Promote The Stable Development Of China's Auto Industry

Recently in Tianjin at the "2009 China Automotive Industry Development International Forum", the National Development and Reform Commission Industry Coordination Division Bin speech on "promoting the stable development of China's auto industry issue," made a brilliant speech, he mentioned the "master caution funds to invest, "the development of new energy vehicles, under warm and special" attention "and to meet the" post-crisis era "of the brutal competition in the reminder, it is worthy of the automobile industry comrades carefully reading and carefully savor.

The plight of three elements out of car

The fourth quarter of last year, under the influence of the international financial crisis, China's auto market for many years without a recession. In this regard, the central authorities to draw up the adjustment of key industries and the revitalization plan, and a clear shot to be fast, punching to re-work to be implemented the "three to" job requirements. Car production and sales from January to August this year, more than 8 million, for 6 months break 1 million. China's auto industry has been able to quickly overcome their difficulties and maintain a high growth rate, three main factors:

First, the State Council to cope with the international financial crisis, to ensure stable and rapid economic growth in China and put forward a package of economic incentives program to stabilize our country's rapid economic recovery, which greatly boosted consumer confidence.

Second, China's rapid economic development for many years to cultivate a stronger rigidity of car consumption demand, which is to promote the fundamental strength of the automotive market warming.

Third, the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization of the planning to take a series of expanding domestic demand, adjust product structure, improve the consumption environment, the policy orientation is correct, take the lead in the revitalization of the automobile industry has played an important role in promoting.

First, the reduction automobile acquisition tax policy, so that the 1.6 liters and below passenger vehicle sales ratio increased nearly 10 percentage points; Secondly, the car to the countryside policies on developing the rural market, the formation of small towns and rural consumption growth in the development of trend is to expand domestic demand an important measure of the automobile industry long-term development of far-reaching; and third, policies to encourage independent research and development models are also self-brand vehicles take advantage of the area, the main independent brands this year ushered in a good development posture; Fourth, a clear strategy for the new energy development, which is currently in a crucial period of development of new energy automotive industry, with great support and promote the role; Fifth, it proposes new ideas for the industry to adjust.

Must pay attention to sustainable development

The development of China's automobile industry this year, to a certain extent, the result of policy effects, as we stand 12 million automobile market on the threshold of the ensuing energy supply, air pollution, traffic congestion and other issues will become more acute, energy-saving emission reduction requirements continue to increase, the automotive industry is facing a serious challenge to social pressure.

If this year's sales of 12 million vehicles, planing to update, and may be a net increase of about 7 million. This requires us to build 20 million tonne a year refinery, the pressure is very great. This requires that the automotive industry must pay attention to sustainable development, we must attach importance to innovation capability, must pay attention to cars and the social environment of harmony, we must accelerate industrial restructuring and improve innovative abilities, and prevent the emergence of excess capacity.

Car market picked up quickly this year, the policy to benefit some cars or even the product shortage situation, Qichechanneng utilization close to 80%, it should be said in the normal range. Subject to market demand, some companies have taken to expand investment and increase productivity measures, the automotive industry has emerged rapidly expanding capacity of the signs. It should be noted that the long-term stable growth of China's auto market is still facing great uncertainty, with the effect of policies and social environment of decreasing the pressure increased, the next few years could face the situation of slow market growth, with production capacity or to shorting. Survey, this year's capacity utilization is more reasonable; in 2013 the automotive industry planning production capacity is much higher than the needs of the automotive market, if not to control and guide the next few years the automotive industry capacity utilization rate may be lower than 70%, overcapacity situation.

Recently, the State Council executive meeting called for inhibiting excess capacity in some industries, automotive industry, although not as put forward sector excess capacity, but the signs of the potential is still there.

Automobile as the country's economic construction and promote economic development mode into an important industry, in the current to maintain growth, expanding domestic demand, readjusting the structure of the macro-policy environment, we must correctly handle the security structure of growth and the relationship between adjustment, structural adjustment on the a more prominent position, all the entrepreneurs in the automotive industry should be careful to grasp the investment orientation, greater investment in industrial restructuring and fostering independent innovation capacity, investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and new energy vehicle development, to grasp the market competition The initiative, to achieve long-term sustainable development in the automotive industry to prevent the blind expansion of Qichechanneng, resulting in industry-wide overcapacity.

Special attention to new energy vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles is an internationally thought the best solution for new energy vehicles, in the reconstruction of technical facilities complete before charging a normal car hybrid car is a transitional product, the revitalization plan defined the direction of development of new energy vehicles, major tasks and policy measures should be said that the revitalization plan for the development of new energy vehicles is well thought out policies and measures, from the spare parts R & D, commercialization, promotion, promotion of private consumption and improve all aspects of supporting other complementary measures introduced to create synergy, promote new energy vehicles industrialization.

As a breakthrough in new energy vehicles, strengthen independent innovation, and cultivate independent brands, to form a new automobile industry a competitive advantage, which in fact would be the development of new energy vehicles to a new level. This will greatly promote the general business R & D production of electric cars and other new energy vehicles enthusiasm, but the following two points need special attention:

First, we must fully understand the high-tech R & D threshold for production of electric cars, all enterprises should take an objective understanding of their own technical capacity, as to whether the development of new energy vehicles, as well as what kind of technical line choices can make a careful decision-making.

Secondly, for a variety of considerations, the current in many areas, many companies are taking action on the new energy vehicle projects, new energy vehicles fever has emerged, many companies simply do not have the R & D capabilities in fact, does not grasp the core technique, but the outsourcing of key components for assembly and manufacture, first, to meet the policy and market demand, the second is to draw on car project, seeking to obtain automobile production qualification, which is not in line with our policy orientation, is not conducive to the health of the new energy automotive industry.

To meet the post-crisis era

At present the development of the automobile industry has now entered a rapid development track, with sales volume growth, economic efficiency of enterprises is being restored. Objectively speaking, China's auto market is in growth period, a huge potential market demand for urban and rural areas, the automobile industry can maintain a number of years of rapid development, post financial crisis era in China's auto market, is the world's most competitive auto market, the world's major multinational companies regarded as a global strategy focus on the Chinese market. China's auto market has focused almost all of the world-renowned automobile brand, the production from the ordinary economy cars to luxury cars, Chinese-brand cars, production companies are also growing, the export volume has already begun.

More than 100 auto companies face a wide range of consumer market, brand, price, service and new products, increasingly fierce competition, China will become the world's automotive enterprises in the fierce competition in the market determine the winner of the main battlefield. Based on past experience, market competition will lead to large-scale mergers and restructuring of the automotive industry, will accelerate the process of survival of the fittest and hope that entrepreneurs will recognize the situation and formulate a correct development strategy to meet the post-financial crisis era of brutal competition in the market .

In five years, China's automobile production and sales doubled, auto parts has formed a complete matching system, independent research and development and construction of car brands have achieved tremendous success, China is already the automobile manufacturing and consumer. Will prove, only to seek immediate interests, the pursuit of short-term benefits of the enterprise, will in the future market development and competition in the encounter great difficulties and challenges; willing to develop China's automobile industry and the pursuit of long-term development strategy of the enterprise, will be crowned with the final success.