PA Auto Insurance Rates


Good news! At the time of writing this article (August 2010), PA auto insurance rates have been trending downwards for the past year with a massive jump down in the past few months with the difference between June and July being a massive 10% nosedive. Don't be tempted to think that car insurance is always cheaper in the summer months, however, with the state of New York's auto insurance rates having risen by 3% in the same time period. Now is, in other words, a great time to be buying auto insurance in Pennsylvania.

In general however, PA auto insurance rates are somewhere near the national average which is 7 dollars for a yearly policy. In other words there are both worse and better states to be buying car insurance in general, but Pennsylvania is consistently good value.

As well as this, it is quite interesting to note that Pennsylvania has one of the lowest minimum car insurance rates in the country, allowing people to get away with just ,000 coverage for bodily injury and a meagre ,000 for damage to property. Pennsylvania is a great place to live if you're a cash-strapped motorist.

So, is there any downside to this trend in PA auto insurance rates? The easiest downside to see is that if insurance is trending downwards now then it will eventually be likely to do just the opposite, and when people begin to find their insurance costs rising it's going to sting. However, as I have already said, Pennsylvania is a good state to own a car in general and it will likely always remain around the national average. Other reasons that Pennsylvania's laws on driving are beneficial include the way that they deal with drunk drivers: their fines for drunk driving are severe but graded according to the level of blood alcohol in the perpetrator and the amount of previous convictions they have.

One particularly important point for when you're browsing PA auto insurance rates is that you should review your driving record before purchasing. You will need to know the exact date of any violations and this will be very useful information. If a ticket is just about to expire from your record then it may well be worth waiting out that period before purchasing insurance in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining a lower quote from your insurance provider.

All in all, if you are currently browsing PA auto insurance rates then now is a good time to go ahead and buy a policy. It may be worth getting a policy that lasts a little longer than you're used to in order to take into account the savings that you are likely to make by buying low. If you are reading this article long after it was written it is always possible to use Google to check current auto insurance prices online. This is, of course, well worth doing if you are considering whether or not now is the right time for you to buy a car