The Booming Auto Parts Industry

When economic times are tough, many industries suffer, or go out of business completely. People often choose to cut back on wants in lieu of needs, and spend considerably less money. Another cost-saving technique many people implement is making do with what they have, rather than buying new items. This is especially true in the auto parts industry.

Instead of going further into debt or overextending their credit, more people are choosing to buy auto parts and other auto supplies to extend the life of their present vehicles. This course of action has strengthened the auto parts industry, even while new car dealers continue to struggle.

Whether you are someone knowledgeable enough to work on your own vehicle, or you bring it to a garage for assistance from professional mechanics, someone still needs to purchase the correct auto parts and auto supplies for your vehicle.

In addition to buying auto supplies and parts locally, you can also purchase them online.

Growth of the Auto Parts Industry

The auto parts industry has been a popular one for do-it-yourselfers and car guys and gals for decades, but even more so when economic recession and high unemployment rates forced people to seek viable alternatives to buying new items, particularly high ticket items like vehicles.

In fact, a 2009 financial report indicated that auto parts stocks were on the increase and thriving, even as big name auto dealers saw their sales and stocks plummeting.

As a common slogan goes for one auto parts dealer, it truly is the age of do it yourself. Many community colleges even get in on it by offering basic car mechanic classes, teachingpeople essential car care like common auto parts replacement.

Availability of Auto Parts

A wide variety of auto supplies are in stock for purchase at your local auto parts stores. Typically, online auto parts merchants stock the most common parts, enabling you to buy auto parts and supplies online. Auto parts and supplies are available for dozens of makes and models of vehicles, literally from A to V (so far - Acura to Volvo).

Typical Auto Parts and Auto Supplies

While certain auto parts and supplies require special ordering and waiting on their delivery, depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, many auto parts and auto supplies are typically in stock, both in local stores and online. This is a brief list of such auto parts and supplies available for purchase.
• Alternators and starters
• Air filters and oil filters
• AC compressors and parts
• ABS hydraulic units
• Brake parts: brake rotors, pads, shoes, and calipers
• Belts and hoses
• Carburetors and kits
• Ball joints and suspension parts
• Clutch kits
• CV axles
• Engine computer parts
• Heating and cooling parts
• Caps: raditor, oil, fuel filter
• Engine parts
• Fuel pumps and injectors
• Gaskets
• Headlight lamps
• Ignition parts
• Shocks and struts

So whether you take your vehicle to a mechanic or do the work yourself, you can participate in supporting the auto parts industry when you buy auto parts locally or online. Of course, buying auto parts and auto supplies online provides you with the ultimate in convenience if you're one who works on your own vehicle, and it's a non-emergency kind of parts repair or replacement. You can order parts online, await delivery, and repair or replace parts as necessary, without ever having to leave home. Another benefit of online auto parts stores: many offer discount or wholesale prices, and free shipping for a certain minimum sale to help you save even more money!