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"Iron" the Cruel killer, I believe that for many Car Family is not unfamiliar, even if not clear its "true colors", but the rampant destruction of their car "skin" acts of misconduct will be heard. Especially in the spring season, so more sand, it's Phantom is everywhere, so many of whom have a big headache for car owners.

More iron spring sandstorm raging on the paint erosion
Is not an effective way to deal with it? Of course, yes! However, before, best to let the majority of owners to understand some basic principles of iron powder paint hazards in order to remedy later. In this regard, special consultation with the Beijing Automotive Technical Service Co., Ltd. Ahnve customer technical instructors Mr. Yang Bing. According to him, iron "crime" is generally accomplished through seven steps:

1, iron powder paint floating fall within the paint surface or penetrate; 2, the oxidation reaction of iron (in the humid air and acid rain will soon be under the action of oxidation); 3 and falls paint floating on the surface of iron powder oxidation (mostly purple) from outside the paint against oxidation and paint, penetrate the paint from the paint inside the internal oxidation of iron powder and paint violations; 4, the formation of iron oxide and paint "resonance" (Iron oxide powder and paint the mutual promotion and common to speed up the process of oxidation); 5, iron oxide around the beginning of paint (the paint from the outside inwards, from the inside simultaneous oxidation); 6, fully oxidized iron in the surface paint on the left a lot of hard to make up for the potholes; 7, a lot of harmful substances penetrated into potholes, clean hard to form a source of more serious damage.

In addition to the highlights, in a lot of paint material erosion, most violations are "from the outside," carried out slowly, only iron is "from the outside" and " from the inside out, "while engaged in the paint against the three-dimensional (because iron can penetrate inside the paint), so iron powder on the paint is a very serious infringement.

So how to solve this dilemma? Young instructors tell you to distinguish between two situations: First, iron has caused damage to the paint, then paint removed only by polishing the oxide layer, so that temporary changes can paint light, but also polishing cause some damage to the paint, and paint and paint oxidation of iron after stabbing caused by potholes, can not be removed, the paint will become permanent injury curse, which is our most do not want to see results. The second case, that is, against the formation of effective prevention before, the most effective solution is to use a colorless and transparent, no oxidation and the protective film has sufficient hardness to the paint thoroughly protected, as most currently available popular F & K Automotive paint protection film is a good choice, has been the "iron" distressed owners may wish to try a friend.