The LOUISIANA Auto Industry

In Louisiana, persons wishing to engage in the buying and selling of auto related items will inevitably interface with the Louisiana auto industry. There are two significant organizations affiliated with this industry - the Louisiana OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) and LADA (Louisiana Auto Dealers Association).

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

The existence of the OMV in Louisiana is hinged on the need to monitor the operations of the auto industry in that state. This body stipulates the required standards of operations for dealers in the Louisiana auto industry. It also monitors the activities of drivers within the state.

The OMV is in charge of the various activities related to motor vehicle usage in the state of Louisiana. These activities include establishing and enforcing eligibility requirements for aspiring car dealers or management of documentation.

The Lemon Law of Louisiana

When a consumer receives a 'raw deal' or is considered to have been sold a lemon, it means that this vehicle will have problems related to its value, use or safety. This vehicle may also undergo four or more failed repair attempts within the warranty period. Typically though, a vehicle is also called a lemon if it is put of service for 90 days or more.

The legislature of the state of Louisiana has enacted a lemon law intended to protect auto consumers from poor deals. Through this legislation, customers may access redress for a purchase.

The lemon law of Louisiana caters to vehicles that fall in the following categories:

· Motor vehicles sold in Louisiana which fall under the groups passenger and commercial vehicles

· Personal watercrafts that were either sold in Louisiana or are still under warranty after April 15, 1999

· Vehicles known as All Terrain vehicles that are either sold in Louisiana or are still under warranty on or after April 15, 2011

The lemon law does not cater to issues related to newly-leased vehicles, RVs, mobile homes, demonstrator vehicles and motorcycles

Redhibition Law

This law operates in a similar fashion as the lemon law. It however it is not limited to new vehicles only as it extends its coverage to used vehicles as well.


Louisiana Auto Dealers Association provides consumers, dealers and prospective dealers with valuable information about the dos and don'ts of the Louisiana auto industry. They provide a list of certified dealers and also provide additional data about the most recent issues surrounding the industry.

The Louisiana auto industry has potentially lucrative rewards for dealers and consumers alike. Persons however need to equip themselves with the relevant information in order to ensure maximum benefits.

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