Trends in Coupon Usage

The trends in coupon offers by companies and consumer redemption is up. Households usually get access to coupons in the following order:

1. Sunday Newspaper
2. Mail
3. In-store coupons
4. Preferred customer reward cards
5. In-store circulars
6. Weekly newspapers
7. Product packages
8. Magazines
9. Internet

According to the news service and wire released statistics, here is a list of the top ten cities for coupon usage of all kinds.

1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2. Rochester, New York
3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Scranton, Pennsylvania
5. Buffalo, New York
6. Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Toledo, Ohio
9. Syracuse, New York
10. Green Bay/Appleton, Wisconsin
10. Cincinnati, Ohio

Coupons have a wide range of appeal and into all households with or without children.

What is interesting to note is that people with higher household incomes clip more coupons. And almost 83 percent of the population has used some form of discount coupon.

Scarborough Research, a leading marketing company advocate has noted that "we can expect a good deal of increasing importance to customers" (for coupon usage in the future.) Coupons can help brand products, get customers in the door, and increase impulse buying in these uncertain times. Scarborough also noted that coupon clipping families tend to spend slightly more each week than those who do not clip coupons.

Coupons are becoming a stronger part of both local and national marketing campaigns. Use are beginning to see and here coupon offers on the TV. This is something relatively new, but shows the increased interest in coupons and their effectiveness. The next time you see a coupon in the mail, a coupon magazine, a coupon in-store flyer, take a peak. It might just save you enough money for a nice lunch, or a fancy haircut.

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