New fashion Trends 2010

Every year and every season fashion designers present new collections, new trends. What are the new fashion trend of 2010? What will be important in the coming year? What kind of clothes to choose to update the wardrobe?

Every fashion ista has set itself these questions and more. Let's try to answer them, to identify new trends in fashion in 2010.

Let's start with color. What is the actual color will be this year? Designers have decided to save us from the gloomy tones of autumn and winter. In a fashion bright colors, to the obscene bright. Pink, light green, lemon, orange accents to dilute your wardrobe, make it a touch of cheerfulness, cheer up you and others.

Fans of bright prints can be no hesitation to use them. In the course and will be bright, flashy accessories, additional elements. Today it is fashion able. Even in the winter weather is invited to indulge in pleasure to shine, stand out bright color spots of gray crowd. Who said that winter - it's boring and gray. Throw away that stupid thing out of my head. Garnish with a bright, cheerful hues.

fashion able cell losing its way. At replaced by the strip. And he does it very confidently. This year, the strip can be found everywhere. Skirts, blouses, dresses, trousers and even tights. Strip can be both horizontal and vertical. And the bigger the facial features, the wider the stripe should be. In winter, the band just beginning to conquer the fashion stage, but the spring is expected not only to gain a podium, but the consciousness of fashion

In the fashionable world, there are other changes. Among these changes include the return of boots. Though they started flickering in the autumn, but today there are fully engaged in their own right. Modern boots are no longer resemble the seven-league boots, we've seen in your favorite movie of all-fairy tale "Cinderella." Today boots neatly adhesive qualities foot tender thin skin, and the woman looks incredibly elegant, even noble. The material chosen for the jackboot is different. This could be a classic leather or suede. The original model of nubuck. Decor boots should be unobtrusive, such as lacing.

The changes concern and silhouettes. Gradually disappearing into oblivion trend "of teenage figure. In its place comes a more feminine image. Designers are increasingly using the image of women post-war period. Certainly not Russian women, the realities of our lives are not like our women in the hungry years after the war were dressed in what is, and not at a fashion able hour. We are talking about a return to postwar European fashion . Rather strict pencil skirts, jackets, hats. Flowing, feminine lines. And the fabric, respectively, soft, supple - velvet. To create a feminine, sensual way there is nothing like velvet. This tissue is always associated with wealth and solidity. That is why the woman in velvet looks sexy but not vulgar, and luxuriously.

But not everyone exposed to drastic changes. Remains stable ethnic identity. He has not lost its topicality and relevance. All parts and attributes of an ethno-style does not leave any fashion scaffolding, no fashion istas dresses. This wicker accessories, jewelry, and Neo-Folk ornaments, and a soft plaid. Can not but mention the fact that the decorations in the style of ethno can complement any wardrobe thing and not just the wardrobe. Very popular ethnic accessories for mobile phones. All the image must harmonize, complement each other.

While winter is not over, stands to reap its benefits. What a winter without fur. In all its manifestations. Fur products never go out of fashion . Fur can decorate any garment. Unusually popular accessories with fur prints. Such things should be every fashion ista's wardrobe.

These are the main new fashion  trend of 2010. Follow them and be irresistible.

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