimal, although the trend is that some jewelry are becoming more "tribal", or have more than one ethnic look to it. Although simple and easy solitaire pendants and bracelets are always popular, bolder, heavier, more colorful styles in necklaces and bracelets also hit the jewelry scene. What is nice about this is that there seems not to be in competition with more traditional styles of bracelets and necklaces, the current trend in earrings seems to be almost certainly destroyed the other styles of earrings.

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How the decline in the Auto Industry Affected Employment Rates

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler (The Big Three) concentrated in the Mid West, USA were once the most dominant forces in the automobile industry. Since the 1970s however, there has been a significant decline in these once powerful automotive companies. The oil crisis was the first of the beginning of a plethora of problems for the US auto industry. This was further perpetuated by rising competition particularly from Japan and the recent economic recession which sent vehicle prices in the US spiraling downwards.

As a result, employment has seen sharp declines. Figures have shown that employment in the industry has declined from one million, three hundred thousand jobs (1,300,000) in 2000 to ten million jobs (10,000,000) in 2005. In addition, an estimated two hundred and sixty thousand (260,000) jobs were lost since 2005. This has had several ripple effects on the US economy.

Oil Crisis

The 1970s saw the beginning of rising oil prices. Consequently, small cars such as the Toyoto Corolla became an attractive alternative to big American vehicles. Although the US car companies tried to design a competitive small car, they failed in doing so.

The rise of Japan and European Manufacturers

The importation of Japanese vehicles into the US soared in the decade that followed the 1970s. Japanese and European manufacturers have been seeing increasing market shares and their vehicles are also viewed as better quality and more reliable than US vehicles. Even US customers have responded to these changes. These foreign brands have steadily led to the decline of ‘The Big Three’ US market share, which has fallen from seventy percent (70%) in 1998 to approximately fifty-three percent (53%) in 2008. This has resulted in huge decline in employment rates. For example, in 2006, the “Big Three” all announced downsizing programmes. General Motors had one hundred thousand (100,000) employees in its prime which was reduced to sixty thousand (60,000) in 2007. Between Ford and General Motors a total of 70,000 jobs were lost.

Economic Recession

The impact of the recession took a heavy toll on the already struggling automobile industry, with a reduction in sales from both local and international clientele alike. Decline in purchasing power of many people and companies caused by the recession, resulted in less output and a shrinking workforce within the automobile industry.

The decline in the automotives industry and loss of jobs played a significant role in the US economy. It is so important that in 2009 the government saw it necessary to intervene in the situation. The intervention bailed out three of the major auto companies as the economic effects of further deterioration of these companies were seen as too great to leave to chance. Currently, the industry has not really improved and only time will tell the fate of the auto industry.

Automotive Marketing: Buying or Leasing a Car

Automotive Marketing is one of the most complex processes on the business landscape. It is not just about famous automobile brands such as Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari. The components and aspects related to this business require unique skills and strategies. If you want to enter automotive marketing, you should be able to handle sourcing, selling, and servicing. You should also possess technical expertise as well as relationship building skills. You should aim to be like Brian Ongaro, one of the most prominent leaders associated with automotive marketing.

Brian Ongaro has now became part of the Boardwalk Auto Group. Previously, he was appointed as market manager and executive VP of AMFM, Inc’s station group based in Dallas, Texas in 1997. This was considered as one of the biggest markets in the United States in terms of revenue.

Then, he became the executive VP for CBS Radio in 2002. After twenty-eight years in broadcast management, he learned a lot and applied this knowledge to Boardwalk Auto Group. He brought a wealth of innovative marketing and organizational management knowledge.

Nonetheless, if you are perplexed with the thought of buying or leasing a car, you should weigh their pros and cons. As you know, buying and leasing has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You cannot just go ahead and buy a car without thinking of the consequences of your actions. Similarly, you cannot always lease a car when buying one may seem like a more practical choice. You should weigh your options carefully so that you can make the most of your money.

Remember that buying a car using a loan is basically like putting your money into a savings account that declines in value. This means that you will never be able to get out as much as you put in. A certain portion of the money you pay for the car will be lost to finance charges and depreciation. Whatever you have to show for your investment once your loan has been paid off will only be a part of what is left after interest and depreciation. This option is not the most ideal. So, if you plan on making any investments, you should not buy a car with a loan.

Leasing a car, on the other hand, is like buying one but without the equity savings account. This means that you will only pay for what you use. There is no need to put anything extra in a declining savings account. Yes, it is true that you will not own anything at the end of the lease except if you decide to purchase the car at its declining value. After the lease, you need to return the car after you have paid off for the length of time that you used it.

Then again, whatever option you have chosen, you should realize that the value of the car will depreciate eventually. So, make sure that you use your money wisely and make a careful decision on whether to buy a car or lease it. Choose the option that is most suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

PA Auto Insurance Rates


Good news! At the time of writing this article (August 2010), PA auto insurance rates have been trending downwards for the past year with a massive jump down in the past few months with the difference between June and July being a massive 10% nosedive. Don't be tempted to think that car insurance is always cheaper in the summer months, however, with the state of New York's auto insurance rates having risen by 3% in the same time period. Now is, in other words, a great time to be buying auto insurance in Pennsylvania.

In general however, PA auto insurance rates are somewhere near the national average which is 7 dollars for a yearly policy. In other words there are both worse and better states to be buying car insurance in general, but Pennsylvania is consistently good value.

As well as this, it is quite interesting to note that Pennsylvania has one of the lowest minimum car insurance rates in the country, allowing people to get away with just ,000 coverage for bodily injury and a meagre ,000 for damage to property. Pennsylvania is a great place to live if you're a cash-strapped motorist.

So, is there any downside to this trend in PA auto insurance rates? The easiest downside to see is that if insurance is trending downwards now then it will eventually be likely to do just the opposite, and when people begin to find their insurance costs rising it's going to sting. However, as I have already said, Pennsylvania is a good state to own a car in general and it will likely always remain around the national average. Other reasons that Pennsylvania's laws on driving are beneficial include the way that they deal with drunk drivers: their fines for drunk driving are severe but graded according to the level of blood alcohol in the perpetrator and the amount of previous convictions they have.

One particularly important point for when you're browsing PA auto insurance rates is that you should review your driving record before purchasing. You will need to know the exact date of any violations and this will be very useful information. If a ticket is just about to expire from your record then it may well be worth waiting out that period before purchasing insurance in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining a lower quote from your insurance provider.

All in all, if you are currently browsing PA auto insurance rates then now is a good time to go ahead and buy a policy. It may be worth getting a policy that lasts a little longer than you're used to in order to take into account the savings that you are likely to make by buying low. If you are reading this article long after it was written it is always possible to use Google to check current auto insurance prices online. This is, of course, well worth doing if you are considering whether or not now is the right time for you to buy a car

Contribution Of Indian Automotive Industry And Its Projections

Since, last few years, Indian automobile industry has grown at a tremendous pace, and currently the Indian automotive components industry is being projected to cross over US $ 110 billion (INR 5 lakh crore) worth business by the year 2020. This figure has been zeroed in after assessing the demands of vehicles, as it is in tandem with the countrys growth of vehicle production. According to the report by the Automotive Component Manufacturers' Association (ACMA), out of all this, the domestic turnover is likely to grow up to US $ 80 billion (INR 4 lakh crore) and the exports would make up to another US $ 29 billion (INR 1.4 lakh crore).

According to that report, in the fiscal year 2010 2011, the turnover of auto components companies India will go beyond USD 26 billion, which is an 18 per cent rise from the previous fiscal years turnover, which was just USD 22 billion. Moreover, according to the ACMA-EY (Ernst & Young) Vision 2020 study, most probably, by the year 2020 India is going to witness massive growth in the vehicle production.

As far as Europe is concerned, it is likely to comprise a huge 36.9 per cent of India's automotive parts export in 2010-11, which is then followed by the Asia and North America with 28.1 and 24 percent respectively. Apart from this, the automobile industry has witnessed major changes in the automobile purchasing strategy India over the few years. According to the recent study, in the financial year 2010 2011 India is expected to make USD 12 billion investments in the Indian automotive components industry. And, this might result in making the auto component industry, an engine for India's massive growth in the economic as well as manufacturing segment.

