Health insurance plans provide free preventive care to women

For reasons not clear, Obamacare continues to get a bad press. The Supreme Court has confirmed the Act is constitutional. Millions of people will benefit. You would think all the excitement would have died down. Except that’s not the way politics works in our great country. Whoever has the most money, shouts the loudest and gets their opinions heard. This means the irrational beliefs now prevail. As an example of why we should all be enthusiastically embracing the reforms, the 1st August saw the next set of rules come into force. Now, a comprehensive set of preventive medical services must be made available to women at no cost. Yes, that’s right. Access to all these services is free. If people are diagnosed early and get the necessary treatment, it costs less and gives you a country full of healthy people. If people delay until there’s an emergency, the cost of treatment is always higher and the chances of a full recovery lower.

So all women who hold health insurance policies are now entitled to a range of tests for cervical and breast cancers, gestational diabetes, osteoporosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and intervention into situations of domestic violence. Since cancers are the most common causes of death among women, screening for signs at a precancerous stage allows prompt and effective treatment. Similarly, the earlier osteoporosis is detected, the more rapidly the loss of bone density can be halted by calcium supplements.

Until now, women have been deterred from seeking access to screening services because either the initial costs or the copayments have been unreasonably high. As a result, many women have delayed getting the right treatment and have paid the price in the loss of health or with their lives. Promoting wellness through access to preventative medicine is now written into all health insurance plans for women. Why has this change in the law has not been greeted with shouts of joy? We suggest it’s because the doctors are unhappy and pay for hostile propaganda. If preventive medicine becomes standard, their long-term profits will be hit. As it is, they receive the most by encouraging you to fall seriously ill and justify hospital treatment.