Automotive Air Conditioning Troubleshooting - Automotive Troubleshooting

When it is stifling hot outside and your stuck in traffic, your car's air conditioning suddenly blows in hot air, what do you do? Would you wish you had a mechanic driving shot gun or would you rather wish that you knew any automotive air conditioning troubleshooting knowledge? Well if that is the case read on through to learn a thing or two about how to asses this problem.

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Working on your car's air condition is a costly task even it is performed by professional mechanics. So before your head breaks down like your air conditioning unit, here are some things you should know for doing the repairs yourself.

First you get to familiarize yourself with the major components of your cars air con.

We begin with the compressor. It circulates and compresses the refrigerant in the system. Then we go to the refrigerant, this component carries heat. The condenser expels heat from inside the car. The expansion valve, it drops the pressure of the refrigerant liquid, atomizes it, and meter its flow all at the same time. The evaporator, it cools your car by transferring the heat to the refrigerant from the air blown across it. Finally the receiver, it acts as a filter for the refrigerant oil.

Now you must understand the air conditioning process. This is vital in automotive air conditioning troubleshooting. It will make you accurately pinpoint the problem faster when your car air conditioner breaks down. You should also check for leaks. Then make sure the compressor is turning; you need to start the car and look under the hood for this. Now look for other irregularities; bad fuses and switches, loose or broken fan belt, or a failed seal in the compressor.

These are just the basics of automotive air conditioning troubleshooting. It will not make you an expert overnight but it will surely save you from a lot of worries. Ride safe, ride cool!

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