Moreover, the Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) 2006 - 2016 will additionally stimulate the progress of the Indian auto components sector and can eventually transform India into an international player in the automotive industry. This plan aims to double the contribution of automobile industry in the countrys GDP and produce 25 million more jobs for people by 2016. Apart from this, there is an enormous potential and intensification opportunity in the automotive components industry and as a result various small medium enterprises which are into the manufacturing of automotive parts in India have also started to get good international exposure for their products. Moreover, out of those small and medium enterprises of automobile components and accessories, many of them have become the best auto parts supplier Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon.

The Booming Auto Parts Industry

When economic times are tough, many industries suffer, or go out of business completely. People often choose to cut back on wants in lieu of needs, and spend considerably less money. Another cost-saving technique many people implement is making do with what they have, rather than buying new items. This is especially true in the auto parts industry.

Instead of going further into debt or overextending their credit, more people are choosing to buy auto parts and other auto supplies to extend the life of their present vehicles. This course of action has strengthened the auto parts industry, even while new car dealers continue to struggle.

Whether you are someone knowledgeable enough to work on your own vehicle, or you bring it to a garage for assistance from professional mechanics, someone still needs to purchase the correct auto parts and auto supplies for your vehicle.

In addition to buying auto supplies and parts locally, you can also purchase them online.

Growth of the Auto Parts Industry

The auto parts industry has been a popular one for do-it-yourselfers and car guys and gals for decades, but even more so when economic recession and high unemployment rates forced people to seek viable alternatives to buying new items, particularly high ticket items like vehicles.

In fact, a 2009 financial report indicated that auto parts stocks were on the increase and thriving, even as big name auto dealers saw their sales and stocks plummeting.

As a common slogan goes for one auto parts dealer, it truly is the age of do it yourself. Many community colleges even get in on it by offering basic car mechanic classes, teachingpeople essential car care like common auto parts replacement.

Availability of Auto Parts

A wide variety of auto supplies are in stock for purchase at your local auto parts stores. Typically, online auto parts merchants stock the most common parts, enabling you to buy auto parts and supplies online. Auto parts and supplies are available for dozens of makes and models of vehicles, literally from A to V (so far - Acura to Volvo).

Typical Auto Parts and Auto Supplies

While certain auto parts and supplies require special ordering and waiting on their delivery, depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, many auto parts and auto supplies are typically in stock, both in local stores and online. This is a brief list of such auto parts and supplies available for purchase.
• Alternators and starters
• Air filters and oil filters
• AC compressors and parts
• ABS hydraulic units
• Brake parts: brake rotors, pads, shoes, and calipers
• Belts and hoses
• Carburetors and kits
• Ball joints and suspension parts
• Clutch kits
• CV axles
• Engine computer parts
• Heating and cooling parts
• Caps: raditor, oil, fuel filter
• Engine parts
• Fuel pumps and injectors
• Gaskets
• Headlight lamps
• Ignition parts
• Shocks and struts

So whether you take your vehicle to a mechanic or do the work yourself, you can participate in supporting the auto parts industry when you buy auto parts locally or online. Of course, buying auto parts and auto supplies online provides you with the ultimate in convenience if you're one who works on your own vehicle, and it's a non-emergency kind of parts repair or replacement. You can order parts online, await delivery, and repair or replace parts as necessary, without ever having to leave home. Another benefit of online auto parts stores: many offer discount or wholesale prices, and free shipping for a certain minimum sale to help you save even more money!


How to Add Acid to Motorcycle Batteries

Motor cycles batteries supplied by get geared are quality merchandise planned to give you long services. Please inaugurate the battery category that is optional by your motorcycle producer. Older motorcycle with electronics designed for a conventional lead or acid battery must be fitted with a continuation free battery. The originator and control device of the vehicle are not appropriate for safeguarding free batteries and would excess the battery causing lasting damage. Motorcycle batteries are vessel dry from the factory. Electrolyte solution must be supplementary to the battery chase by full accusation routines before the sequence can be used.

Electrolyte solution be accessible in massiveness and must be of the correct specific gravity for the battery it being used in. There are assortments of electrolyte solutions with altered SPG available.

The 1.250 SpGfor instance, is worn in Harley Davidson batteries. The battery is then stimulating up till the electrolyte reads 1.265-1.270 with hydrometer in each cell.

Please check before first use the correct magnitude, voltage (V) and competence as well as the correct location of the positive and negative workstation. In addition for conformist lead / acid batteries you must make sure the correct location of the emitting point. The upper right corner of the wrapping are colour coded according to the type of succession. when fluttering the battery, warrant it is attaching forcefully to the motorcycle battery tray or clamping. Use the sheltered screws and nuts and enclosed workstation lubrications and fortification where requisite.

Sparkling the wire trimmings with a wire skirmish before put together them to the succession incurable for a clean correlation. For long-standing periods when you do not be determined to exploit your motorcycle mare the succession in the full and disengaged the earth cable. For winter storage it’s recommended to eliminate the battery in general.

Do not utilize battery chargers premeditated for cars. Their incriminating current will burdened and therefore scratch the motor cycle battery. Only use battery chargers premeditated for motorcycle batteries, for optimum charging, diagnostic and maintenance we recommended the saitio intelligent procharger. Avoid inadvertent creeping currents by keeping your sequence clean. Always append the positive terminals first and then the negative terminals. When removing the battery reverse this order and start with negative terminals.

Here are few instruction for changing the battery: Things you will be need
Flat screwdriver
Distilled water
Small funnel or squirted bottle
Eliminate the cap from each cell on the battery with horizontal screwdriver. Remove the sequence cap from the vent nipple. Install the succession vent tube onto vent nipple by hand.
Place the succession on the flat level facade. Place the small funnel or squirt bottle plunger into the first cell. First cell up all the method to the cap hole/ repeat this process until all the cells are full. Do not reinstall the caps at this time.
Make sure the battery to the battery charger set to one tenth of the battery’s amp per hour rating. Charge the battery until the amperage being convey off to zero. Check the SPG of each cell with hydrometer to verify that it is within factory stipulation.
Make sure the each cell of SpG with hydrometer to verify that it is within factory stipulation. And check the level of electrolyte after charging.
Install the caps on each cell and tighten then firmly with a flat tip screwdriver.

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Looking Inside the Auto Insurance Claims Industry

It is often with groans and stress that Americans open their auto insurance bills when the imminent summons arrives in the mail. Conversely, it is with a sigh of relief that Americans contact their automobile insurance carrier in the event of an unexpected accident or fender bender. Furthermore, states have implemented mandated liability insurance in the past couple of decades...a much required and much awaited mandate. Courts take a serious stance on those who do not carry minimal liability insurance. It is obvious that this mandate has promoted an escalation in the amount of auto insurance claims in the past few decades.

Nevertheless, burgeoning technology has promoted auto insurance claims which have become more expeditiously processable in this country. One company has devised an avenue in which the consumer may use their I-phone application in order to submit their auto insurance claim.

The application uses the phone's camera, data files, and internet connection to file the entire auto insurance claim at the scene of the accident.

How do automobile insurers calculate their premiums for car insurance? These premiums are based largely on market risk ratios, such as those that banks and other financial institutions use to calculate lending percentages (above and beyond prime rate). This is why consumers' automobile insurance premiums are directly correlated to the demographics of automobile insurance claims. For example, demographics which include young males under the age of 25 -- and those for male or female drivers over the age of 70 -- are generally much more expensive than are those premiums for middle-aged females. This is simply because automobile insurance claims are much more prevalent for young male drivers and senior drivers.

Internationally, however, state regulations for fault versus no-fault car insurance claims vary.

In other words, there are a few states in which the liability for any accident falls directly upon the automobile owner. This would mean an unwary driver who is hit by a wayward driver wrestling with their cell phone would have to file their own automobile insurance claim, although the accident was not their fault. Their driving record would not be blemished. These automobile insurance claims are known as no-fault claims.

It is not only prudent but also very wise for all automobile drivers to carry a reasonable level of automobile insurance coverage. With that in mind, an car insurance claim will be secure, as will the consumer's wallet or pocketbook.

