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With the growing car ownership, car purchase, maintenance and purchasing auto parts as well as consumer "trap" is also emerging in recent days, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Council consumer complaints, to remind the consumer in the car and maintenance, repair, should keep their eyes open, wary consumer "trap."

Car should think twice City Council official said, today's cars Sell Market , Brand names, model rich, get rid of quickly, and some consumers in a car shop in a fancy car, pay the deposit, but also in the other car shop to see more suitable for their own cars, they should surrender, which occurred deposit disputes. Based "security law", the consumer defaults, the operator may confiscate the deposit. Advised consumers to shop around before the car repeatedly to work out again when the final decision to pay the deposit. At the same time to establish a buyer's market for the automotive consumer confidence, should not rely on the new car car dealer that sold out and the car tight argument.

The same time, consumers should pay attention to select the brands and models, to view the National Development and Reform, "car manufacturers and products directory", directory, if not published, you can not buy, because there was no guarantee the safety and quality and Vehicle Administration departments not on the cards.

Some new car in the transport process, the shell was a collision deformation Paint Falling off, even in the handling process Jizhui accident occurred, causing serious damaged, but some unscrupulous car dealer and manufacturers, in order to save costs, and deliberately concealed the true circumstances, even "perpetrating a fraud." Consumers were advised to look at cars and a contract, try to write the engine number, provide vehicles, such as unusual circumstances, can the ground of fraud complaints to the operator, or to claim double the return of the deposit car dealer. Some car dealers

promised promotion gift leather seats leather, explosion-proof window film, reversing radar, navigation systems, vehicle anti-rust paint, cordless telephones, Travel Walkie-talkies, etc., because the agreement is not clear, the results raise car in some bad faith on the concept car dealer playing a word game, such as the so-called leather leather seats, only one seat, window film can only send a window The rest have to buy expensive consumer. Encourages consumers to enter into a contract with the car business, as detailed agreement in writing, to avoid mentioning car again in the understanding of the contract dispute.

"High Engine oil "Not suitable for

"100 km Fuel consumption Only 6 liters, "Even though the product description on the right sounding in fact never even got to. It is understood that the market automobile fuel consumption per hundred kilometers identity of" theory of oil consumption, "" condition fuel consumption, "" the actual fuel consumption "" combined consumption, "" urban fuel consumption, "and so on, all the data vary widely, so that consumers at a loss, while individual companies are still under-reporting of data, is suspected of misleading the consumer. advised consumers to pay attention to recognize, and can visit Ministry of Industry and Information website (http / / access to the appropriate brand and model fuel consumption data, should not rely on car dealer salesman boasted of one-sided.

Some consumers believe that oil more expensive the better the quality of the highest level possible, using pure synthetic oil Semi synthetic oil more than good. In fact, oil is also targeted, different cars need different oil, different regions, seasons, geography, use, lubricants were different, caused by improper use of motor vehicles will be the "heart"?? Serious engine failure, even scrapped. Recommends that consumers under the guidance of professional maintenance staff, with appropriate levels of quality and viscosity oil or special maintenance station to buy maintenance.

"Defective vehicle" shall not be opened

Recently, Toyota " Brake Door event "wake-up call for us, but also caused more consumers to the" defective vehicle "attention. October 1, 2004, China began to implement" the provisions of defective automotive product recalls, "to require automobile manufacturing defects providers, including importers must follow the statutory procedures, choose repair, replacement, recovery, etc. to eliminate the product may cause personal injury, property damage defects. The Council suggested that consumers find car defects, quality supervision departments should be promptly reflect directly to the State Administration of Quality Supervision and reporting to ensure road safety.

In addition, second-hand car market, often many of the vehicle itself is a car accident, by some second-hand car broker to conceal a low price to attract consumers. Car in the acquisition of these incidents, some of the used car brokers claim that it has been, so deliberately turning off the original insurance, other re-insurance, insurance for consumers in the existing record whether there is difficult to see vehicles had an accident. In fact, car accessories, such as engines, beams, chassis structure, in the event of a major accident there will be signs of renovation, consumers find the best on Vehicle Maintenance Professionals in the line, accompanied by careful inspection test.

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