The Minnesota Auto Industry

The Minnesota Auto Business


Minnesota is located in the Upper Midwestern area of the USA. It is the twelve largest state and its capital is St Paul, though its largest city being Minneapolis. It is bordered by Ontario, Dakota, Wisconsin and Michagan.

Minnesota Auto Dealers for New Vehicles

Minnesota is known for auto dealers rather than manufacturing in the auto industry. Most auto dealers have franchises for new cars and trucks, there are also dealers for used vehicles. It is important to check the title of a used car before purchasing it, to find out if it was flood damaged, rebuilt or salvaged and any vehicle history that is available before you purchase. If you are purchasing a new vehicle pay specific attention to the Lemon Laws which protects you until the warranty has expired.

Auto dealers in Minnesota for used cars

To choose a car in Minnesota it is important to research the online data bases for vehicle. Check to see how much you can afford with your auto loan . Look for the features of the automobile; the space, if it has four wheel drive, the color, make and model that you need. See if the car dealers in your county have what you require, if not, Minnesota has fifty counties that you could check. After you have identified the vehicle online visit the cart mart in person to inspect and drive the vehicle in person.

Applications for auto loans can be done online and you can be informed if you qualify before you get to the dealer. Most financing companies have networks with the auto dealers in Minnesota. Once your loan has been pre approved you could actually drive away with your vehicle when you get there. Ensure that the car that you purchase is safe especially if the car is cheaper.

Auto insurance Coverage in Minnesota

The coverage for autos is basically standard. The prices are what basically vary. It is important to check around for rates. You will need to choose companies that will pre calculate the premiums based on the data that you input on line.

Auto Rules and Regulations

Minnesota has one of the strongest laws regarding the warranty of used cars bought from used car dealers. The law does not apply to vehicles bought from friends, relatives or cars bought “as is“. Ensure that your vehicle is covered under the used vehicle warranty law so that if you purchase your vehicle and a problem arises the dealer is by law obligated to fix it.

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