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United States: Automotive Industry Guide - Market Research Report

Aarkstore.com announce a new report through its vast collection of market research report :

United States: Automotive Industry Guide


United States: Automotive Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the United States Automotive industry. It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, and profiles of the leading companies. This incisive report provides expert analysis with distinct chapters for Replacement Car & Van Tires, Trucks, Used Cars, Automotive Aftermarket, Company Cars, Fast Fit, Light trucks, Medium & Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles and New Cars

Scope of the Report

* Contains an executive summary and data on value, volume and segmentation for Replacement Car & Van Tires, Trucks, Used Cars, Automotive Aftermarket, Company Cars, Fast Fit, Light trucks, Medium & Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles and New Cars

* Provides textual analysis of the industrys prospects, competitive landscape and profiles of the leading companies

* Incorporates in-depth five forces competitive environment analysis and scorecards

* Includes five-year forecasts for Replacement Car & Van Tires, Trucks, Used Cars, Automotive Aftermarket, Company Cars, Fast Fit, Light trucks, Medium & Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles and New Cars


The United States Replacement Car & Van Tires market is forecast to post total revenue of ,083.9 million in 2010, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -2.8% for the period spanning 2006-2010.

The US trucks market had total revenue of 7.4 billion in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -15.1% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

The US used cars market had total revenue of 7.9 billion in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -5.7% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

The US automotive aftermarket sector is expected to reach total revenue of 0.2 billion in 2010, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -0.4% for the period spanning 2006-2010.

The United States Company Cars market experienced minimal growth in 2009 with a 0.2% increase in total number of cars operated.

The US fast fit market is expected to generate a total revenue of .9 billion in 2010, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.5% for the period spanning 2006-2010.

The US light trucks market had total revenue of 9.3 billion in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -14.7% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

The US medium & heavy trucks market had total revenue of .1 billion in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -17.9% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

The US motorcycles market had total revenue of .1 billion in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -4.7% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

The US new cars market had total revenue of 4,386.6 million in 2009, representing a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -5.4% for the period spanning 2005-2009.

Why you should buy this report

* Spot future trends and developments

* Inform your business decisions

* Add weight to presentations and marketing materials

* Save time carrying out entry-level research

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Relevance Of Extrusion Profiles In Automotive Industry

With the advancement of industrial techniques and process, it is very important for the industrial workers or the members to assure their clients that they are using the best material, so that the clients believe on them. Today most of the industries are dependent on the extrusion profiles because of the fact that the materials that are being supplied by the extruded profiles are of very fine quality. The materials fulfill all the industrial requirements as well as the basic requirements.

In case of any industry whether it is locomotive or automobile or construction industry, the materials that are used should be of very fine quality so that the reputation of those industries do not get down. Extrusion profiles conceive the ability to fulfill all industrial requirements and specifically that of automotive industry. It is very true that the automotive industry depends largely on extrusion profiles because of the fact that the profiles that are to be used in the automotive industries should be strong and durable. If we talk about the aluminum profiles then it is said by the experts that the designs and patterns that are developed with the use of aluminum profiles are complex but they are capable of being molded into complex shapes. Extruded profiles that are to be used for automotive industries should be capable to take the daily wear and tear as well as the variable weather conditions.

Experts suggest using rubber extrusion profiles that works far better than that of the aluminum one. Though the aluminum profiles are the most commonly used but what is the problem to experience something new? Rubber profiles can be used easily on the window slide tracks to prevent the creaky noise of the glass movement. Most importantly the rubber profiles fulfill all the industrial requirements.

The New Aluminum Automotive Alloys

The need to reduce emissions while enhancing performance and adding fea-tures has driven manufacturers to use more aluminum in automobiles andlight trucks. This effort has been accompanied by the development of newaluminum alloys specically tailored for these applications. Many of thesealloys are too new to be listed in ASTM specications or Aluminum Standardsand Data, so detailed information is given here.

Since automobiles and light trucks undergo a paint-bake cycle at temperatureshigh enough to affect the temper of both heat-treatable and non-heattreatablealuminum alloys, the automotive alloys are provided in the -T4(solution-heat-treated) and -O (annealed) tempers, respectively. Both have thebest formability in these tempers for the cold-working they undergo in theprocess of being formed into body panels (6). The forming operation increasesstrengths through cold-working.

The subsequent paint bake articially agesthe heat-treatable alloys, which can additionally increase their strength, butre-anneals the non-heat-treatable alloys, erasing any strength increase due tocold work.

High strength is not necessarily important in this application,however.

The automotive alloys fall in three groups: 2xxx series (aluminum-copper alloys), including 2008, 2010, and 2036.Alloys 2008 and 2010 were developed to provide improved formabilityover 2036. Alloy 2036 has more copper than 2008 and 2010, giving itabout 40% higher strength but less corrosion resistance. These alloys areheat-treatable.

5xxx series (aluminum-magnesium alloys), including 5182 and 5754.5182 was developed for the ends of beverage cans. It has a high magnesiumcontent, providing high strength but also sensitivity to corrosionwhen exposed to temperatures above 150F for extended periods.

5754is a variant on 5454, with slightly more magnesium (3.1% versus 2.7%)and lower strength, but better formability.6xxx series (aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys), including 6009, 6111,and 6022. These alloys are heat-treatable and can attain fairly high.

The automotive alloys fall in three groups: 2xxx series (aluminum-copper alloys), including 2008, 2010, and 2036.Alloys 2008 and 2010 were developed to provide improved formabilityover 2036. Alloy 2036 has more copper than 2008 and 2010, giving itabout 40% higher strength but less corrosion resistance. These alloys areheat-treatable.

5xxx series (aluminum-magnesium alloys), including 5182 and 5754.5182 was developed for the ends of beverage cans. It has a high magnesiumcontent, providing high strength but also sensitivity to corrosionwhen exposed to temperatures above 150F for extended periods. 5754is a variant on 5454, with slightly more magnesium (3.1% versus 2.7%)and lower strength, but better formability.6xxx series (aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys), including 6009, 6111,and 6022. These alloys are heat-treatable and can attain fairly high.

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The Maryland Auto Industry

Each state within the United States of America has a unique system for the sale and transference of auto items. In the state of Maryland the system comprises two main groups The Maryland MVA and the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association. These two bodies are critical for any organization or individual who intends to transact auto business in Maryland.

Employment Opportunities

Those seeking employment may find answers in Maryland. The Maryland auto industry offers opportunities for employment of various kinds. The industry facilitates the employment in the capacity of engineers, sales, mechanics and accounting among others. Employment in the auto industry is particularly lucrative because the remuneration tends to be above the norm. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Maryland mechanics for instance are reputed to earn a mean annual income of ,680 in May 2009. Other well paid job positions mentioned included body repairers and glass installers.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVO)

In Maryland, auto related business is governed by rules and regulations. These are administered by the Maryland MVO. This is the body that is charged with the responsibility to monitor the activities within the auto industry of Maryland.


Prospective dealers for new and used vehicle vehicles must be licensed in order to partake in the Maryland auto industry. Licensing for this purpose is done by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Maryland Auto Dealer License Validity

The length of period for which a typical Maryland auto dealer license is valid is one year. Dealers are expected to acquire a renewal packet about 60 days prior to the expiration date of the existing license. The forms should be completed and returned accompanied by the appropriate fees to the Maryland MVA.

Maryland Automobile Dealers Association

This group comprises the certified and registered auto dealers. Individuals who wish to purchase auto items in Maryland may visit their web page or their offices for a listing of the dealers.

Tips for Purchasing a Motor Vehicle in Maryland

Persons who are interested in purchasing in a motor vehicle in Maryland should conduct intense research into all the available options. It would also help to be certain about the specifics of the vehicle being targeted for purchase. Prices should be compared and authorized, and certified dealers should be sought.

Transacting business in the auto industry of Maryland State can be a fruitful venture. Knowledge of the industry can help to make the venture even more fruitful.

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Fossil Fuel - The Auto Industry Addiction

Since the first automobile was launched onto the market, fossil fuels have been the most common fuel source for the auto industry worldwide. The addiction of the automobile industry to fossil fuels continues even today. Although other non-conventional sources of energy are available nowadays, fossil fuels continue to be the most preferred source of fuel for the automobile industry.

Fossil fuels are the fuels derived from organic remains of dead plants and animals, and are said to have been formed over millions of years under the effect of extremely high temperature and pressure. Examples of fossil fuels include petrol and diesel. There are only limited reserves of fossil fuels in the earth. So, this addiction of the automobile industry to fossil fuels is indeed a matter of concern for all of us, as it is not sustainable and there will come an end to the availability of these fuels.

Suppliers of fossil fuels keep raising their prices as the limited reserves of fossil fuels are being depleted rapidly. This increase in fuel costs poses a major threat to the economies of major fuel-consuming nations, and is an important factor in the push by governments to develop alternative fuel sources. Unless automobile manufacturers embrace the need for change and begin to rethink the type of engines they are producing, the auto industry will face repercussions in the near future.

