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Domestic parts enterprises in some key parts and most of the non-critical components of competitive advantage. Traditional commodities, such as Car Audio , Automobile tires, engine parts, etc., with the technical level, the continuous improvement of product quality, variety and constantly enrich the international market has great export potential. Number of domestic Auto Parts Starting from the imitation of foreign products business, and actively introducing and absorbing advanced international technology and management experience, independent innovation capabilities continue to improve into a world-class host Supporting Market. Wanxiang Group: Currently the largest independent automotive parts professional production base of the system. Universal has developed into a four listed companies, the annual output value exceeding 30 billion yuan of the Hyundai Business Group, and enter the U.S. market, General Motors, etc. OE. Through overseas acquisitions to expand space for development is a universal group of successful initiatives. August 2001, Universal Group acquired U.S. companies UAI. "UAI" the United States Vehicle Maintenance Market, a major supplier of brake. In 2003, Universal has acquired the United States a Parts suppliers ?? Luokefute (Rockford) 33.5% stake in the company, becoming the largest shareholder. China Automotive Systems domain: Shanghai Bashi Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. in April 2009 changed its name to China Automotive Systems Inc. domain. Achieved mainly by the bus service independent supplier of automotive components to the overall business transformation, the total share capital of 14.7 billion shares from the original to 2.58 billion shares, is the A-share market's largest auto parts distribution market capitalization of listed companies. After replacement of assets into the Chinese auto parts enterprises with domain 23, all the secondary parts suppliers. Fawer Automotive Parts: total assets of 3.0 billion, the company produces environmental control systems, chassis systems, steering and transmission, safety systems, engine accessories systems, auto parts, matching capacity to more than one million copies. Mainly FAW Group, Shanghai Public , Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Citroen, Shenyang Brilliance, Guangzhou Fengshen, Chery Automobile, China's heavy truck, North Benz, etc. more than 40 OEMs, OEMs supporting. Companies in Sell Income of more than 10 billion yuan. Dongfeng Electronic Technology: It is a car parts research and development, manufacturing, sales-based industry companies. Dongfeng Motor Co., the controlling shareholder, accounting for 75% of the company's total share capital. Revenues 1.168 billion yuan in 2008. Divided by region in Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, three bases. Wanan Group: Founded in 1973, is a industry and trade in one of the joint-stock enterprises, the company headquarters in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. 2007 sales of 1.02991 billion yuan, the company leading products are: automotive electronic control systems; vehicle braking system; automotive power steering system; vehicle clutch control system; vehicle engineering plastics and other products. And in the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southeast Asia countries and regions set up marketing outlets. Hangsheng Automotive Electronics: Automotive Electronics China as the only short-listed 10 vendors in the market-funded enterprises, Hangsheng in recent years has maintained fast development momentum. From the product point of view, audio-visual entertainment system products is still the main products containing flight, Air China is China's output of Sheng's largest automotive audio entertainment product manufacturers, their own brand products in the Chinese market has a firm foothold, while Hangsheng also a large number of car audio and video entertainment products exported.