Jiangyan Auto Parts Industry Investment Profile

Jiangyan the national Torch Program auto key components industry base, the existing more than 200 auto parts manufacturers with annual sales over 40 billion yuan. The main products are automobile gear, power steering, crankshaft, small-bore multi-cylinder diesel engine and so on. Crankshaft assembly which occupies more than 45% of domestic market share of heavy truck gear occupies 70% market share. Within plate has four state-level hi-tech enterprises, 3 provincial-level technology center, four famous brand, 3 provincial-level famous brand products.

Auto parts leading enterprises in Jiangsu-Gang Yang AG is the largest professional motorcycle crankshaft assembly production company, with annual production of 8 million sets of crankshaft assembly, forming a motorcycle crank shaft, universal gasoline engine crankshaft, outboard crankshaft, air drones and air-conditioning compressor eccentric crankshaft axis such as five major categories products. Jiangsu spacecraft AG The earliest use of precision forging process produce straight teeth, a professional manufacturer of bevel gears, the main products are forging straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gear cutting and cylindrical gears three series.

Straight bevel gear forging of which annual output of 15 million, car park linking the bridge column output 100,000 sets of gear, spiral bevel gear sets of annual output 500,000. Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging, Inc. is the national high-tech enterprise, the product won the national title of the quality of exemption, the production of precision composite forming car straight bevel gear differential use of the current international cutting-edge technology to produce for the domestic first, was included in the "Eleventh Five-Year" key projects supported by national science and technology programs.

Auto parts industry, market capacity is huge, and has broad prospects for development. Auto Parts Spark Jiangyan will play the advantages of built-up areas to promote the extension of the existing product development, focus on developing a new generation of automotive diesel engine, high-end buses, special heavy-duty truck drive axle, power steering in heavy vehicles, high-precision crankshaft connecting rod components, cold forging car change gear, pollution-free high-performance vehicle friction films, direct methanol fuel cell, electronics and other high-tech auto parts a number of key products, the formation of the province's largest production base of automotive and automotive power transmission system production base. Welcome domestic auto parts industry in R & D institutions and production enterprises have settled down Jiangyan.

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