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1, Electronic Content is becoming saturated, according to some Car Manufacturers estimate that the average non-hybrid vehicles Electric , Electronic components and software costs no more, it is likely to remain in the vehicle cost 20% to 25%. Therefore, these components can only rely on the global market growth in the number of vehicles increase, coupled with light vehicles, the average retail price increase, assuming that the vehicle can be converted to electricity prices and cost estimates of electronic components. However, the growth of electrical and electronic content will also be in non-electronic materials and rising costs, such as Tata Motors Nano ultra-economy car 2,500 U.S. dollars had been suppressed by a large popular these days, we found this very important trend, and in about 3 years ago began to explain.

2, software key competitive advantage of automotive vehicle system software as the most important factor is booming, one in the engine controller, the software content doubles every year. Therefore, car manufacturers and has the best architecture and best integrated software development Tool Chain of suppliers will gain a competitive advantage. Can do a good job of software development engineers can use fewer features to new and improved products to market and maintain the warranty and low cost.

3, automotive open system architecture of Although most of the world automobile manufacturers are gradually adopt open system standards for cars, but still needs at least 10 years, will make enough vehicles to implement the standards in the global market have a significant impact.

But so far, automotive electronics industry through all the technical standards, do not be like the car as an open system architecture standards have greatly affected. Software architecture standard will significantly reduce system costs and improve its quality.

Car manufacturers to prove, automotive open system architecture standards in multi-platform software and re-use a variety of vehicles. A suitable software application each time a new application and use of time will be no need to re-design and customization, which will save development time and a lot of money. Each basic automotive open system architecture will make it the cornerstone of the commercialization of software, will be electronic hardware, including some of the operating system micro-controller. Relatively open system architecture standard auto, software was sold separately from hardware.

4, open platform will erode large automotive infotainment systems market.

There are three different paths open infotainment systems: Microsoft's automatic vehicle; BMW, GM and PSA is to promote the Genivi Union; and the Audi is developing a third way. What are the three programs and drive drive drive drive the car the same open systems architecture standards: the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and improve software quality. Instead of relying on vertically integrated provider of information across the entire custom entertainment systems, car manufacturers and system integrators will be able to buy various sources, the design of their applications to meet the best standard platform software component class.

5, fuel economy is better than security

Road deaths in the world each year over a million people, so the use of advanced active safety system development, subject to a lot of attention and the amount of investment. Self-steering or braking system to automatically avoid accidents particularly optimistic, driver monitoring system is also promising. However, with the Oil Price inflation, and inhibition of carbon dioxide emissions from road difficult task, fuel efficiency has become the main attack industry challenges. The increase in dual-clutch transmission, and many lean and turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine, shut down the engine when the vehicle stationary, vehicle acceleration, and immediately restarted.

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