Hybrid Trucks Taking Lessons From the Auto Industry Again

Have you ever considered where all the advances in the Trucking Industry come from? Well you really do not have to look very far. The Department of Transportation did a recent study discussion new technologies coming into the trucking industry right now and how those will improve the safety factor, lower accident rates and save lives.

For instance lane departure warnings will soon be common on over-the-road-trucks. Also radar which will prevent multi-car pile ups in inclement weather or fog and these devices may someday help trucks drive closer together to save fuel by drafting off each other like NASCAR or the riders in Lance Armstrong's Tour de France.

Then there are the hybrids where the motor charges the batteries and the batteries run the vehicle. Where are these technologies coming from? The Hybrid Audi scheme is typical now and we are seeing Hybrid Trucks emerge now using these engineering theories. Hybrid Trucks which use a huge percentage less fuel and can take advantage of technology for safety will lower the over all costs of trucking companies substantially all the way around.

A company that invests in these technologies will easily recover the costs and make a good return on investment in a relatively short time frame. The biggest concern of course is reliability of more complex systems, maintenance, uptime and availability of such trucks which are not quite here yet. It should be obvious that it is all on its way now and will be here shortly.

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