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In Financial Under the pressure of the crisis, the internationally renowned Car Companies targeting the Chinese market agreement. The huge market potential for automotive vehicle will naturally nourish huge derivatives.

As people's living standard rising gradually into the family car and become necessities in the next few years, the growth rate of motor vehicles will be increased substantially. Car GPS System has huge market potential and immeasurable prospects. Experts estimate that the domestic automobile market demand for GPS systems, will be an annual increase rate of more than 30%.

Conservative, according to a Japanese research institute predicted that by 2010, China's vehicle output at least more than 20 billion yuan. More domestic institutions predict that by 2010 the output value of China's GPS industry from 12.0 billion in 2006 increased sharply to 50 billion yuan. In 2007, China's navigation and positioning industry, the overall market size is about 10.4 billion, navigation and positioning industry as a whole would be nearly 34% annual growth rate. 2010, China's navigation and positioning industry, the overall market of 250 billion yuan, navigation applications and location services LBS even broader prospects for future development.

Domestic experts said, GPS navigation industry will become the mobile Communicate And the Internet industry, the third largest after the IT Economic growth. The present car Sell This significant rise in the navigation industry also indicates the approach of spring.

China Global Positioning System Technology Association, CHANG Zhi-Hai in the "navigation industry situation and development trend" as the theme of his speech, pointed out that with the rapid development of the international market, China navigation industry is facing great opportunities. In 2008, the global GPS market was 24.9 billion U.S. dollars, the market compound growth rate of 14%. By 2013, the global GPS market will reach 240 billion U.S. dollars. At present, China's navigation industry market size of more than 10 billion.

Reality is that after 2007, China's navigation industry is displaying a trend of explosive growth. GPS civilian went intersection, the development of smart phones reached a crossroads, the popularity of communication products are at an intersection.

"The future Car Navigation Equipment room for large, depending on China is rapidly entering the automotive age, function continuously improved navigation equipment itself, the three major factors continue to lower prices. "Aug. 7, a senior industry observer Liu Buchen, in the" China Sankei Shimbun, "told reporters.

Car GPS combines the best features is the navigation, positioning, security and other functions, GPS applications in more common in North America, Europe, Japan and other places, all kinds of GPS car navigation sales ranks first in the market. China's car GPS market, which has suffered over the past technology, market factors bottleneck.

It is understood that the GPS navigation industry, the domestic late start in the new Division entered the GPS navigation industry in 2005, when China's vehicle population and Car Navigation Installed capacity is still a serious imbalance, car navigation installation is only 2%, not 59% of Japan, Europe and the United States compared to 25%, and this situation are still not improved significantly. But in 2007, in the new Section GPS active, driven by a small domestic market navigation brilliant time. Into 2008, subject to a number of brands to join the big swallow cottage, as well as the international financial crisis, the navigation market is under attack, began to re-shuffle.

Jiang Peifeng that the Government needs to continue to support several major companies to establish industry standards; and cottage phone is not the same as the purchase of navigation products, particularly car navigation and the general have considerable spending power, and less to buy pirated products. Another difference with the mobile phone, navigation products, including maps and other necessary follow-up services, there is no need to buy a can not make or can only make products for some time. At present, some companies are from the "selling products" to transform into a "selling services."

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