Telematics: A New Starting Point For China's Auto Industry

G-BOOK start in China Car Telematics Industry Tour

China's auto industry is at a rapid pace to catch up the United States, Japan and other developed markets cars. 1992 to 2000, China took eight years to complete from one million to two million growth; end of 2002, China's auto industry took two years to realize from two million to three million of growth; 2008, although the domestic economy by the international environmental impact, in the second half Sell Be shrinking, but still completed more than 860 million annual sales; the time came in 2009, the industry is widely expected to break 10 million in sales.

China has become the world's most important car market, especially in the second half of 2008 International Financial Crisis, the world's major automotive manufacturers will be the focus of China as the future development. As an already huge that 10 million cars sold in developing countries, the Chinese auto industry is facing a new stage?? From simply selling products to bundled services. Meanwhile, the Chinese auto consumers focus gradually from simple to buy a car, use car transferred to the follow-up services to auto and ancillary services needs.

It is in this context, the Chinese auto market has been the introduction of Telematics services to many OEMs in China became an important part of the strategy. March 25, 2009, equipped with G-BOOK system, third-generation Lexus RX350 and Feng Tian Xinkai Murray officially landed in China, marked by the leading automobile manufacturers in China, official business Telematics services.

G-BOOK in the launch of this service, we have seen carrying the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen exchanges Communicate Information services. Telematics service system as an important module, the traffic information service to achieve the traditional Car Navigation From static to dynamic changes. Currently, China has NavInfo and Qualcomm's century, excellent passer, Meihui traffic information technology services company. NavInfo and its century as the Lexus RX350 and abundance of high-pass Tianxin Kai Murray navigation maps and dynamic traffic information service provider in China for the first time in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the commercial vehicle pre-installed . Telematics service providers, OEMs, and for joint efforts, China's vast auto consumers to pass a strong signal?? China's auto market in the Telematics time coming.

Europe, the United States and Japan and other developed countries, the development characteristics of the automotive industry

As the market matures, competition increases, product homogeneity problem naturally born. Like Apple, in order to MP3 Platform, the actual sales to its online services to provide a variety of recordings. This foreign-developed automotive markets, which has become a reality, this is Telematics?? Car Electronic Communication system, which also has such domestic systems commercially. Through this system, vehicles will no longer be in the traditional sense Transportation Tool, but as notebook computers, mobile phones can still access Internet, the exchange of information terminals. Can be transmitted through the system very much useful information. For example, the system first Telematics Lexus RX350 and the introduction of domestic Tianxin Kai Feng Shui on the equipment in the U.S. G-BOOK system, can help owners get real-time local weather information and feedback to the service station the parameters of the vehicle, or even complete long-range diagnosis. Meanwhile, The Lexus RX350 and the new Camry is equipped with a navigation map leading supplier of NavInfo and Qualcomm to provide its century navigation maps and dynamic traffic information service, which enables dynamic navigation. This system will greatly facilitate the availability of vehicles, according to overseas experience, such systems can be scaled for the Chinese automobile industry, 10 million of the new stage play a significant role in promoting.

To the U.S. market, for example, due to the introduction of low price strategy, the people of the United States from the travel way is preferred by car. So get real-time weather conditions and around unexpected traffic incident on the drivers have a great influence. Together with the United States a mature logistics system, freight drivers often need to get the latest information on the gas prices, improve their transportation economy. The Telematics system just to meet these two needs, to help the U.S. auto industry.