If you want the cheapest insurance on yout next car it should be a safe one

Planning to buy a new car you also wish to get affordable car insurance for it. To acquire the cheapest car insurance, experts say, your next car should be deemed as safe, but what does a safe car entail?

A safe car means it has a high grade in terms of its crash test ratings and a safe car also entails that it has the following: electronic stability control, seat belts, tire pressure monitoring systems, and even systems that alarm you when your car moves to another lane. Your car’s airbags should be working properly too because this is a top safety feature and shouldn’t be absent during a crash. Back in the year 2008, a mother of two and her two sons was hit by a truck. If it weren’t for their seat belts and airbags, the three would have died or would have sustained very serious injuries. This goes to show that having these basic things – airbags and seat belts go a long way.

Most new car models are safe according to experts but you should still take a look at the list of cars that are frequently stolen to avoid getting cars that are hot in the vocabulary of car thieves.

One good choice is the BMW 5 Series. It has a number of safety features and boasts good crash test ratings not to mention that it also looks good. This car has blind spot monitoring systems and even has collision warnings.

Another fine choice is the performance machine Audi 6. Sure it will be quite expensive but you will save lots on your premium and will also save lives in case a car crash happens. In fact, the Audi 6 is the top car of choice when it comes to safety.

So get a safe car and all the comfort it gives as well as the cheapest car insurance after a little research rgrough onlien quotes.