The Future Of Chinese Motorcycle

China Motorcycles after a hundred year"s storm is moving in newer, faster, safer direction.

The introduction of the Chinese motorcycle industry a lot of advanced technology. Such as the Harley - Davidson 1998 FLHRC - 1 motor startup type, the engine uses the world's top automotive engine technology - fuel injection equipment, not only improve the power, but also for the environmental needs of contemporary society, has become a pioneer in 21st century vehicle motorcycle.

Optical communications, radar distance control system, electronic map navigation system, audio system, electronic control systems in modern high-tech motorcycle muffler motorcycle concept of digital electronic products more perfect, it is shocking. Of course, no matter what changes we can see the shadow of a hundred years ago on behalf of the vehicle.

Manufacturers may also be the case, only in the entire vehicle chassis or a combination, or to provide the integral bus body only.

Body and chassis construction division allows the company to focus on two different areas. It also makes available to customers who may prefer / a combination of different chassis with different products. For bus manufacturer, it reduces the contact, if one or the other fails. Large operators can also shorten at different institutions / chassis combination order delivery time division.

Sometimes, the chassis and the chassis body builder will provide a body into a 'semi-integrated special. The two companies combined with professional knowledge so that they can save the chassis / body of the costs of different products available.

Under normal circumstances, such as double Mastic builders will be assembled into kits export and local assembly partner website.

And public transport buses and other large users, you can specify a specific function; a electric bicyclemust be designed to have. This approach is compelling, the London bus specification, and past traffic.