The automobile industry is at present the most dependent industry on fossil fuels. It goes without saying that a sudden shortage of fossil fuels will adversely affect this industry. Shortage of fuel will lead to a sharp rise in fuel prices, which will ultimately lead to reduction in demand of cars and other automobiles.

This will have a serious impact on the economy of the auto producing countries as well as on the global economy, as the auto industry would under this scenario be forced to reduce its production and cut many jobs, leading to massive unemployment. Thus, unless measures are taken to wean ourselves from such dependence, the shortage and eventual depletion of fossil fuels will affect each and every individual eventually.

From previous and current discussions, it is very clear that unless the auto industry gives up its addiction to limited fossil fuels, the developed world will face great upheaval as fuel prices continue to spike. One possible solution is to develop alternative sources of energy.

Although many such alternative fuel sources are available in primitive form, there is a serious lack of interest among auto companies to develop such technologies. The industry seems so badly addicted to fossil fuels that it has lost the will to innovate and develop other cleaner source of energy besides petrol and diesel.

For me it is clear that it is about time for the auto industry to leave its addiction to fossil fuels behind and start being a little more innovative in developing new sources of fuel for automobiles. Unless this is done quickly, these companies face possible extinction as fossil fuel reserves are depleted.

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Anaerobic Digestion for Energy and Biofuel from Municipal Solid Waste

Globally refuse disposal is still one of the great growth industries of our time. The majority of what we buy and use, is destined for the dustcart, and in an ever shorter time and breaking all previous records for quantity as civilization becomes more affluent.

We purchase great quantities of goods which come with a relatively short lifespan and abundant quantities of packaging material. In times gone by many of us composted our putrescible waste in our gardens ad vegetable plots.

Gardens are getting smaller, we grow fewer food crops, and there is little room left for the compost heap and the garden bonfire is often banned due to clean-air regulations.

Dustbins are getting larger and refuse collection authorities are becoming more efficient and helpful in collecting ever larger quantities of household refuse and civic amenity wastes.

To reduce the sheer bulk of waste destined for our landfill sites, to extend their operating lives and to minimize the environmental and safety hazards of the materials delivered unto them, there is increasing public and legislative pressure to recycle and reuse a greater proportion of the discarded possessions we call "municipal solid waste" ("MSW").

There is also a growing demand for energy and for that energy to be "green" and not from a fossil fuel based source which contributes to the greenhouse gas effect and climate change.

There are lots of ways that waste, with its locked-in energy, can be used as a fuel source, but one of the very best, if not the best is a process called Anaerobic Digestion.

The scope for anaerobic digestion of MSW "putrescibles" becomes apparent when one examines the composition of household refuse and the limitations of existing recycling schemes.

The big advantage possessed by anaerobic digestion is that using it to produce "biogas" can not only provide a fuel for ordinary diesel generators, but also can be converted into biofuel which can be used in the automotive industry. This can potentially provide us with green fuel in the place of fossil fuels which are saved.
Anaerobic Digestion is still a technology which needs a lot of improving and developing though. There are quite a few problems in using it reliably for the fermentation of wastes, despite the fact that Anaerobic Digestion has been used for sludge digestion at sewage works for at least 50 years.

The problems become apparent when one examines the cost and complexity of the anaerobic digestion equipment and the need to find appropriate outlets for the "refined digestate" liquid it produces.

The incentives derive from consideration of the alternatives:

The other alternatives, including refuse-sorting and incineration, refuse-derived fuels and refuse-reclaimed materials do not seem likely to offer an obvious straight forward quick-fix solution.
Landfilling is generally considered to be cheap and effective, if it's available, if it's acceptable in the locality, and it will always be required as the ultimate resting place for a small proportion of our refuse.
But landfill sites do fill up and the problem always remains of finding appropriate new sites..

To summarise this we would say that:

Household waste is inherently putrescible (compostible), and provides a natural material for decomposition by methane bacteria.
It will ferment naturally, in a landfill, which even when lined and capped is at comparatively little cost.
But, landfills do bring with them considerable environmental and safety hazards. They require extensive gas abstraction and leachate control systems to protect neighbouring crops, neighbouring properties and underground water supplies. Even then possibly 30% to 50% of the methane produced leaks out and can't be collected..
Household waste will also ferment rapidly in anaerobic digestion plants to provide a convenient source of biogas as fuel and a stabilised "digestate" for landfilling, or refining into useful soil conditioners and soil substitutes for agriculture, forestry or land reclamation. .
It will capture almost 100% of the methane produced, and this methane can also be processed into a automotive biofuel. It is carbon negative (helps reduce carbon emissions) and "green". Anaerobic Digestion technology may not be as reliable as other processes and the cost is high at present, but further investment in research into the processes will almost certainly be able to improve reliability very rapidly.>

Shouldn't you consider Anaerobic Digestion for your waste processing solution?.

Trends in Wedding Music

Trends come and go. Wedding dress designs come and fade out, so does wedding entertainment. Though the wedding entertainment may feature less prominently on the wedding budget, it is the part that the guests participate in most. They are actually made for them so every effort must be made to get it right. There are many ways to entertain your guests and these are determined by the season, year and trends. These days, especially in the year 2009, many wedding forms of wedding entertainment have come about. Now more and more couples are going for non-traditional means of entertainment for their guests. Here are the new ways couples are going about their reception music.

Many couples are going for vintage weddings and accordingly playing 30s to 60s music at their weddings. Instead of DJs with high tech DVDs and combos, you have an orchestra or symphony doing classics.

In an extreme case, a couple played music from their iPod and after exhausting their music, played tunes from that of their guests as well. The sound was amplified over a loudspeaker. A growing trend is to ask several bands to play. Each of these groups has their specialty so multiple bands bring a sort of variety to the wedding so they can please a wide range of guest profiles.

Getting trendy with your wedding music helps the guests enjoy the event the more. You are able to provide them with something that is more contemporary. You must however take care to ensure that your guests get what they need. Guests mainly made up of elderly people have different entertainment needs from those of a younger profile. By tailoring the needs of the guests to the type of entertainment you will be making your guests enjoy the occasion better and leave with pleasant memories about your event.

The couple will be happy that they have been able to organize a great wedding.

Some auto parts into a world-class OE market - OE market, auto parts - Auto parts industry

Domestic parts enterprises in some key parts and most of the non-critical components of competitive advantage. Traditional commodities, such as Car Audio , Automobile tires, engine parts, etc., with the technical level, the continuous improvement of product quality, variety and constantly enrich the international market has great export potential. Number of domestic Auto Parts Starting from the imitation of foreign products business, and actively introducing and absorbing advanced international technology and management experience, independent innovation capabilities continue to improve into a world-class host Supporting Market. Wanxiang Group: Currently the largest independent automotive parts professional production base of the system. Universal has developed into a four listed companies, the annual output value exceeding 30 billion yuan of the Hyundai Business Group, and enter the U.S. market, General Motors, etc. OE. Through overseas acquisitions to expand space for development is a universal group of successful initiatives. August 2001, Universal Group acquired U.S. companies UAI. "UAI" the United States Vehicle Maintenance Market, a major supplier of brake. In 2003, Universal has acquired the United States a Parts suppliers ?? Luokefute (Rockford) 33.5% stake in the company, becoming the largest shareholder. China Automotive Systems domain: Shanghai Bashi Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. in April 2009 changed its name to China Automotive Systems Inc. domain. Achieved mainly by the bus service independent supplier of automotive components to the overall business transformation, the total share capital of 14.7 billion shares from the original to 2.58 billion shares, is the A-share market's largest auto parts distribution market capitalization of listed companies. After replacement of assets into the Chinese auto parts enterprises with domain 23, all the secondary parts suppliers. Fawer Automotive Parts: total assets of 3.0 billion, the company produces environmental control systems, chassis systems, steering and transmission, safety systems, engine accessories systems, auto parts, matching capacity to more than one million copies. Mainly FAW Group, Shanghai Public , Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Citroen, Shenyang Brilliance, Guangzhou Fengshen, Chery Automobile, China's heavy truck, North Benz, etc. more than 40 OEMs, OEMs supporting. Companies in Sell Income of more than 10 billion yuan. Dongfeng Electronic Technology: It is a car parts research and development, manufacturing, sales-based industry companies. Dongfeng Motor Co., the controlling shareholder, accounting for 75% of the company's total share capital. Revenues 1.168 billion yuan in 2008. Divided by region in Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, three bases. Wanan Group: Founded in 1973, is a industry and trade in one of the joint-stock enterprises, the company headquarters in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. 2007 sales of 1.02991 billion yuan, the company leading products are: automotive electronic control systems; vehicle braking system; automotive power steering system; vehicle clutch control system; vehicle engineering plastics and other products. And in the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southeast Asia countries and regions set up marketing outlets. Hangsheng Automotive Electronics: Automotive Electronics China as the only short-listed 10 vendors in the market-funded enterprises, Hangsheng in recent years has maintained fast development momentum. From the product point of view, audio-visual entertainment system products is still the main products containing flight, Air China is China's output of Sheng's largest automotive audio entertainment product manufacturers, their own brand products in the Chinese market has a firm foothold, while Hangsheng also a large number of car audio and video entertainment products exported.

