Focus: Domestic Industry Trend Analysis Instrumentation

Domestic technology level and development trend of the current

Instrumentation industry as a whole integrated technical level up to international level in the mid 80's, micro- Electronic Technology and computer technology in instrumentation products commonly used, about 15% of product to achieve an intelligent, 90 years to meet international standards; 30% of products realized Digital , Late 80s to meet international standards. Significant increase of integrated service capabilities: you can undertake 300 000 -60 million kilowatts thermal power plants, nuclear power plant, 30 tons of synthetic ammonia, 120 tons of converter, Nissan 300 thousand cubic meters of city gas station project, complete sets of large-scale furnaces and other large engineering controls.

Categories of products to meet the needs Level: middle-grade science Tester Devices to meet the domestic market was 30%, middle and low rates of scientific instruments to meet the 65%; production process measurement control devices and systems products in the large-scale engineering projects to meet the rate of 50% of the species, 70% of small and medium projects. Imported products is often the research, production required a major, key equipment, technology and great content, high added value.

Industry from scratch, from small to large, formed a relatively complete instrument categories of production, scientific research, Marketing System. Built a number of research and development institutions (including the mechanical system instrumentation 20 professional research institutes, National Engineering Research Center, 3, 5 enterprise technical centers, national product quality testing center 9); trained a team of professional management, administration, technology Talent . Particularly, some middle and low product formed their own advantages and characteristics of various digital multimeter, power meter, water meter, gas meter, water level, middle and low optical Microscope , Output of the telescope in the world, to meet the basic domestic needs of the large number of export.

Through science and technology research, joint development, joint ventures Cooperation And absorption of imported technology localization, and other means, so that part of China instrument industry leading products in high-grade narrowing the gap with international advanced level, and the formation of productive capacity. Independent development of major products include medium and small DCS, field bus intelligent instruments, bus test system, auto testing equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, microwave plasma spectroscopy, a new proliferation-sensitive components such as silicon, the introduction of technology's main products are recorded Miriam, a small fine control valve, the new transmitter, spectroscopy, chromatography, scanning electron microscopy, water quality analyzers, special composite materials; joint venture's main products are large-scale DCS, EJA, flow meters, electronic theodolite, dynamic balancing testing machine, high and low temperature test instruments.

A number of state-owned, collective, private, foreign-invested enterprises and research institutions through market competition, stand out in the industry, and showed a good momentum and staying power, has become dominant, the core strength.

The current level of foreign technology and development trends

Digital Intelligence As microelectronics technology, further and microprocessor instrumentation products, PC technology integration, digital instrumentation and intelligence continue to be improved. Texas Instruments proposed by the United States "DSPS" concept, for example, to DSP chip as the core, with advanced mixed-signal circuits, ASIC circuits, devices and development tools to provide solutions for the entire application.

Instruments used in a large number of ultra-large scale integration (VLSI) of new devices, surface mount technology (SMT), multi-layer printed circuit boards, wafer-scale integration (WSI) and multi-chip module (MCM) and other new technology, CAD, CAM, CAPP, CAT and other computer-aided tools to multimedia, human computer interaction, fuzzy control, artificial neural networks and other new technology in the modern instrument has been widely applied.

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