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Yong auto repair industry, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Po Yang Road, Baoshan District, No. 581, which is by the Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yong industry founded injection. Auto repair, as chain and franchise brands, Yong quick repair industry has been adhering to the "good faith" concept and "set priority" business ideas, seek the most favorable price for our owners to bring the best service.

Quick repair industry in the Masonic headquarters, we had the privilege interviewed Yong quick repair of head of the industry?? Sun Yong governance, the vicissitudes of corporate CEOs to us throughout the automotive industry at present and the future development and trade potential with respect rules. He Yong industry confidence in the future, "we will fight Yong industry caused a public company's brand."

Automotive industry status quo: the three pillars of the lack of integrity

Lucrative automotive industry, great prospects for the industry. For this piece of delicious cake, in China there are three forces to accomplish something, they are the 4S shop, repair workshop and fast repair shop. 4S shop entirely with Chinese characteristics, not 4S shop abroad, China's 4S stores because manufacturers supply directly in the channels and information on the status of a monopoly. Car repair, too, because the parts come from manufacturers supply, the price of repairing the same unified model, which just came out 4S shop, do the owners left the hearts of more formal, technical perfect impression. But with the current down the price of the acceleration, the profit is already selling cars year after year, while the 4S shop operating costs huge in the hundreds of millions, so many began to deceive the majority of 4S shop owners, the little problems that National Cheng Kung University problems, the problems of the place ended up not defective, from obtaining improper benefits. Owners have also complained, but not long for some car owners, in order to be saved during the warranty period, the general will choose 4S shop maintenance. Is because the larger area of the repair station, for cost considerations generally located in suburban areas, and often rely on business relationships, and this relationship is also high maintenance costs, and therefore serious Pianbao phenomenon. There are a number of roadside shops, although not enough to become a force to influence the overall situation, but also account for a small part of the market share, despite their urgent needs can be temporary solution owners, but without any qualification,

So do not say bad reputation, and technical requirements are uncertain whether to repair shops. In this case, especially in the minor repairs 80% of car repair situation, the community as the main target of the fast repair shop has become the future trend is also true abroad, but more and more towards brand development.

Contrast 4S shops, fast repair shop has the following four advantages: 1, stop car washing car repair projects; 2 price; 3, efficient and convenient, simple workflow; 4,4 S stores is customer service, quick repair shop is a family service. These four points determine the survival of fast repair shop. After analyzing the automotive industry and its pros and cons of the industry model, based on the current automotive industry Sunzong biggest problem also have a deep understanding that the industry lags behind, the car did not keep up with current holdings in China. Integrity constraints but also an obstacle to its development, Sun Zong be dubbed the "ramming paste," many in the industry believe that not to do so would be profitable, the owners of the car industry seems to be on the mischief rule, which kinds of bad habits have been all over the 4S shop, auto repair factory, fast repair shops, street shops, owners difficult to find a trusted car repair point.

Automotive industry trend: in 2010 there will be a large leap

Sunzong also told us about the automotive industry, the development trend of the future, two years is the automotive industry, the outbreak of this year, affected by the stock market, slow development of the industry, the next two or three years after shuffling stage steam in 2010 duration will be a big leap forward, leaving the maintenance of good faith business, those poor garden path in the enterprise will be cleared, also owner of a pure land.

Yong business culture: integrity first set of excellent service

Yong industry culture, Sun Zongqiang tune up is good faith, to enter Yong industry employees must first talk about faith, because many people in the past used to dishonest repair shops, which need to change their thinking concepts, so that them to accept the concept of integrity services, and only with such ideological level and professional ethics, in order to become qualified people Yong industry.

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