Fashion And Trends

Trends are like footsteps. It is the general course or direction of the market. It is about the direction that people are heading to in terms of their purchases. By purchases I mean the clothes, shoes, gadgets, machines etc. In order to identify market trends technical analysis is usually done. Fashion on the other hand is all about the latest item in the market. It is about the latest accessories, shoes in the market, the latest clothes for women and even the latest bags. It is about anything that is current trend. Therefore fashion and trend goes together.

Fashion and trend comes as a result of change and technology. People are embracing new things and they are working towards making some changes in their lives. The fashion industry emerged as a result of modern age but before most clothing's were custom made.

Today, there are the leggings for women and they are usually designed for those women who like retro gaming. There are those leggings that are made from polyester and they have many colored bricks which makes them identifiable.

Today we have different designs for shoes starting from open shoes, boots and even office shoes. There are even those that have been designed for a particular season. We have shoes for winter season and autumn. Also when it comes to sports, every sport has its kind of shoes that meets the requirement for that particular sport. For example, the shoes used to play football are not the same as that for athletics. They are very different and they come in a wide variety of colors. Shoes should either be subtle just like the boots or they should be made in a way that they are noticeable.

According to a survey that has been conducted it has been discovered that your shoes is the first thing that women notice about your clothing and appearance.

Most of them judge you according to the shoes. Therefore it is important for men to look good and choose shoes that are fashionable and clean in order to make that first impression that will last. When you are traveling, there are some of the necessary travel accessories.

Most people spend their time stressing themselves on the trip to the extent that they forget to plan on what they are supposed to carry or they spend little time planning on what they are supposed to carry with them while on their trip. When going for a trip make sure that you have bags that can carry and withstand hard nocks/pressure and last for the whole trip. Don't carry those bags that will embarrass you in front of other people. When you decide to buy bags for carrying things, go for the best and the ones that will last for a long time.

Automotive Equipment Distributors And Suppliers

If you are looking for automotive equipment distributors you don't have to worry as most of the things are available online. You can get the most comprehensive list of tools and equipment, through distributors specializing in auto equipment supplies. These equipments are high-quality and you can get a wide range of choices too.

You can browse through groups of equipment which include light and heavy tools and hand tools as well. The websites for automotive tools and equipment are your one stop shop for design, sales, service and installation of equipment for automotive shops, fleet maintenance and the commercial market.

The equipment is of the highest quality and durability. There are regular promotions on specialized equipment which are available at discounted rates from automotive equipment distributors. The ranges of products available are extensive and are divided into organized categories, from which you can select according to your requirements.

Heavy Equipment

This grade includes auto lift equipment among which are mid-rise, in-ground, two posts and four posts, motorcycle lifts and specialty lifts among others. Among auto lift equipment you can find bumper lifts, wheel alignment lift parts accessories and adaptors. You can find Hunter wheel alignment parts too in this range.

Heavy automotive equipment includes brake lathes accessories and parts, nitrogen accessories, wheel alignment, tire changing equipment and wheel balancers. You can find the best welding tools, plasma cutters and metal lathes among these categories.

Light Equipment

If you are looking for diagnostic, AC and emission categories of equipment you can find it in this category. Auto repair service companies can find the best range for all their needs. This range includes auto lifting equipment such as axle jacks, clutch and fly wheel handlers and . Service station solutions can be found among which brake repair systems and fluid management among others are. Electrical system, headlight aimers, heating and cooling, lighting equipment are of various types. Exhaust ventilation accessories, components and systems are also available.

Hand Tools

Automotive equipment distributors have a range of hand tools which fall in various categories.

* Power tools: among these are impact guns, heat guns, ratchets, flashlights and dc/ac power invertors and hammer drills among others.
* Pneumatic: angle grinders, cut off tools, hammers and chisels and rock drills.
* Specialty: these tools include exhaust service, fuel injection and pump, and general service tools.
* Paint and auto body: the specialized tools in this category include paint curing systems, compounds, cleaners and waxes, buff polishing and sanding among others.
* Hammers: these are of many types including dead blow and peening.

Under miscellaneous category range, you can find propane torches, personal safety equipment, parts cleaning tools, manuals, books and service guides and many others.

Automobile equipment distributors supply the finest range of equipment which can enhance the productivity of any automotive related businesses. They have the best solutions in automotive accessories of all types for every need. You can register online on their website and shop for any category securely and easily. You get the best automotive tools through online equipment distributors.

Frequent Car Accidents Car Safety As An Important Factor - Automotive Safety, Automotive Electronics

Frequent traffic accidents in China on auto safety and consumer demand increasingly strengthened, so automotive safety technology standard is particularly important.

"51" Golden Week just passed, endless traffic accidents around the country. According to Ministry of Public Security Traffic Control Sub-introduced this year, 1-5 months, the national total of 18 cases more than one serious traffic accident killed 10 people, leaving a total of 266 people were killed and 247 injured.

Compared to last year, the number of accidents increase in three, increased by 20%. With the improvement of living standard, all-purpose vehicles on the road increasing, more and more private car owners, enthusiasts holidays Zijia You more and more immersed in the joy of celebrating the festive atmosphere of the time often overlooked the importance of safe driving, which makes frequent traffic accidents during holidays.

China's death toll has been highest in the world, each year the number of unnatural deaths, the circumstances of the fire and so on add up to a total of 14 million, of which 10 million people in the vehicle traffic deaths, the equivalent of one day 300 large passenger aircraft crashed. Car ownership in China only accounts for less than 2% of the world, only less than one ninth of the United States, one-sixth of Japan, while 15% of global accidents occurred in China. On the other hand it also shows that we still have a lot of space on public education and other means to reduce traffic accidents and casualties.

Automotive safety technology has gradually become important, the safety performance of vehicles as consumers purchase automotive products are an important consideration.

Safety awareness: the best safety device

Course, the advanced automotive safety is essential to the protection of traffic safety. Car born from the day, the major car manufacturers began to create safety for the design of better vehicles and keep working on it. However, if the driver awareness of safe driving weak, do not know or do not correctly use these safety devices, and even violations of traffic safety rules, even if the drive configuration and then advanced automotive safety, driving safety is also out of the question. If the driver has a strong sense of safety, it has the best safety device. If every driver can at any time to comply with traffic regulations, maintain a defensive driving method, it has security.

"Drivers wear seatbelts, cool driving and speeding is against the guarantee to improve safety." Tsinghua University Professor Huang Shilin automotive safety technology experts in Guangzhou Honda Automobile Safety Technical Exchange Seminar on Road.

Belt known as the "bond of life", but a closer look, but also on the bus which the driver really has the habit to fasten your seat belts. Seat belt is the most fundamental protection of passengers, the actual means. Relevant information according to experts, people who do not wear a seat belt 10 times the number of deaths of people wear seat belts. Seat belts in traffic plays an important role in Do not be reluctant to bring Le borne out of the things they regret.

Road traffic accidents are mostly caused by unsafe driving habits of. For example, drivers do not wear seat belts, drunk driving, open the "vindictive car", the night the abuse of high beam and turn signals do not fight the former lines, long occupied by ultra driveway. Driving these seemingly simple details, to some extent also reflected in the quality of drivers and poor driving awareness.

For drivers is to improve their "car de Culture", to develop good driving attitude are all important safety factors. Especially with the rapid construction and road traffic continued popularity of motor vehicles, learning the basics of safe driving cars, to enhance awareness of safe driving is an urgent need for concern.

