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Saying the skin are not necessarily a threat to life and health of people did not impact daily activities, but is very "unsightly" is quite a lot of people have trouble, especially female beauty . The car is the same, although Auto Paint Some "skin disease" will not affect the car's performance and security, but do not look at how comfortable it, no one wants to own Car "Disfigured" is not. Now, we come for the cars of several common "skin" for your support Tips, also car a beautiful face. Related links: Auto foil any profession is the benevolent difficult Insulation film is not affixed to the inferior film drying nonintact Rights owners ye?

Paint oxidation Perennial sun exposure is the main reason for shortening life paint. UV sunlight will eventually result in oxidation of automotive coatings. If Car body Exposure to sun Shi Hai hung drop, it will speed up the rate of oxidation of many.

Corresponding measure: paint oxidation of how to handle it? If it is slightly oxidized, you can use wax to remove, once the oxidation serious must be grinding and polishing.

Cracking paint If your car is a metallic paint, then paint to guard against cracking of the. This is a very fine cracks will continue to penetrate the paint, until "breakdown" the paint layer. The initial crack is hard to find the naked eye. When the naked eye can perceive that time has been quite serious. When you find waxing polishing body has stripes appear, it is because there are cracks in the wax. As the quality of paint, paint, resin will result in "depression" caused by cracking. This "skin" can only be used to re-paint method to cure.

Response measures: regular waxing is a good way to reduce cracking occurs when the crack is still "embryonic" stage, the wax can throw away the invisible cracks.

Paint fade In the atmosphere caused by paint fumes and pollutants are fading, discoloration of the main reasons, especially in industrial areas and large cities. Fading, discoloration generally occurs in the body of the front cover, roof and the trunk lid, which faded with the different oxidation: oxidation, total body fat, Ukraine, white, and faded, the paint color appears uneven . Metallic paint fade is due to dust, acid rain, alkali metallic objects in foil on the corrosion caused. Paint is paint in the paint because pollutants react chemically with the result of color changes, sometimes there loss mark.

Response measures: to prevent paint fade, Qin waxing course is essential, and the other handling Car wash Can also reduce the bleaching disease, mild disease can wax polish fade to govern. Moderate bleaching treatment can be abrasive, serious need to re-paint.

Paint water mark Almost all kinds of paint are possible water mark, or call waterlines. Water marks were circular pattern is left behind after evaporation of traces of water droplets. Water mark of the chemical substances in the sunlight when the body temperature will continue to paint a chemical reaction, thereby increasing the "illness." Oxidation of the car, commonly used detergent behind the car and there are cracks in the car more susceptible to water marks disease.

Should move: When the water mark pattern slightly, the wax polish can eliminate, and in severe need grinding or painting.

Paint the eroded Erosion and water marks any difference? Water marks phenomenon occurs in the droplets of the lap, in a ring, while the loss drops the mark is a whole, rather than a circle. Bird and insect remains, leaves, tar pitch marks are likely to cause loss of these substances in chemical reactions with the paint began to penetrate. Their penetration rate is much faster than the water marks.

Response measures: a general can only spray paint to eliminate corrosion marks, and only very minor polishing can be resolved. High wax polish paint used to help prevent corrosion marks appear.