Frequent Car Accidents Car Safety As An Important Factor - Automotive Safety, Automotive Electronics

Frequent traffic accidents in China on auto safety and consumer demand increasingly strengthened, so automotive safety technology standard is particularly important.

"51" Golden Week just passed, endless traffic accidents around the country. According to Ministry of Public Security Traffic Control Sub-introduced this year, 1-5 months, the national total of 18 cases more than one serious traffic accident killed 10 people, leaving a total of 266 people were killed and 247 injured.

Compared to last year, the number of accidents increase in three, increased by 20%. With the improvement of living standard, all-purpose vehicles on the road increasing, more and more private car owners, enthusiasts holidays Zijia You more and more immersed in the joy of celebrating the festive atmosphere of the time often overlooked the importance of safe driving, which makes frequent traffic accidents during holidays.

China's death toll has been highest in the world, each year the number of unnatural deaths, the circumstances of the fire and so on add up to a total of 14 million, of which 10 million people in the vehicle traffic deaths, the equivalent of one day 300 large passenger aircraft crashed. Car ownership in China only accounts for less than 2% of the world, only less than one ninth of the United States, one-sixth of Japan, while 15% of global accidents occurred in China. On the other hand it also shows that we still have a lot of space on public education and other means to reduce traffic accidents and casualties.

Automotive safety technology has gradually become important, the safety performance of vehicles as consumers purchase automotive products are an important consideration.

Safety awareness: the best safety device

Course, the advanced automotive safety is essential to the protection of traffic safety. Car born from the day, the major car manufacturers began to create safety for the design of better vehicles and keep working on it. However, if the driver awareness of safe driving weak, do not know or do not correctly use these safety devices, and even violations of traffic safety rules, even if the drive configuration and then advanced automotive safety, driving safety is also out of the question. If the driver has a strong sense of safety, it has the best safety device. If every driver can at any time to comply with traffic regulations, maintain a defensive driving method, it has security.

"Drivers wear seatbelts, cool driving and speeding is against the guarantee to improve safety." Tsinghua University Professor Huang Shilin automotive safety technology experts in Guangzhou Honda Automobile Safety Technical Exchange Seminar on Road.

Belt known as the "bond of life", but a closer look, but also on the bus which the driver really has the habit to fasten your seat belts. Seat belt is the most fundamental protection of passengers, the actual means. Relevant information according to experts, people who do not wear a seat belt 10 times the number of deaths of people wear seat belts. Seat belts in traffic plays an important role in Do not be reluctant to bring Le borne out of the things they regret.

Road traffic accidents are mostly caused by unsafe driving habits of. For example, drivers do not wear seat belts, drunk driving, open the "vindictive car", the night the abuse of high beam and turn signals do not fight the former lines, long occupied by ultra driveway. Driving these seemingly simple details, to some extent also reflected in the quality of drivers and poor driving awareness.

For drivers is to improve their "car de Culture", to develop good driving attitude are all important safety factors. Especially with the rapid construction and road traffic continued popularity of motor vehicles, learning the basics of safe driving cars, to enhance awareness of safe driving is an urgent need for concern.

Policies and regulations: effective regulatory methods

Recent years, with the national mandatory safety standards for cars?? "Car side impact occupant protection" and "passenger car fuel system safety requirements after the collision," the implementation of the domestic auto manufacturers new models must be listed meet mandatory standards, to be included in national Development and Reform Commission automobile product announcements, sales models in production if not in the "double bang" standards, must be in the January 18, 2009 before the "buffer" period to reach the standards Otherwise, when not to intervene in the market sales. The safety standard will be comprehensive, strict uniform rules to ensure the safety of the technical quality automotive products.