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Market Positioning a product in itself is not you do something, but the eyes of your potential customers what to do.

My "car after-market investment Difficulties? "Article in the" observation car "magazine published this year, No. 2, received a lot of reader mail, telephone consultation, I am here through the" observation car "magazine to answer readers.

Chain, including car accessories market chain are often no clear their position, they begin to blind investment, inadequate, often lead to failure. The domestic automobile market in general "loose, chaotic, poor", also known as the "strong market, weak industry."

Therefore, in recent years, capital and went over into the automobile market, whether foreign rapid repair or soil amendments such as the mushroom sprouted quickly. However, most of the fast repair chain focus on "large" position, has invariably linked into difficulties. In China, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and other places formidable giant enclosure of foreign fast repair "yellow hat" denounce the Chinese market, refuses to accept a similar foreign fast repair many examples of Chinese soil.

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Market position in the 70s of last century by the American Marketing Ries and Jack Trout Ai scientists proposed, which means that existing products company based competitors in the market finds itself position of the products for customers of certain characteristics or attributes of emphasis, the distinctive shape for the enterprise product, gives the impression of a distinctive image, and this vivid transmitted to customers, thus making the product the market to determine the appropriate location.

Market orientation is not a product itself, you do something, but the eyes of your potential customers what to do. The essence of market orientation to the enterprise and other enterprises strictly separated, so that customers clearly feel and recognize the difference, and thus occupies a special position among customers.

Market positioning can be divided into re-positioning of existing products and potential products on the target bit. Re-positioning of existing products may cause the product name, price and packaging changes, but these changes are intended to look to ensure products remain in the minds of potential consumers to buy the image of worth. Pre-alignment of potential products require marketing must start from scratch, so that products do meet the selected characteristics of the target market. Companies conducting market position, on the one hand to understand what kind of competitor's products feature the other hand, to study various properties of the product consumers degree of attention, and then to analyze these two aspects, then selected the company product features and unique image.

Market position include: strategic positioning, product positioning, brand positioning, consumer positioning, competitive positioning five.

Strategic positioning of strategic objectives and mission, its to be addressed is "Who am I? I have to go through what channels where" question. Strategic Positioning a centralized strategy, differentiation strategy, low-cost strategy.

Product positioning product entity focused on positioning quality, cost, features, performance, reliability, versatility, style, etc..

Brand positioning is the positioning in the market and product positioning, based on a specific brand of cultural orientation and personality differences on the business decision-making, it is the target market to establish a brand image related to the process and results. Brand positioning, market positioning and focus on core performance. Once the selected target market companies, it is necessary to design and create their corresponding product, brand and corporate image, to achieve the objective of consumer recognition. As the market position of the ultimate goal is to achieve sales and brand is the basis for dissemination of product information, brand or consumers buy products based primarily on, so the brand to become a bridge connecting the consumer products and brand positioning has become market positioning and focus on core performance.

Consumers identify businesses locate target customers another way is to target market. Including the regional market in which consumer groups to which a particular service (the main consumer groups) to provide products or services.

Competitive positioning relative to competitors determine the enterprise market place. It has the following three types of orientation: the first needs-based competition strategy in defining the target customer for all or most of the demand. This possibility is to corporate customers can design a specific time when you want something. Second, enterprises can rely on the production of a product or service industry products to locate other competitive strategies. Such strategies have a significant role in nurturing the market. Third, access-based positioning of contacts in different ways to segment customers or contacts. Is to understand that they play cards, so that customers feel at ease in shopping on the basis of the use of strategies.