The Mississippi Auto Industry

Location of Mississippi

Mississippi is located in south central USA. Its location provides it with an excellent position to both the coast and other inland states. As such it is a prime area for the location of manufacturing companies especially with large acres of land space available too.

Over the last decade the auto industry has bloomed and blossomed with the expansion of three major auto industries in Mississippi.  Nissan, Toyota and PACCAR have expanded their production ability and provided employment for more than 5000 persons. They have created opportunities for persons to develop in automotive technology and the distribution sector. A center for the manufacturing technology has been established and also schools for persons to be trained in Japanese languages.

Nissan, Paccar, Toyota

Nissan has expanded its company in order to manufacture four new cars at its Canton Location. PACCAR, a company that designs and manufactures engines for light weight trucks, has announced that they would build their plant in the county of Lowndes. Toyota has planned for expansion of its plant in the Union county. It is no doubt that persons venture into this sector for job opportunities.

Becoming a dealer in Auto sales in Mississippi

To become an auto dealer in Mississippi one needs to follow the government regulations which requires that the licensing requirements be met. So you would need to be licensed to sell new cars and/or old cars. You would also need to complete a 'dealers form' for dealers, sales persons and manufacturers. In Mississippi there are the Lemon Laws which protect consumers from manufacturers. The vehicle laws regulate the vehicle titles, registration and financing laws. The Automobile Dealers Association provides a medium for the auto industry to raise its challenges and provide interaction for those in the industry.