There Is A Phenomenon: Automotive Beauty Shop Annual Income 700 000 - Car Beauty - Automotive

Ferrari beautiful, practical common Buick, Honda Accord, there is a relatively cheap price of POLO and Chery, and now the car more and more ordinary people into our families.

Since ancient times, is rich in Xiangche BMW status symbol. More and more wealthy people in our own Chinese vehicles, a vehicle packaging industry, Auto Beauty , Is adopted.

Jiang Hua, has been done in this line for 21 years, and her shop, opened in the Chinese economy have?? Shanghai, and now she's annual revenue of 70 million to become the leader in this line.

Ganghwa shop there are many kinds of Car decoration Products. Perfume , Auto Cushion, there are car models, all stores Sell Very good product, Jiang Hua, said in her store a total of more than 1000 kinds of products, both soft decoration series car. Or has the technical content of some things. Basically, large and small Car decoration Products, you can find her here.

This Parking sensor , Is the shop's Zhendian treasure, because the price is only half the normal 4S shop, so popular with customers welcome, is the best thing the stores. Price is 800 yuan.

Boss Jiang Hua said that the car decoration is different from other industries, are relatively large capital flows, trade, customers do a decorative, ranging from a few hundred, as many thousands, so be sure to keep in good standing. With the car in their shop are pursue life-long warranty. Bahrain later, if the car has a problem, as long as the customer a phone call, no matter how far, they will do door to the customer until the customer satisfaction.

Jianghua was to invest in this store is more than 20 years ago, when the investment is 8,000 yuan, many years of experience to her business is booming, and now she's running water are 70-80 million per month, excluding rent and utilities workers, tax expenses about 10 million people, a product cost is maintained at about 70% of turnover -80%, the boss, said Jiang Hua, a year off, she generally maintains a net profit of 70 million.

Business to do so successfully. Ganghwa boss sent a pair of children are studying abroad. Every time her son and daughter home, will tell her some new trends in car decoration. So what her shop novelty products, the total on the walk in the forefront of the market.

Ganghwa store has a feature of her store sells leather, cloth cover, are out of their own processing, Jiang Hua said he could do such a thing, you can give customers more choices. Customers can choose one color, and also can choose to put together the leather cloth cover, color terms. There are more than 10 kinds to choose from.

Join for many years, the boss Jiang Hua, the Shanghai Automobile decoration market has made its own reputation, 20 years of business to do down, let her under a lot of accumulated resources. Many of their customers are old customers, and technical workers, all 10 years, 20 years has been done in her shop inside the old staff. Technology and loyalty, not the general store can be compared.

Jianghua in the store has also set up a special area for customers to rest cup of tea. Drinking boss hometown in Fujian oolong tea there. Because, said Jiang Hua, the general vehicle decoration want to do a long time, have the shortest hours.

Shop was brought experience, Jiang Hua said that the car industry, decoration is very flexible, but in the beginning, do not open too much, it would be difficult to control costs. She said the shop started, not into a lot of products, you can enter some practical point, basically what our customers have to buy. Such as mats, sitting sets, candle fragrance, inflatable sticks, and Parking sensor This down, then a store from 10 to 200,000, they can be okay. Since ancient times, merchants love money

fact, the above criticism. As long as a proper way, all that we can learn a good example. Our boss Jiang Hua, the business has done much, but she does the product cost of sales remained at a high standard of 70% --- 80%, it is not easy. But the meager profit, while not for her own benefit reduction, so I interviewed a number of shops, the owner's annual income is the highest I have heard so far. Although, business, your in good faith that the words we say have been rotten, but so many people can make between the widely circulated, and that Britain itself is some breaking eternal truth in it. Business Sense boss Ganghwa 20 years, perhaps a lot of things, really worth to Think of.