Tianjin Highlight The Scale And Auto Parts Industry - Automotive Parts, Components Industrial Park,

December 19, in Jinghai County of Tianjin Binhai Economic Development Zone Car Colored flags fluttering parts industrial park, machine rumbling sound, Tianjin 100 000 000 all Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Tianjin, Li Gang, Ltd., Tianjin, Chi Hop Electric Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yan Feng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 4 joint venture and was started simultaneously ceremony. So far, the park since the park opened 10 months, 11 companies have been held under construction.

Project started before the ceremony, Jinghai county leaders and Tianqijituan leading site in the park construction site together to listen to the Tianjin Binhai Industrial Park Auto Parts building and project development work to introduce the briefing, and to further strengthen Cooperation To promote the development of Binhai Industrial Park Auto Parts in a meeting.

Sun Wenkui, Taorun Li on behalf of the county government to the auto parts industry settled in the coastal park four projects under construction at the same time to congratulate and Coastal Auto Parts Industrial Park, and fully affirmed the achievements made. Pointed out that the auto parts industrial park in Tianjin Binhai start construction this year since the Tianqijituan under the leadership of the scientific outlook on development as guidance, give full play to the "five plus two, white with black," the work of the spirit, in accordance with the build, investment principles, full speed up the development and construction of the park, so park the work has shown good momentum of development, as Jinghai economic and social development and other development and construction of the park and made an example. Jinghai County, the county government and the departments concerned to carefully learn from the auto parts industry park in the coastal experience and practice, and actively devote efforts fully support the development and construction of the park to further increase cooperation with Tianqijituan promote common development and achieve win-win cooperation. Shi Tang Zhang, on behalf of Tianqijituan

Jinghai county, the county government and the auto parts sector Binhai Industrial Park for their support and expressed thanks. He said Coastal Auto Parts Industrial Park to the basis of existing work to further intensify our work in accordance with the high-end technology, quality oriented, high technology requirements, focus on the introduction of a number of large projects, good projects, efforts to enhance quality and level of development of the park, ensure sound and rapid development.

Auto Parts Industrial Park Tianjin municipal government and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers that support municipal SASAC approved by the Tianjin Automotive Industry (Group) Company Limited and supported by modern Jinghai County Chemical industry Industrial Park. The park is located close to the city Economic Development Zone of Tianjin Jinghai County, North. Park development objectives are: build auto parts industry platform, auto parts industry together to promote the upgrading of automotive components, is the national standard, international factors, high technology, industrial integration, industry promotes trade, to trade with workers in international industrial base. The park since the park opened this year, has introduced 19 projects, total investment of more than 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 600 mu and profits 400 million yuan, an average of 13 days to determine a project introduction. Next, the park will continue to increase infrastructure and supporting and focus on the introduction of a number of large projects, good projects to improve the quality of the park business, for the development of automobile industry in Tianjin, as Tianqijituan revival, as the economic and social good and Jinghai rapid development of new contributions.

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