A Closer Look Automotive Design Aspects

The cars you see on every road and parking lot are the product of over 100,000 patents since the invention of motor some 240 years ago. Of course, you can't imagine the cars during that time to look even like the least of today's models. Car design will continuously evolve as long as people are still fans of road travel.

Car or automotive design is the development of the appearance, performance, and ergonomics of road vehicles. Although at some extent the scope of this profession may cover the motor of off-road or non-road vehicles, its main focus is cars. Automotive design companies may also design other types of vehicles including trucks, buses, and motorcycles. An automotive designer normally has a background in transportation and/or industrial design.

The goal of a car designer is to combine form and function in the design.

Meaning, the aesthetic value of the car must correspond with its functionality and ergonomics. The three main aspects of car design are exterior design, interior design, and color and trim design, although graphic design is now incorporated in the application of more modern techniques.

When designing the exterior of the car, the designer will create a series of digital or manual drawings to be approved for modeling using industrial plasticine, a wax-based modeling material often used for crafting car exterior. His main responsibility is to develop the shape, proportion, and surface of the vehicle and to deal with aerodynamic factors. A full-sized mock-up of the final design, known in the industry as body in white (BIW), will be created.

In the BIW creation stage, the body's sheet metal components are assembled.

The interior design following or coinciding with the exterior design covers the surfaces for the instrument, seats, doors, panels, etc. Design companies like Khan make sure to maximize the space to fit the interior components to the maximum comfort of the driver and passenger. Kahn Design therefore applies excellent ergonomics on the design.

Choosing the appropriate color and coloring material for the Kahn car comes next in the design process. The designer often works closely with other designers to know what they have in mind, inspiring the color and shade from other disciplines like architecture, fashion, and home furnishing.

More information about car design, like styling and patterns introduced by Kahn Design, can be found in reliable websites like CarBodyDesing.com. These websites provide a wide selection of modern vehicles and show the contrast in designs among them. They also provide car design software that you can use in starting a similar business.

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