Policies and regulations: effective regulatory methods

Recent years, with the national mandatory safety standards for cars?? "Car side impact occupant protection" and "passenger car fuel system safety requirements after the collision," the implementation of the domestic auto manufacturers new models must be listed meet mandatory standards, to be included in national Development and Reform Commission automobile product announcements, sales models in production if not in the "double bang" standards, must be in the January 18, 2009 before the "buffer" period to reach the standards Otherwise, when not to intervene in the market sales. The safety standard will be comprehensive, strict uniform rules to ensure the safety of the technical quality automotive products.

Automotive components manufacturers - driving demand in the global market

The automotive components industry has over the years matured not only in quantitative terms but has also witnessed tremendous growth in manufacturing beyond geographical boundaries. There are many organizations making huge investments in research and development, engineering standards and design capabilities. Automotive manufacturers are looking beyond the local market and looking to improve their international presence and sales of products. Many organizations are sending their employees to different countries to get them equipped with the latest trends abroad.

The automotive industry is one of the most sought after industries in the world. Automotive components manufacturers are looking to enhance their market presence and increase revenues by manufacturing auto parts that are genuine and economically priced. The rise in demand for automotive components has motivated auto components manufacturers to adopt a global outlook with innovative engineering solutions.

Besides productions of traditional automotive components, there has been expansion to the production of sub assemblies, industrial gears etc.

Automotive components manufacturers supply products, services and solutions to original equipments manufacturers who use automotive components of high quality in their vehicles and automotive systems. Manufacturers need to consistently produce quality automotive products to enhance market presence both locally and on an international platform and exceed customer expectations time and again.

Automotive components manufacturers need to create value through innovation and technology. Currently automotive components manufacturers are key players in the international market by branching into manufacturing products for different industry segments such as, commercial vehicles to railroad and aerospace. Automotive parts manufacturers cannot always rely on past accomplishments and have to consistently innovate and set new industry benchmarks.

Automotive components manufacturers can tap the benefits of operating in an international market by keeping in mind the following points:-

• Keep a track of technologies being used in the international market
• Be innovative and carry out research and development in the field automotive engineering.
• Establish right cost capability by establishing world class standards of production based on the principles of value for money.
• Fulfill corporate responsibilities by establishing high regard for health, environment and safety.
• Global strength dedicated and trained employees and exceptional production standards go a long way in giving manufacturers a competitive edge in the international market.

Automotive components manufacturing is a challenging and risky industry; thus, manufacturers need to display a high level of commitment towards employees and the environment. Automotive components manufacturers need to establish teams that develop and implement best practices for employee and environment safety. Automotive manufacturing units are required to obtain government certificate for meeting environment and safety management standards.

In recent times trade fairs and auto expo have been important platforms to help these manufacturers reach out to global audience and establish a foothold in the market. Trade events are of immense benefits to automotive components manufacturers especially the small scale ones looking to establish tie ups with major auto manufacturers around the world. These trade events also boost the over all exports of a country as many auto manufacturers look to tap the local talent and open service centers in different parts of the world.

Mahindra Motorcycle Launch and review

The Mahindra Motorbikes are finally out. They are being called the "Mahindra Mojo" and the "Mahindra Stallio". These names are pretty cool. Mahindra 2 Wheelers have been live-tweeting the entire event.  Aamir Khan being named the brand ambassador was a pleasant surprise. The launch and the pictures from the events are live on their official Facebook Page.

I was present at the launch and I had a good chance to see these bikes up close. I have managed to get hold of the specifications of both the bikes. The most amazing thing about these bikes is the fact that you will get 4 years warranty and 8 time service option which is an industry first. They are putting the customer at ease with such good benefits. I cannot stress enough about this wonderful option which will change the automotive industry forever.

Mahindra Mojo:

Mahindra Mojo has an excellent design approach.

It is nothing like any Indian Bike ever seen. This bike is easily comparable to other international bikes in matters of performance as well as look and feel. Other technical Specs are:
300cc, Liquid Cooled engine
DOHC technology with 4 valves
Ducati Energia EFI
Inverted shock absorbers
Gas charged Monoshock rear suspensions
Radial calliper breaking technology
Tear drop design
Double barreled exoframe
Twin retro headlamps with pilot LED's
Dual exhausts
Lightweight alloy wheels
Digital display
India's largest petal disc brakes
India's widest rare tyres with tubeless technology
Led tail lamps
Mirror mounted indicators


Mahindra Stallio:

It is a 100 cc bike which looks awesome and has a price-tag of 44000 INR.

Overall length x width x height -2000 mm x 720 mm x 1050 mm

Seat Height- 800 mm

Wheelbase -1265 mm

Minimum ground clearance- 165 mm

Kerb Weight ( with 90 %  fuel, Tools etc)- 125 Kg

Engine Type 4-Stroke, Air cooled, SI engine

Cylinder Arrangement -Single cylinder

Displacement -106.7 cc Bore x Stroke 52.4 mm x 49.5 mm

Compression Ratio- 9.6 : 1

Maximum Power -5.4 KW (7.3 PS) @ 7500 rpm

Maximum Torque -8.0 N-m @ 5500 rpm

Starting System -Electric Start / Kick Start Ignition System C.D.I

Fuel Tank Capacity- 13.7 litres ,Reserve Capacity- 1.6 litres

Clutch Type -Wet Multi-plate

Transmission Type / Gear Box- 4 gears constant mesh

Frame Type -Steel Double Tubular Cradle Type Structure

Wheel Type -Alloy Wheel

Tire Size- (Front / Rear) 2.75" x 18" 4 Ply (Front) / 3.0" x 18" 6 Ply (Rear)

Brake Type (Front / Rear) 130 mm dia – Internal Expanding (Drum) (Front) / 130 mm dia – Internal Expanding (Drum) (Rear) Suspension Type (Front / Rear)

Telescopic hydraulic-damped (Front) / 5-step adjustable, coiled hydraulic-damped (Rear) Battery 12V/ 5Ah

Head Lamp 12V – 35W / 35W – Halogen Bulb (Multi Reflector Type)


Please check out the Mahindra Motocycle's Facebook Page for more enquiries.

Learning All About Motorcycle Fairings

Throughout most pieces of the particular world, the particular most well-known shape of motor vehicle is a motor cycle also termed as motorbike. Given that they are generally affordable and in addition will be selected for a myriad of reasons, majority of the particular males prefer to buy these motorcycles. Amongst the particular various types of motorcycles that are available today, the particular most favored ones are generally sport bikes which are generally selected for racing reasons. What makes these bikes stand out are generally their fairings. According to the particular automotive dictionary, motorcycle fairings are generally pretty much a protective shell which is placed over headlights and in addition different electric components of the particular bike. Mostly sports and in addition racing bikes utilize these fairings.

Streamlining on motorcycles was actually completed first within the early 1920s however, the particular identity suzuki fairings was actually given when they began to be selected with regard to aircrafts.

Because per studies, motorcycle fairings strengthen the particular frontal area of the particular bike by 5% with regard to comparison to a naked bike. Currently, a number of businesses manufacture these fairings thus persons will likely know Yamaha fairings, Honda fairings and in addition Suzuki fairings amongst others. Nevertheless, generally there are generally different types of motorcycle fairings which will be found and in addition 1 requirements to judge the particular kind of fairing they prefer before actually purchasing them.1st off, generally there is full-body fairing which, because indicates via the particular identity, means which both upper and in addition lower portions of the particular motorcycle are generally protected. The actual engine and in addition chassis will be protected by full motorcycle fairings within the event of a crash. Instead of the particular engine cover, it can be the particular fairings which slide on the road. Hence, persons will likely utilize Suzuki fairings to cover their bike particularly if perhaps they ride at high speeds. Next, generally there is half-faring which extends below the particular handlebars, includes a windscreen and in addition covers the particular cylinder box. Half faired models come with fairing kits within the market which will be selected to manufacture them into full models.

Fairing kits will be quite easily purchased within the market for installation reasons. Almost all of the particular brands, regardless if perhaps they are generally Kawasaki Verkleidungenand / or Yamaha fairings, create utilize of acrynlonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic for manufacturing the particular motorcycle fairings. This really is because its light weight and also flexible. As well, when it comes to the particular race track, mostly fiber glass fairings are generally selected on motorcycles because they are generally light and in addition also durable. The actual most expensive material which is selected with regard to extreme sports is carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. Us can select the particular material for your own motorcycle fairings and in addition buy fairing kits accordingly.

