CRI-Research Report on Chinese Auto Beauty Industry 2011-2012 - At the beginning of the 1930s, the auto beauty and maintenance industry started in developed countries, and the automobile aftermarket began to take shape. After the Second World War, global economic development gives an impetus to the rapid growth of the automobile industry, and promotes the development of the auto beauty and maintenance industry at the same time.

Chinese auto beauty and maintenance industry rose in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 1990s, as automobile CD players and automobile alarms were introduced into China, Chinese auto beauty industry entered the first development stage; since wrapping leather seats and pasting tearing foil came into being in 1995, the second round of auto beauty fever in China appeared. With increasing Chinese automobile reserves especially for increasing private automobile reserves, Chinese customers begin to be familiar with the auto beauty and maintenance industry.

By the end of 2010, Chinese civil automobile reserves had been 40.29 million, increasing by 28.40%, among which 34.43 million were private automobiles with a 32.20% increase.

In 2010, Chinese auto beauty market scale reached nearly CNY 100 billion.

The most significant characteristics of Chinese auto beauty market are small corporate scale, poor constant operating capacity and non-prominent brand advantages. Domestic auto beauty enterprises operate blindly to some extent, and investors own insufficient experience in goods channel, manipulative skill, daily management and business development. Few auto beauty enterprises, whether chain enterprises or independent ones, own a large scale and establish brands.
World-famous auto beauty brands such as Cinep and 3M have entered Chinese auto beauty market in recent years, and begun to establish chain business network. By contrast, Chinese domestic auto beauty enterprises are generally in small scales with poor competitiveness.

Survey conducted by China Research and Intelligence shows that Chinese private automobile owners are generally willing to spend CNY 3,000 or even more on auto beauty when purchasing an automobile, and will annually pay over CNY 2,000 for auto beauty in the following years. As Chinese automobile sales volume and reserves are rapidly increasing, Chinese auto beauty market sees a promising future.

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