Changzhou City Auto Repair Industry Management 8 Q 8 A - Auto Repair, Management Approach - Auto

1, What is "motor vehicle maintenance records?"

A: "motor vehicle maintenance records," is a portable blue books, it is an automobile's "health record", but also a vehicle's "medical history", with it, like a car built of a "health record."

2, vehicle use "medical record" What are the benefits?

A: "The car medical history" has four major advantages: First, motor vehicles contribute to the maintenance personnel to understand the "history"; the second is to guide the "Edit diagnosis, identify the problem, develop maintenance and repair program, and then maintain and repair" The scientific concept car repair; 3 is to avoid bad credit car-repair disorder "diagnosis", arbitrary charges; 4 is conducive to safeguarding the rights, is supporting an important basis for repair both defenders.

3, "motor vehicle maintenance records," is equivalent to "user manual"?

A: The two are completely different. "Motor vehicle maintenance records," a "motor vehicle maintenance, Jiangsu Province Management Bill "the creation of a statutory system, motor vehicle repair business may not change," User Manual "is only provided by vehicle manufacturers Service , Its content and form of auto manufacturers can not be modified. Factory completion of motor vehicle repair, maintenance operators do not issue a "motor vehicle maintenance records", and asked people the right to refuse to pay maintenance repair. In addition, the two elements, the main effect is also completely different.

4, signed a maintenance contract, to avoid disputes evidence-based

A: The new motor vehicle maintenance contract system implementation style for the contract specifications, recommended reference to "Jiangsu vehicle maintenance contract" model text on Vehicle Information, maintenance projects, Fitting Mode of delivery, fees, settlement, maintenance deadlines expressly agreed. New regulations to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of owners increased by an umbrella.

5, rub a small hit small car, it also requires a written contract?

A: The contract with the voluntary property, can be verbal, it can be in written form. One-time repair costs 2,000 yuan, such as tire, dimming lights, brakes and other debugging, Consumption Can reach verbal agreements with the maintenance company; a one-time cost of repairs for more than 2,000 yuan, high quality requirements of the motor vehicle repair, after the trade dispute, the need to sign a written maintenance contract.

6, the clearing system, so that consumers spend money, "plainly"

A: The new implementation of the settlement of motor vehicle maintenance costs, inventory system, and for operators in the settlement, the factual issue of working hours for each operation and the cost of the project details, as well as parts and materials used in label specifications, quantity, price. The system constraints of the maintenance fee unreasonable behavior of enterprises, the maintenance industry to achieve "transparency."

7, a number of repair businesses to use the "hand-filled version of" is formal?

A: Yes, formal. Two versions of exactly the same content, slightly different format, in which a computer print format to promote the style, hand-filled form to complement and support style. Motor vehicle maintenance in the province before the implementation of information management are not two versions of the same time effective, motor vehicle repair operators can be combined with the actual situation of their own free choice only version filled out by hand or computer print version.

8, if the maintenance company did not issue a list of how to do?

A: No list could refuse to pay. Motor vehicle repaired the factory, maintenance, motor vehicle repair are not issued by the clearing list, prop repair the right to refuse to pay maintenance costs. On according to the specified Make And issuing clearing inventory and transportation management departments will be ordered to make corrections and give warning, impose serious fines from 500 to 2000 yuan.