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Preventative Automotive Maintenance

You can save a lot of time and money for yourself with just doing a little preventative maintenance on your car. Most people don't care about their car as long as it drives and it looks good. If you are a car owner you should be taking more caution with your car and checking up on it every once in a while to prevent later problems that can end up costing a lot more than the check-ups would have cost.

Checking the battery is one simple thing that you can do to prevent bigger problems later. Newer batteries don't really require that much maintenance anymore but you should still be educated on it. You should know where it is under the hood to check for leaks and water level. Some batteries now have little gauges on them that will tell you the condition of the battery. This will help you not come out to a dead battery one day before work causing you to be late.

Checking the oil and regularly changing it will help a lot with the engine. Using the dipstick, you can really see the condition of the oil and the level of the oil to see if it needs to be changed or more should be added. Changing the oil is going to improve the life of your engine. Letting it get sludge build up by not changing it often enough can cause your engine to seize and not last as long. If the car is leaking oil, there will be nothing to lubricate the engine and it will end up needing repair or replacement.

Having the antifreeze checked on and refilled will help keep the engine at a cooler temperature so it doesn't overheat. Having a bottle in your trunk at all times is a good idea just in case of emergency. It is a risk to have the wrong level of antifreeze in your car.

Other levels are important too like aligning your tires. This will help keep your tires from losing their tread faster than they should. Keeping your tires in good shape will also help you to not get a blow out or a flat on the highway. That can be bad news.

There are so many things that you can do to prevent disaster from happening later with your car. All you have to do is keep up with maintenance and the rest will fall in to place.

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Auto Repair Raleigh

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Summer Essentials and Trends '09

Every season brings with it a raft of new trends, fashions and fads for us all to enjoy experimenting with! In these cash strapped times, however, savvy shoppers are thinking carefully before buying into the newest looks, and working out how best to keep up with the latest essentials, without spending a fortune!

Luckily with so many great new looks on offer in the shops, it's easy to find new outfits which will last more than one season - and which can be used alongside previous season pieces for a fresh take. Equally, splashing out on some clever new accessories is a great way to perk up classic basics, or invest in something quality and simple which can be updated for many seasons to come!

Some of the key looks coming up for 2009 are block and bright colours- particularly for summer. Colour blocking is very much in evidence on the high street and in the designer boutiques - greys and neon pinks, greens and aqua blues are combining for a strong and dramatic effect.

Look for comfortable tunic tops and dresses - and remember that opaque tights, leggings - or 'treggings' for those who aren't quite confident enough to return to their 80s wardrobe staples - are still on trend and look great with some patent Mary-janes or high pumps.

If 80s colour blocking isn't really your thing, look for floaty and romantic shapes which are ideal for all figures and shapes. These feature in beautiful chiffons and silks - with architectural shapes, ruching, asymmetrical hems and embellishments all very much in evidence. If you wish to be bang on trend try corals or soft teals - beautiful with a tan.

Classic tailoring is always a great investment buy whichever the season, and there's some beautiful suits with sleek fitted shapes on offer, with quirky little details such as fishtail skirts or fluted or cropped sleeves for womens' jackets. Don't be afraid to try something a little different - the high street has some great options at great prices.

When it comes to accessories, bags and shoes are still key. Depending on your look you might want to try out some of the bold tribal beads and accessories - or buy into the fringing trend with a fringed leather bag as part of the Aztec or folk look. Similarly wooden beads in long loops are very much in evidence - or at the other end of the scale, have fun with bright funky plastic bangles and cocktail rings. Bag shapes are varied - this year it's all about the bright colours. Look for new box clutches or patent totes - oversized bags are still a good buy - great news for girls with lots to carry about!

In terms of shoes, flats and ballet pumps are still a good buy for this summer. High heeled courts are a recurring theme as well - again featuring block colours, strong heels and nods to 80s styling - or try something a little crazy with one of the architectural heel shoes - definitely not for walking in, but many designers have really pulled out the stops with some real shoe works of art - a must for hardcore fashion devotees!

For more please visit: Designer Fashion

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Automotive Marketing Research for Understanding Market Trends

Automotive market research is one of the high end tools used to study market trend. Automobile design is one sector that is growing and has positive trends over the years. The requirement of perfect vehicle is waited by all types of trends who wish to have power at their disposal. There are wide opportunities present that help in making the research a success. All you need to do is keep your hope and find the preferred one. Analysis is done to know what the current trend follows; there are different sectors which need to be studied before finding a conclusion. Product design and testing can be stated as one of the most difficult scenarios for passing.

Motorcycle Marketing Research is specific and involves only two wheelers. The two wheeler market is growing and has upward trend. With the new emission norms in place there is a need to design one of the preferred high output motorcycles.

Most of the trend follows the use of oversized machines, in short ranging from 500cc to 1000cc. Entry level motorcycles are used but the crowd owning these machines are beginners and use them for limited time. Long time usage is not done and this is where designing is hit. Most of the manufacturers want their products to be used for years to come; of entry level machines the scenario is completely different.

Power sports Marketing Research involves study of high end machines which are used for sports and racing purposes. These machines come up in tune up sections and have the abilities for modification. Their overall performance is simple superb and outstanding. The need to buy these products can be because of achieving performance figures or for thrill and excitement. These machines need to be updated with recent technological changes and should have high end performance.

Automotive marketing research is also a powerful tool that can be used for identifying the right design. Conducting events over the globe ensures inputs from customer who need high end designed products. Their comments are valuable and can bring a positive change in the overall powersports marketing research.

Product Design Research should be core and implemented as per the requirements. Design, performance, comfort, economy and so on are some of the factors that decide the overall research. This is the section where the product is shaped and brought into reality.

Automotive event research circles around these mentioned areas for high end performance and output. Results derived out of these surveys and programs surely bring on positive results.

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Who Is Behind The Automotive Industry Under A Commercial Cake - Car Navigation - Automotive Supplies

In Financial Under the pressure of the crisis, the internationally renowned Car Companies targeting the Chinese market agreement. The huge market potential for automotive vehicle will naturally nourish huge derivatives.

As people's living standard rising gradually into the family car and become necessities in the next few years, the growth rate of motor vehicles will be increased substantially. Car GPS System has huge market potential and immeasurable prospects. Experts estimate that the domestic automobile market demand for GPS systems, will be an annual increase rate of more than 30%.

Conservative, according to a Japanese research institute predicted that by 2010, China's vehicle output at least more than 20 billion yuan. More domestic institutions predict that by 2010 the output value of China's GPS industry from 12.0 billion in 2006 increased sharply to 50 billion yuan. In 2007, China's navigation and positioning industry, the overall market size is about 10.4 billion, navigation and positioning industry as a whole would be nearly 34% annual growth rate. 2010, China's navigation and positioning industry, the overall market of 250 billion yuan, navigation applications and location services LBS even broader prospects for future development.

Domestic experts said, GPS navigation industry will become the mobile Communicate And the Internet industry, the third largest after the IT Economic growth. The present car Sell This significant rise in the navigation industry also indicates the approach of spring.

China Global Positioning System Technology Association, CHANG Zhi-Hai in the "navigation industry situation and development trend" as the theme of his speech, pointed out that with the rapid development of the international market, China navigation industry is facing great opportunities. In 2008, the global GPS market was 24.9 billion U.S. dollars, the market compound growth rate of 14%. By 2013, the global GPS market will reach 240 billion U.S. dollars. At present, China's navigation industry market size of more than 10 billion.

Reality is that after 2007, China's navigation industry is displaying a trend of explosive growth. GPS civilian went intersection, the development of smart phones reached a crossroads, the popularity of communication products are at an intersection.

"The future Car Navigation Equipment room for large, depending on China is rapidly entering the automotive age, function continuously improved navigation equipment itself, the three major factors continue to lower prices. "Aug. 7, a senior industry observer Liu Buchen, in the" China Sankei Shimbun, "told reporters.

Car GPS combines the best features is the navigation, positioning, security and other functions, GPS applications in more common in North America, Europe, Japan and other places, all kinds of GPS car navigation sales ranks first in the market. China's car GPS market, which has suffered over the past technology, market factors bottleneck.

