New Trend - Fitness Vacations

More and more Americans are using their hard-earned vacations to get healthy and fit. In fact, fitness vacations are a hot trend - with push-ups replacing pina coladas and personal trainers serving as your tour guides.

It makes sense, because people and especially women want to take better care of themselves. But the key to getting the maximum benefits is to prepare yourself to work as hard as you can, learn a new way to eat and exercise so when you come home the fat keeps coming off and stays off long-term.

Experts say that jump-starting a new fitness regime is actually easier on vacation because you are not tempted by a full refrigerator or a cookie jar in the kitchen. Planning your meals becomes easier and if you choose the right trainer to guide you, you will come home not only a few pounds lighter but also quite a bit wiser.

Here are a few tips for a successful fitness vacation:


Choose holiday destinations with plenty of physical activities. Instead of going to the usual tourist sight seeing trips abroad, choose holiday activities that require you to burn calories and yet have fun.
2. Make sure the trainer takes a fitness assessment and tailor-makes a specific plan for you to follow.
3. Speak to the trainer before you head out of town and prepare everything you will need for your trip, so you have no excuses once you start a new plan and no distractions.
4. Do something active every day, trying to incorporate different cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength exercises within the time you are away.
5. Make sure the trainer and staff conducting the activities you signed up for have the correct professional credentials or licenses.
6. Find out in advance the logistics behind the activities the establishment offers. How long does the activity last? How much training and or skill level is needed? What kind of equipment is needed? What is the road map for the activity? How safe is it?
7. Consider your individual needs. It's important to take a fitness vacation for the right reasons. Make sure the trip will allow you to return rested, relaxed, and with enough energy to resume your daily routine. Also, the trip should produce happy memories and peace of mind. Also, be sure you can afford the trip and that it won't break the bank and that it is the right time in your life to take this kind of vacation.

And the best thing about your fitness vacation? You can deduct it from taxes! That's right! Weight Loss fees are deductible! Since April 2, 2002 the IRS has considered (rev.rul.2002-19) costs associated with participation in a weight loss program for tax payers suffering from a weight-related disease as deductible expenses. The only caveat: you will need your doctor's prescription to access this deduction. Happy Travels!