Expert: Automotive Electronics Market And Semiconductor Technology Innovation Trends - Car

2009, China Car Automobile production and sales volume of over 1,300 million, the summit the world's largest auto market. Huge market demand to the local automobile Electronic Design team is no longer satisfied with a lower threshold field of technology, and expect to enter the high technology content Infotaiment, and even security, Telematics and other fields. I held in 3.15 days IC -China Shanghai Station, automotive electronics expert forum attracted a large number of professional audiences, from iSuppli, Altium, Infineon and Freescale's guests on China's auto electronics market and Semiconductor Technological innovation and the audience in-depth discussion and analysis.

Speaker: iSuppli's Issac Wang
IssacWang said that with the TM, cars to the countryside and the consumption tax / road maintenance / purchase of tax incentives to promote, in 2009 China's auto market has grown substantially. In the automotive electronics field, China's design team has been to mimic the main, but with the market expansion, current design thinking is constantly adjusted, more innovative development being imported. Automotive electronics market demand for semiconductor devices with analog, logic and the main MCU. Automotive applications of income growth, IssacWang 2006-2012 forecast compound annual growth rate CAGR of the market reached 13.2%, higher than the industrial electronic / 10.5%, data processing / 9.2%, wireless Communicate / 8.4%, consumer electronics / growth rate of 6.6% and so on.

Speaker: Altium's Maxi Fei
With the increasing number of design projects, the complexity increase, more and more stringent cost control, TTM pressure more and more development time, greater use of electronic development engineers face more challenges. The success of development projects are increasingly dependent on the team's internal resource sharing and Cooperation Even among the other teams with. Altium's Maxi Fei said, in automotive electronics, design needs a larger number of semiconductor devices and multi-board assembly, and as Nanoboard3000 software development tools such as Altium is to simplify and manage the increasing design complexity. Maxi Fei claimed that rely AltiumDesigner, the world's leading automotive electronics design engineers, design team feedback on the time they generate BOM table shortened from a week to 30 minutes or less, and optimized Components Number has dropped to 50% of the past.

Speaker: Infineon Chen Yihao Vehicle control systems rely on accurate sensing front end. Infineon Chenyi Hao said that in automotive electronic systems which use a variety of vehicles Sensor . Such as car accelerator, brake position sensors measured the required altitude / atmospheric pressure sensors intelligent regulatory functions carried out, the cam position sensor have to be required for a variety of intelligent sensors. For hybrid cars, battery management, sensing resistor sexy if you use the traditional way will add to the equipment should be fever, which overall system reliability has reduced the General Assembly. And advanced battery management and use of current-type magnetic induction, the battery management for hybrid current sensor for a current range 1A/200A/1500A, signal update frequency

Speaker: Freescale's Xuan Xiaoming
Freescale Xuan Xiaoming stressed automotive innovation, 90% dependent on the automotive electronics. He said the cost of automotive electronics in 2010 will rise to 35% of vehicle cost. As for future trends in automotive electronics, he thought from then aspect, namely: green cars, security, connection / infotainment, and more low prices and vehicle demand. For example, BRIC BRIC car sales in 2009 reached 3,000 million. Freescale's PowerPC rely on the reliability of applications in the automotive field a long time, its MPC5xxx series of Telematics, security and other areas at the international level, auto parts suppliers have a wide range of applications, such as OnStar. In Infotainment area, Freescale will have systems based on ARM core i.MX processors, such as the famous Ford's SYNC system is sampling Freescale i.MXAP.

Automotive electronics expert forum attracted a large number of audience, standing room only.