Automotive Battery Protection Tips

Many car owners thought lead acid battery was some easy batteries and they always ignored their maintenance. In fact, in the daily usage process, the automotive battery is also one of the most auto components.

How long an automotive battery can last?

When the car is stopped, working time of automotive battery with 35Ah capacity in good condition is about 3 hours if you open the headlight, reading lamp and radio, while the battery with 45Ah can be working for a little longer time, between 3 and 4 hours. About the using time of car battery, you still consider the volume of radio or CD. The higher the volume of radio or CD, the power is stronger. Plus, the service lifespan of automotive battery is generally 2 to 3 years. So that whether the battery is new affect the time of supplying power as well. If the car owners individually install some electric equipments that the car originally doesn't have, such as Subwoofer etc, and these equipments will cause the battery overuse.

Car owners, please pay attention to: if the automotive battery is old, working time had better not exceed 2 hours.

Often charge the automotive battery

How should car owners estimate if it is time to charge the automotive battery which may not let the battery in the state of deficit. Don't judge the working status of the battery according to the luminance of the headlight or the strength of the voice. If the luminance of the headlight gets dark, the battery has been in the state of deficit and at this moment, the car must be "paralyzed" and you don't get it started. For ensuring the normal running of the car battery, the car owners had better start the engine to charge the battery every half an hour when in use.

Great methods to maintain the battery

In car maintenance, the protection of automotive battery is also important.

If you develop a bad using habit, it will shorten the service life of the battery or damage it. In general, the battery can be used for 2 to 3 years. But if you use it improperly, after 3 – 4 months it might be replaced. If you want the battery supply power when the engine is stopped, you must avoid the battery power-lack, because the power-lack will easily damage this automotive battery. However, now there is a technology which can recondition the damaged auto battery. It adopts the pulse of charging technology to active the electrolyte of the battery, and the battery can still be used. But if the deficit is serious, the battery will be scrapped in advance.

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