Nutrition and Good Digestion

We turn on our televisions, get on the internet or pick up a paper and we hear or read about all these products to help better digestion or to repair your body's digestion system. We all do not like having an upset stomach or not being able to eat the foods we enjoy, or having a bad digestive system that may slow us down. It is important that we not only eat a balanced diet, but that we know what nutrition and foods can be better for our digestion, so that we can keep enjoying all the foods we like and not worry about digestion problems now or in the future.

It is best to try and eat when we are relaxed or in a good mood. If we are in a hurry, eating simple foods such as: fresh juice, fruit, yogurt, sunflower seeds or a protein bar may help with digestion. It is also important to keep exercising because this can help digestion as well. Drinking plenty of water helps as well, but drinking too many liquids with meals may actually dilute digestive juices and make digestion more difficult.

Drinking warm drinks such as herbal tea may help digestion better than ice cold drinks, so limiting these cold drinks may be helpful.

Also, making sure to eat enough fiber from vegetables, fruits, whole grains or taking some bran or psyllium may help with digestion. Listening to your body and knowing what may help your upset stomach is also a good idea. Such foods such as peppermint or chamomile may help with upset stomachs.

Buying fresh or organic foods whenever possible may help with good digestion. If you have chronic digestion problems, supplements with enzymes may help and healthy bacteria known as probiotics may help as well as remembering to consult a doctor if you have any serious problems or concerns. It is also important to chew food carefully and slowly to help with better digestion.

Remembering to not only eat a well balanced diet and eat regularly but knowing what foods are best to eat and in what environment to eat meals in may not only help you to feel better, but it will be good for your digestion and your whole body as well.

If we know how better to take care of our bodies, then we will feel better, be healthy, and keep being able to enjoy food and life for a long time into the future.

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