Automotive Overview

Most of the domestic automobile plant joint venture, with technology from the foreign decision-making power, the use of electronic products to provide more complete by the foreign and domestic self-developed electronic products is difficult to enter their complete system, which seriously affected the domestic automotive electronics industry. China's opportunities for China's accession to WTO, will gradually lift the localization of car-assembly requirements, to achieve global procurement of parts cars. In this backdrop, but also for the development of China's automotive electronics industry has provided new opportunities and challenges. Automotive electronics industry as an emerging industry groups, its market growth potential.

According to the data to forecast that by 2005, China's automotive electronics industry's annual output value will reach more than 2000 billion, which is currently the largest increment of the product categories, we can see the development of automotive electronics industry has become essential. Through the research of China's automotive electronics industry, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Tsinghua University and other experts believe that as long as the active tracking of foreign advanced automotive electronic technology, as soon as possible to shorten our country and foreign advanced automotive electronic technology gap, China's automotive electronics industry is promising. To this end, the experts put forward the development of China's automotive electronics technology, a few proposals.

The first is to develop the promotion of policies to encourage the development of automotive electronics. Proposed to use discount loans in support of industrial engineering and technological transformation of enterprises; recommended the establishment of Automotive Electronics and Control Engineering Research Center, focusing on the electronic control unit hardware and software research, part of which is the foreign companies will not carry out the transfer of technology; to attract domestic small and medium sized e-business engaged in the business performance of automotive sensors, automotive electronic control actuators of the introduction, development and production. Ic-known to use foreign companies to conduct car business performance CPU's OEM design and manufacturing; organization or to create automotive electronic control system integration enterprises.

The second is to strengthen macro-control, to avoid the research and the introduction of duplication and waste. Automotive Electronics is involved in an automobile, electronics, computer systems engineering and many other industries, the development of other industries with matched related industries should be coordinated, national relevant functional departments should make full use of macro-control functions, to focus human and financial resources to conduct automotive electronics R & D and introduction of new technologies to avoid duplication and waste.

Third, make full use of the introduction of vehicle technology, digesting and absorbing assembly with the vehicle or the introduction of electronic technology. At present, China has introduced a variety of cars and engine technology. They are equipped with varying degrees of advanced electronic products, such as electronic injection devices, anti-lock braking system, etc. There are also a few companies have a separate introduction of this technology; we should lose no time in the Organization's technical strength of these technologies digest absorption, innovation, and gradually realize localization; the same time to make use of foreign advanced technology, enhanced development capabilities, shorten our application of electronic technology in the automotive process.

The fourth is to develop more stringent, but also for China's national conditions fuel consumption, emissions and safety standards, and vigorously promote the adoption of legislation on information technology in the automotive applications, there must be corresponding support policies and regulations, such as the development of environmental regulations, safety regulations, and fuel economy regulations.

The fifth is to establish a research and development capability to have independent team and a group of scientific research base, increase investment in research funds; actively track the foreign advanced automotive electronic technology, to shorten the China and foreign advanced automotive electronic technology gap. Sixth state loan deal with automotive electronics projects, products, preferential policies in taxation. Automotive electronics industry will play an important role in people of insight have recognized the development of the automobile industry, there must be the rapid development of auto parts industry, as a support, to promote the rapid development of China's auto industry, and thus enhance its competitiveness in the international market force.

In the auto parts industry development, the automotive electronics industry will play an important role. This role is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, for the automotive industry to provide technical support for the upgrade. Now the car has begun to abandon the mechanical concept of the future will be replaced by integrated electronic modules, automotive electronic devices will become. The second is to improve vehicle performance and low cost. As more and more electronic information technologies and products in the vehicle on the application, the car will be a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, while vehicle stability, safety, comfort will be greatly enhanced. Third, the comprehensive competitiveness of the automotive industry as a whole will be improved. Fourth, for the relevant supporting industries to provide greater space for development. In the automotive electronics industry development, China has formed a good industrial base. Especially in the matching-based products, such as. Car Audio, OPS, sensors, communications equipment, etc., with a strong competitive edge.