It is understood that the GPS navigation industry, the domestic late start in the new Division entered the GPS navigation industry in 2005, when China's vehicle population and Car Navigation Installed capacity is still a serious imbalance, car navigation installation is only 2%, not 59% of Japan, Europe and the United States compared to 25%, and this situation are still not improved significantly. But in 2007, in the new Section GPS active, driven by a small domestic market navigation brilliant time. Into 2008, subject to a number of brands to join the big swallow cottage, as well as the international financial crisis, the navigation market is under attack, began to re-shuffle.

Jiang Peifeng that the Government needs to continue to support several major companies to establish industry standards; and cottage phone is not the same as the purchase of navigation products, particularly car navigation and the general have considerable spending power, and less to buy pirated products. Another difference with the mobile phone, navigation products, including maps and other necessary follow-up services, there is no need to buy a can not make or can only make products for some time. At present, some companies are from the "selling products" to transform into a "selling services."

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How to Make Automotive Battery Last Longer and Work Better

All car owners have faced one common problem in some or the other time of their life and that problem is dead batteries. Dead batteries often can leave you stranded at unknown places and this can be a scary experience for you. Car batteries have a wicked sense of humor and they tend to die out on you when you need them the most. So in order to prevent this situation from arising, you must follow certain steps and tips.

There are a number of reasons which can lead to your battery becoming dead. The commonest reason why a battery dies out on you is the build up of sulfate on its plates. When this happens, it is next to impossible to charge your car batteries properly. Another reason why your battery could die is overcharging it or overheating the battery. Under charging your battery can also lead to certain problems.

So it is important to strike a balance between these two extremes.

Now that you know the various reasons why a battery can die, you should learn the tips which will help you prolong the life of your battery. If you live in a place, where the weather conditions are extremely cold or extremely hot, then your battery is prone to dying out soon. So you must take special care of your battery.

When you are charging your battery, you must check the electrolyte level in the battery. It should neither be too high nor too low. You must also clean the terminals of your car battery frequently. You need to keep corrosion away form your battery and in order to do so; you can make use of a mixture of baking soda and water. This will help neutralize the corrosion and your battery will perform at optimum levels. If you wish to clean the terminals of your battery, you must make use of a terminal brush, which is easily available in the market. These will get rid of any corrosion left on the cables and the terminals of your car battery.

After you are done cleaning your battery, you must dry it off using paper towels. Once the battery has dried out completely, you can keep it on charge. You must always put the positive terminal first followed by the negative terminal. This prevents arcing. Before you charge up your car batteries, you must calculate the ampere hours which have been lost. You will have to recharge your car batteries accordingly.

The time which is required to charge a battery is dependent on the number of ampere hours which have been depleted.  These Ampere hours are calculated using a simple process. You are required to multiply the number of hour’s times with the number of Amps that the battery supplied. Once you get the pertinent information, you can start the process of charging your battery. So these are a few tips which will ensure that your car batteries function well and do not ditch you at all.

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Auto News, the True Destination of Car lovers

After the arrival of Internet many closed doors have opened in front of us. Auto news is an example of such internet accessing pro. It has become more access able to the common people. The era of waiting for the high class and expensive magazines for viewing the auto news has gone. A great amount of place in the web pages has been hold up by the news of automobile manufacturers as well as their companies. If you have a passion on new cars then you can easily see them by sitting in your home. You will also avail information like specification, price or color. As an added advantage these sites offer you to compare your choices. All you need to do is just register yourself in these sites. In this case we can take the name of autostream.org. Other than this, tuning news is a popular site regarding this matter. Both auto stream and tuning news are involved in providing various models of cars with correct information.

Not only the cars but also the latest news of car industry along with the newly invented features of them is presented in this space. You need to specify your query in their search list and within a few second all the required news of automobile business will be in front of you. All the information provided by them is completely up to dated. So don’t worry about getting obsolete news.

All the photos that are displayed in the auto news websites are truly awesome. For the genuine car lovers it is like a heaven of automobile. By clicking on the required site you will explore a world of fascinating cars. If you have a keen interest on the manufacturing industry then you must follow the links. These links will help you to reach in your place of interest. After viewing these sites a viewer can correlate the information with the previous one.

These cars are appropriate to reduce the insufficiency of fossil fuels. Not only that but also the use of electric cars can reduce the degree of pollution in a massive rate.

We all know that a proper advertising or marketing is very essential for any kind of business. The selling of various types of automobiles also depends on this advertising. By the help of internet we get to know about various types of automobiles. Now you will get the finest detail of your dream car without going outside. Except these specifications you can also check the blogs where discussions are made by the users. History of different car manufacturing companies along with their inventions is described in these websites. You may also able to reveal some unconventional facts about the automobiles. Some of them are really funny and shocking too. Tuning news provide us a brilliant collection of cars’ photographs. It attracts the car lovers a lot. So what are you waiting for? Visit the auto news section and then grab your dream car. The addition of electric cars in the sites made it more interesting than anything else. These cars are appropriate to reduce the insufficiency of fossil fuels. Not only that but also the use of electric cars can reduce the degree of pollution in a massive rate.

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Digestion - How the Stomach Digests Food

If you took your digestive track and laid it out on the kitchen table, almost all of it would look like a simple, narrow tube. The only exception is your stomach, which would look like a big pouch. Your stomach is located just below your gullet (esophagus).

Just like the digestive tube, your stomach is circled with strong muscles that perform rhythmic contractions called peristalsis. Peristalsis moves food around your stomach and basically turns your stomach into a sort of food processor when then breaks food into smaller particles. While this is occurring, there are glands in the stomach wall that secret stomach juices. These juices are a blend of enzymes, mucus and hydrochloric acid.

The stomach enzyme that digests small amounts of alcohol is called gastric alcohol dehydrogenase. Alcohol is an unusual nutrient because it can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream before it has been digested.

This is why one serving of alcohol is usually 90% absorbed in your body, in one hour.

More enzymes and stomach juices will begin to digest protein and fat by separating them into basic components, fatty acids and amino acids. For the most part, the digestion of carbohydrates is not done in the stomach. The stomach juices are so acidic that they deactivate amylases, which is the enzymes that break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. On the other hand, stomach acid can break some carbohydrates, so a bit of carb digestion does take place.

Eventually, your churning stomach will blend its contents into a thick, soupy mess called chyme. When a small amount of chyme spills from the stomach into the small intestine, the digestion of carbohydrates resumes.

Your body then begins to extract nutrients from the food.

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Russia, India likely to follow Chinese auto mobile industry

Meyrick Cox of Moelis & Co., mentioned on Tuesday that Russian and Indian companies are likely to follow the foot steps of China in executing the overseas business to expand automobile industry. Chinese auto industry gave a decade in enhancing its brands, technology and distribution capabilities through ventures, tie-ups and alliance like culminating in Geely's buying Volvo from Ford for .5 billion in this year. Cox, told that, Russia is having the same problem which China faced ten years ago. He also added that, there were joint ventures like Lada manufacturer AvtoVAZ's ventured with Renault SA, the company as well as its rivals like GAZ all were under pressure from the Kremlin to advance the Russia's auto industry. He further made a point that, the question that lies here is that these companies would pay the consultancy to help in develop things for them or it will be their own work or effort or with alliances or tie ups.

As per his opinion, he said, the company would purchase if there are likable assets which will add to company's profit. Also stating his opinion on the Indian auto giants, he said that, the big players in India which are family owned auto companies such as Hinduja Group, Mahindra Group—Mahindra & Mahindra unit are utility vehicle producers that may pursue international deals which would help these companies to cater the domestic market which is 1 billion or more. The biggies of China and state controlled leaders, Dongfeng and FAW were keen to boost it's branding, know-how and foot print. As per Cox, it is the same problem which everyone faces. He also said that, there is not much to buy in terms of assets. In every ten years, the auto industry revamps itself in terms of its ownership. But currently the companies have done it in the two years. Geely chairman Li Shufu said in an interview, in August that Volvo is a great brand which is difficult to find. In amusement he also quoted that, Chinese auto companies would like to buy Daimler AG's Mercedes unit if it were for sale. Cox further said, the Chinese auto markers focus in bringing its brand in the world market. It is not the right move as the demand vary and the Japaneses auto makers are also following the same trend. The focal point is to make car for Chinese people in China. He also said that, Chinese auto maker SAIC Motor Corp, is launching "Roewe" auto mobile in Europe, the Chinese car manufacturers will start making inroads in the developed markets. He also predicted that China is growing very fast and the market will be flooded with the Chinese auto mobiles in next five years time. And those who believe it will happen in a decade or two will be shocked.