Aftermarket Auto Parts Industry Of Today

No matter where you live, if you own a car you would have used an aftermarket product at least once in your life. These aftermarket parts are car parts made by unauthorized dealers. It began with the outsourcing of auto parts manufacturing contracts to subcontract companies. But many of these subcontract companies sold the auto parts to the automobile market circuitously.

The most vital fact is that aftermarket parts are always cheaper than OEM parts anywhere in the world. This is the main reason why people turn to aftermarket parts rather than original auto parts. People will always want to spend a little less. It is human mentality and saving the extra buck is not crime. It is just good practice.

Different aftermarket parts company brands are very distinct from one another. Thus it is very important to research properly about the different makes and come to the right decision regarding the perfect aftermarket part. Seeking help from learned car buffs is a good idea. As even though aftermarket parts are relatively cheap, you would not want to be stuck with something that gives inferior performance.

In our world we come across a variety of individuals with different pursuits. Some car enthusiasts build cars from scratch or restore old models with aftermarket auto parts. They might keep these unique vehicles for themselves or sell them at a greater price and make big profits. The advantage of using aftermarket parts here is the minimal investment promises great returns.

If you want to 'play it safe' when modifying your vehicle, consider this. Carmakers are manufacturing performance parts and accessory systems for their cars now more than ever before. Before installing anything aftermarket on a vehicle that has a warranty in place, check with your dealer/carmaker to see if there are parts/systems available for your particular vehicle from the manufacturer that would provide for the vehicle's warranty.

The most recent salvo in the attack on aftermarket parts comes from an unlikely source: Consumer Reports. In a recent article and blog posting, the magazine seems to be reporting that the use of aftermarket replacement parts -- like a plastic bumper cover or inner bumper structure -- could cause problems with air bag deployment. Sounds scary, huh? I'm sure it's meant to.

If you have a fairly new vehicle, and it's damaged in an accident, I think using original manufacturer parts is important. If nothing else, it preserves your car's resale value. If you're paying out of pocket, however, I'm not convinced a less expensive part will be so harmful. It's really a judgment call on the owner's part. Aftermarket parts, especially cheap Chinese body panels, tend to fit poorly, rust more easily, and dent quickly.

Hopefully this information clears things up a bit regarding aftermarket parts and your vehicle's warranty. I wish you success!