Garage Floor Paint

There are numbers of paint products that ensures any customer to get the best effects. When selecting the garage floor paint there are latest and newest coating technologies that include the best raw materials available. There are some manufacturing company that specializing in primers, floor paints, industrial enamels and agricultural coatings.

For the company no big quantity or small quantity to give the best reasonable quotation offered. The staffs have a lot of experience in applying the floor paints, marine paints, anti-harsh paints, Epoxy floor paint automotive paints and agricultural device paints. This manufacturing company is able to provide professional detailed information on the selection of the products and their application.

Before applying the paint clean the floor first, take the dust off the floor for best result.

The entire surface of the cemented garage floor should be washed with acid using a cleaning product that can be used in concrete that contains hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid. The acid wash removes impurities and will prepare the concrete to take the paint. Take extra precautions when using the acid. A goggles boots, gloves and long sleeves are some important things to use while washing with acids. Enough ventilation and air are necessary.  Flush and rinse the garage with a lot of water after the acid washing and as soon as the area is dry already it is ready and is set for paint.

A solo pack of quick drying floor enamel gives impact endurance and good toughness. This provides protection and shield against water, salt and solvent damage. It has a little slip assets due to the well flat combined finish. This is also applicable for industrial and heavy duty commercial areas. A litre of paint can cover more than 5 sq. meters and it only takes 30 minutes to one hour dry. The recoating time takes more than 4 hours.

The garage floor paint gives superior results even if the painting is done by an amateur or by a professional. In first coating it is better to use a large brush then the second and third coating it is best to use a paint roller in applying and not worrying about chalking, cracking and peeling. The advantage of using a brush in the first coat the paint will get into the openings of the floor. This would be a slow working but it's worth in terms of long life. Using a paint roller will result to an even and smooth thin layer.

There are many colours available to choose from. The colours are green, orange, yellow, red, blue, brown and any combination of two colours.

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