Dog Digestive System

The proper functioning of the dog digestive system is very important for the health of the dog. As a concerned pet owner you are required to take care of your pet and you are advised to give special attention to your pet's digestive system. If the digestive system of your pet malfunctions, several fatal disorders like diarrhea may occur. Puppies are usually victims of diarrhea and many die due to the occurrence of this fatal form of digestive disruption.

Information on Dog Digestive System

Digestion in dogs takes place only in the small intestine. Unlike in humans where digestion starts when saliva gets in contact with the food in the oral cavity, no such digestive action takes place in the mouth of a dog. In fact, an obstruction caused in the intestines may lead to life threatening digestive disorders. The following are some symptoms that indicate obstructions in the small and large intestines.

Symptoms of Blocked Digestive System

In case the upper digestive tract gets blocked your dog would be seen retching repeatedly.
The dog would be seen drooling. A lot amount of saliva will also be visible in its mouth as the dog will not be able to swallow saliva at normal rate.
The dog will not be able to swallow food properly and as a result of which it would experience a vomiting tendency.
In case of obstruction occurring in the lower digestive system, the dog will be having a constant tendency to vomit. This occurs usually after two to three days of blockage. The food can not easily transfer from the small intestine to the large intestine.
Since the food gets completely blocked, your dog may not be willing to eat or drink anything. You pet would suffer from loss of appetite.
Due to chronic digestive obstruction you might find your dog to be going for several failed attempts to get relieved.

The blockage in dog's digestive system usually occurs when a foreign object gets stuck in the digestive passage. In most cases the object is indigestible. The object can be any thing ranging from stone, plastic to hair balls. In order to get rid of the object the body tries to flush it out through vomiting or diarrhea. You dog would be seen trying hard to pass feces in case the obstruction is in the large intestine.

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