Insured Auto Warranty Offering Industry Leading Car Warranty Options

Studies have shown that car warranties are used more often than any other type of insurance product by Americans. This study compared car insurance to medical insurance, home insurance and other types of insurance products and found that over a 5-year period car insurance was the most cost effective in terms or price per usage. This means that Americans must now focus on finding affordable car warranty options for themselves and their family and by working with one Chicago, IL Company; they can now consolidate the overall cost of their family's car insurance considerably over the long term.


Thanks to the multi car family discount offered by Insured Auto Warranty, Americans are now able to put thousands of dollars per year back into the bank accounts for use on other essential items such as mortgage payments and health insurance.

This is just one of the ways in which Insured Auto Warranty is helping Americans to consolidate the overall lifetime cost of car ownership. They also provide some of the most affordable premiums seen anywhere within the North American marketplace. They're able to offer these low coverage rates because instead of working through third-party iwarranty dealers, Insured Auto warranty sells their products directly to the consumer. This method of business helps the company's customer to save over 50% on dealer pricing and ensures that each of the policies that they carry is highly affordable.


It's important for those shopping for a car warranty within the competitive North American market not to succumb to pressure selling. By allowing companies to dictate prices and policies customers end up with solutions that simply do not meet either their coverage or budgetary requirements. That's why it's imperative for those searching for the right policy for their unique coverage needs to ask for the final sticker price for the policy when they speak with their chosen warranty provider. One of the ways in which Insured Auto Warranty helps to counteract this problem is by providing customers with access to each of the coverages online. This way, customers can review the coverages and conduct an in-depth analysis even before speaking with one of the company's representatives. This works to provide the customer with the leverage of information so that the conversation between themselves and the Insured Auto Warranty specialist can be balanced and based on the core requirements of the customer.


Another way in which Insured Auto Warranty ensures that customers receive the ideal policy is by offering them a tool on their website that allows them to input information about their vehicle in order to receive a free quote for their policy. Through this tool customers will be prompted to input the mileage, date of manufacture and other pertinent information regarding their vehicle through an online form, which will then be sent directly to the specialists at Insured Auto Warranty. Once the company receives this form they will then send the customer information regarding the best car warranty they can offer for this particular type of vehicle. This price will then be the foundation for discussions between the company's in-house team and the customer when the customer calls the Insured Auto Warranty offices.


Why not find out how much you could save? Call today to immediately begin putting money back in your bank account!


About Insured Auto Warranty:


With over a decade of experience in the industry, Insured Auto Warranty offers clients extended levels of value through car warranties that offer superior coverage on a wide-array of vehicle repairs. To find the right car warranty for you, please go to InsuredAutoWarranty.

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